Friday, February 26, 2016

Howard Cox Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: "It was an eye-opener to see 6 out of 10 FairFuelUK supporters in our pre-Budget poll backing Brexit with only 17% wanting to stay in the EU. Surprising because it's clear that in or out of the EU, it's the UK Chancellor who punishes hard working drivers with the most heinous fuel duty levels in Europe. FairFuelUK takes no position on the EU referendum's outcome but it's clear as with last year’s General Election wide of the mark predictions, that grass root voters are maybe more averse to being in Europe than the professional pollsters are currently reporting. The FairFuelUK Poll is the largest sample survey of EU opinion published so far, with 12,000 responses in just 72 hours.”

Quentin Willson Television Motoring Journalist and Lead Campaigner for FairFuelUK said: ‘FairFuelUK’s loyal 1.2 million supporters are defined by common sense, work ethic and a desire for fair justice. Over the years FairFuelUK polls have been very accurate and a telling barometer of national sentiment. That so many drivers want to leave the EU is an interesting snapshot from real people with level heads.’

Background and headline findings

FairFuelUK has no position whatsoever in respect to whether the UK should be in or out of the EU, but as the UK pays the highest fuel tax, it is no surprise that we integrated a question into our Pre-Budget Poll similar to the one that’s planned for the June EU Referendum. Please note that FairFuelUK supporters predicted the 2015 General Election outcome, when the professional pollsters were miles away from getting the result right. So it was felt we should petition our supporters opinion again regrading UK’s membership of the EU. Below are the findings:

FairFuelUK EU Referendum



FairFuelUK EU Referendum broken down by Region


 Here are selected above average 'leave theEU' percentages from the FairFuelUK Poll

  • ·         Devon 66.8%
  • ·         East Yorks 69.9%
  • ·         Essex 63.0%
  • ·         Hants 62.9%
  • ·         Isle of Wight 70.8%
  • ·         Kent 64.5%
  • ·         Lancs 60.2%
  • ·         Lincs 68.7%
  • ·         Powys 65.0%
  • ·         S Yorks 67.3%
  • ·         Surrey 61.3%
  • ·         W Midlands 64.8%
  • ·         W Yorks 63.3%
  • ·         West Sussex 60.9%

 Here are selected above average want to 'remain in EU' percentages from the FairFuelUK Poll

  • ·         Midlothian 40.0%
  • ·         Aberdeenshire 36.6%
  • ·         Antrim 33.3%
  • ·         Renfrewshire 33.3%
  • ·         Stirlingshire 33.3%

 Here are selected above average 'undecides' from the FairFuelUK Poll

  • ·         Angus 32.4%
  • ·         Aberdeenshire 28.0%
  • ·         Leicestershire 27.4%
  • ·         Durham 28.2%
  • ·         Berkshire 24.12%


The economic opinion outcomes from FairFuelUK’s Pre-Budget 2016 Poll will be released over the next few weeks. The initial analysis of the first 12,000 responses obtained in just 72 hours last weekend show substantial justifications why the Chancellor must listen to the electorate regarding his punitive taxation of UK drivers. Full details of the poll results plus a new ground breaking CEBR report into the socioeconomic impact of cutting fuel duty will follow shortly in the lead up to the Budget. 

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[ posted by A.Lloyd, 14.05.16 00:41 ]

Being in the EU is stifling our country in so many invidious different ways. I object being told what to do by an unelected quango in Brussels. If we don't leave,the U.K. will live to regret it.


[ posted by John Eastwood, 22.06.16 13:42 ]

Lets hope the silent majority will vote for leave, & the politicians of this country & Europe listen very hard as our referendum is only the first of many. The majority of peoples, in their respective countries, are proud to be from that country & not from a United States of Europe. The whole of the European council needs dismantling for the benifit of all.


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