Tuesday, October 25, 2016
  • Please complete this quick survey about what road changes you want to see where you live.
  • Do you want a by-pass, an extra carriageway, a new road, a cycle lane or simply repairs to potholes?
  • What frustrates you about the roads or lack of roads where you reside?
  • Westminster MPs want to know what you want for a more efficient and safer roads infrastructure.
You will be aware that HS2 is to go ahead at a cost of £55bn. FairFuelUK is not here to judge the merits or disadvantages of this rail project to our lives or economy. However, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Fair Fuel for Motorists and Hauliers, now chaired by Charlie Elphicke MP, would like your input into what new roads or improvements you feel are necessary where you live.

Nearly £40bn of tax (mainly fuel duty and VAT) is collected each year from drivers across the nation with only 18% going back into roads infrastructure. The quality of our roads remains in serious decline with congestion and pollution increasing too. Despite the UK being a road economy with 90% of all journeys via roads, the Government seems not to be convinced that developing new or improving existing roads for the whole of the UK is a priority. They do not think that more investment in our nation’s roads will benefit our economy, daily lives and at the same time will also help to reduce emissions.

MPs in the Fair Fuel APP Group in Westminster want to know what you feel needs to be addressed for the development of roads in your vicinity. FairFuelUK has commissioned an independent economic report from the CEBR asking what would £55bn if spent on UK roads do for our whole economy. So, with you help we need to know what are the road change priorities you want to see close to your home.

In combination with the APPG and the CEBR we will cost your suggestions along with those collated from thousands of FairFuelUK supporters across the UK. This will be a telling report and can only be produced with your help.

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[ posted by Ronald Bird, 05.03.17 15:34 ]

I would like to see the much delayed Aberdeen bypass (Western Peripheral Route) finally finished after 50 years


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