Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Only 1 in 100 UK drivers believe that adding a pollution tax to diesel will improve the environment. With 4 out of 5 diesel drivers saying they have no choice but to drive the same mileage even with a speculative green tax added to their fuel bill. 98% of drivers believe such a tax hike would cost jobs, increase inflation and purely just raise extra cash for the Treasury. See full survey results below.


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In today’s press and TV news, diesel is now being blamed for an increase in Alzheimer’s disease. In June the Department of Transport, prior to the EU Referendum were reported by national media, that they supported a new diesel tax. Following a survey of FairFuelUK supporters in response to this statement, the Department back tracked telling us they denied supporting any punitive taxation policy.  This was the direct SMS text FairFuelUK received from Transport Minister at that time, Patrick McLoughlin’s SPAD: "Having got your email about diesel tax let me assure you that we've made no such announcement and Patrick has no such plan! I hope that's reassuring. V best, Tim.”


FairFuelUK has since been told by a very reliable Whitehall Source that the Treasury and the Dept of Transport were indeed testing the water on this idea and so leaked out this diesel emissions tax hike idea.


Quentin Willson, Motoring Journalist and Lead Campaigner for FairFuelUK said: 'Punishing millions of diesel drivers for mistakes in past government policy is neither fair nor honest. We need to incentivise drivers of the most polluting and older diesels to switch to cleaner cars. Scrappage schemes and greater tax breaks for electric and hybrids will help clean our air.'


Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: ‘It’s strange that UK diesel drivers are already punitively taxed more so than those in Germany, France, Greece and other EU economies. These nations all subsidise diesel with lower taxation compared to their petrol levies. Amazingly Greek diesel drivers pay 30p less than petrol at the pumps. The UK is the only nation that nearly always pays more at the pumps for diesel than petrol. So any additional tax hike masked under a Green label will be unfair and pointless. Instead, let’s have a grown up debate on getting older diesel engines incentivised to move to cleaner Euro 6 units. In our survey 9 out of 10 diesel drivers support a fair scrappage scheme.’


Here are the summary results from FairFuelUK’s survey carried out in direct response to McLoughlin’s eventually denied threat of a diesel tax hike plan. 

Survey summary of 16,401 responses in 72 hours, eight out of ten respondents told us that they have no choice but to drive the same mileage even if a new retributory tax was introduced. And only 0.84% said such a policy would help reduce pollution with 44% saying it would cost jobs, and 54% believing it was just a way of raising more monies for the Government
 1. What do you believe should happen to UK fuel duty on diesel?  
 2. What would a 3p increase in diesel duty do? 
 3. If diesel tax was increased by 3p how would this affect you? Question to 13,439 Diesel drives only.  
 4. In EU states such as Germany and Poland diesel at the pumps is 25p and 42p less respectively than the UK. Were you aware of this?  
 5. Should there be an older diesel engine scrappage scheme? 



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