Tuesday, August 23, 2016

FairFuelUK has asked the new Chancellor and his Treasury Ministers to go further and be bolder than his predecessor at No 11. He needs to act positively on what all economists agree, that lower vehicle fuel costs are indeed a huge boost to the UK’s economy. 

We delivered by hand to the Treasury and to the Prime Minister’s Office a letter explaining FairFuelUK’s evidence based campaign demands of the new Chancellor are as follows:

  • Cut Fuel duty on all fuels by 3p to match, more closely those of other developed nations
  • Cut VAT on all fuels to 15% - to soften the punitive and hugely unpopular double taxation currently in place
  • Set up an ‘OfPump’ monitoring body for fairer and more transparent pricing at the pumps in order to halt the rocket and feather pricing lottery millions of drivers experience every day
  • Introduce more incentives for motorists to move to cleaner fuels

Quentin Willson said'Having a Chancellors with previous experience as Minister for Transport, means he'll better understand our road economy. And FairFuelUK's lobbying over five years has saved £57 billion in duty and VAT. We've proved that cutting fuel duty will help businesses and families and create new jobs and stimulate consumer spending.'

Howard Cox said: "It’s now time for the new Treasury Administration to practice what they endorse. Back in 2014 they said, lower fuel duty benefits the economy by boosting GDP. Such a widely popular cut in duty and VAT will also resonate profoundly with those families the Prime Minister addressed directly on the day she took office. Those families she said, that are: ‘just managing’, ‘working around the clock’, ‘doing their best’ and where ‘life can be a struggle. It’s time for the Government to truly deliver on the PM’s laudable intentions and help millions of hard working families, small businesses and the haulage industry to prosper. By doing so, the UK Economy will thrive after Brexit.’


To read the letter CLICK HERE

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[ posted by Daniel Gargas, 31.08.16 10:52 ]

Fuel Duty and VAT hurts UK competitiveness, the UK needs lower taxation in order to offset the other high costs of doing business such as property (which the rest of the EU does not suffer from) and local rates. After 20 years in business activity in Europe and the USA I can say that UK businesses and private indiciduals are hindered.


[ posted by Peter Edgington, 14.09.16 21:45 ]

Here is the response from my MP:-
Thank you for contacting me about fuel duty. I know this is an important issue for families and businesses in the constituency.

I am proud of the strong action we have already taken to help ease the pressure on family budgets. Fuel duty has been held at 57.95p per litre since the March 2011 Budget, when it was cut by a penny.

As a result of the continued action taken on fuel duty since 2011 by the end of 2015-16 the typical motorist will save £9 each time they fill their tank compared to what it would have been had this action not been taken.

I know this is a key issue for motorists and I always monitor closely.

I will most certainly raise this with the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond MP, thank you for raising

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.


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