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With Supermarkets, at last, driving down pump prices due to Brent Oil falling by 9% in Sterling since the beginning of February, the Government continues to say that 37m drivers see pump fill up costs reflect oil price changes within 7 weeks. But this claim is in no way reflected in the wholesale and retail data collected in the last 12 months**.


Everything about the shadowy world of the vehicle fuel supply chain has a musty repugnant smell about the way it formulates pump prices. In the last 12 months, the fuel supply chain has consciously held back wholesale changes amounting to at least £6billion*. Even if half of this colossal figure had been in driver’s pockets, what would that have done to consumer spending, inflation, jobs and economic growth? It is crucial that the Government wakes up to this perennial fleecing of hard working drivers and small businesses that they continue to ignore. If millions of motorists can see this rip off taking place every time they fill up, why can’t Whitehall? If he recognised this issue is authentic, the Chancellor would have more cash for the NHS, elderly care, roads and lowering emissions. By introducing PumpWatch this would check this opportunistic commercial profiteering for good!


The Sun Covers FairFuelUK in its editorial comment


Pump Prices against Wholesale Prices for the last 4 weeks

In the last 7 weeks

  • Wholesale diesel dropped 4p yet retail fell by only 1p: (3p difference not passed onto drivers)
  • Wholesale petrol dropped 4p yet retail fell by just 1p: (3p difference not passed onto drivers)
  • Oil in Sterling down 9%, in Dollars down 9%
  • Diesel wholesale down 4%, Retail down 1%
  • Petrol Wholesale down 4%, Retail down 1%
  • The raw diesel blend before all taxes at source is down 8% and petrol 9% 

In the last 6 months

  • Wholesale diesel increased 4p yet retail went up 8p: (Drivers fleeced by an unnecessary 4p hike)
  • Wholesale petrol increased 4p yet retail went up 7p: (Drivers fleeced by an unnecessary 3p hike) 

In the last 12 months

  • Wholesale diesel increased 10p yet retail went up 17p: (Drivers fleeced by an unnecessary 7p hike)
  • Wholesale petrol increased 8p yet retail went up 15p: (Drivers fleeced by an unnecessary 7p hike)


Howard Cox Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: "The Government’s pledge to cap household energy bills is welcome, but hard-working families are being ripped off every time they fill up their vehicles. We urge Theresa May to look into the murky world of pump pricing as it has escaped real scrutiny for far too long.”

Charlie Elphicke, Conservative Member of Parliament for Dover & Deal and Chair of FairFuel APPG said: "This is strong evidence that drivers are being ripped off by greedy big oil companies. Pump prices fall like a feather but jump like a rocket when the oil price changes. A powerful PumpWatch watchdog would help millions of drivers get a fairer deal.”



*Based on 101,377,807,000 litres of fuel consumed per year multiplied by at least 6p of wholesale beneficial changes not being passed onto consumers at the pumps

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[ posted by William, 26.03.17 19:53 ]

This time last year whil I was in Perth, Australia I was on paying between 67p & 70p per lire.
So how come we have to pay such a high price. It is WRONG!


[ posted by Dennis amies, 26.03.17 19:58 ]

Continually being ripped off


[ posted by Alan Stonelake, 27.03.17 15:38 ]

We all know that this government don't care about the people of this country,all they are concerned about how much money they can make out of us.


[ posted by Malcolm mccafferty , 28.03.17 07:02 ]

stop this theft


[ posted by Gareth santi, 28.03.17 09:15 ]

The government does not care about the drivers , only the money


[ posted by Mark Tate, 28.03.17 09:17 ]



[ posted by Terry Martin doe, 28.03.17 13:13 ]

The only people making out fo this is the tax man


[ posted by Martin Miller-Yianni, 28.03.17 20:34 ]

All anyone does is complain!!! Because that's all we can do in this strangle-hooded capitalist society/


[ posted by Steve, 30.03.17 14:13 ]

As the driver of a battery electric vehicle petroleum and diesel fuel prices are far from my mind.
I pay 3pkWh for my electricity and get a "fuel" economy of 4 miles/kWh making the cost of 0.75p/mile
People need to stop banging on about how they're being ripped of for the privilege of burning fossils in their smelly cars. Just save your energy and your money. Buy an electric car and we can all get some peace and quiet.


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