Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The FairFuelUK Campaign and its 1.3m supporters welcomes The Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (Efra) calling for a diesel engine scrappage scheme but are concerned their latest call for five cities - Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby and Southampton – to have extra powers to charge polluting vehicles to enter new clean air zones may give free license for local authorities to have a 'green' excuse to fleece money from already highly taxed drivers to fill the authorities' financial black holes.


Quentin Willson, TV motoring journalist, broadcaster and lead campaigner for FairFuelUK said:While we definitely need to improve air quality in our cities we worry if local authorities are given powers to create congestion charge zones they’ll approach the process with the same leaden-handed zeal they’ve applied to parking. The last thing we want is to diminish the public’s enthusiasm for cleaner air. Taking old, worn and badly maintained diesel vehicles off our roads should be an urgent priority and we at FairFuelUK will support a fully thought out, workable and cost effective scrappage scheme.’


In a FairFuelUK survey of 6,365 drivers carried out in 1st quarter 2016 who regard their diesel vehicles as essential to their daily lives, 35.6% of respondents said they support an older diesel engine incentivised scrappage scheme with a further 44.6% wanting to know more about such a scheme before making a decision.

Howard Cox, founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: ‘It angers our 1.3m supporters that both central and local authorities will inevitably resort to knee jerk urban tax hikes on drivers who have no other choice but to use their vehicles for work and for essential activities in their daily lives. Millions of diesel owners are already livid paying the highest fuel tax in the EU and being encouraged ironically by a previous Labour Government to change to diesel vehicles due to lower CO2 emissions. We have repeatedly asked the Government to have a sensible debate to incentivise drivers and manufacturers to move to cleaner fuels. It must be a long term strategy not a quick cash grab on motorists.’

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[ posted by Kevin Green, 27.04.16 08:44 ]

If they want to improve the air quality then ban these vehicles from entering their cities - charging will not help.


[ posted by lee, 27.04.16 09:50 ]

Yet another stealth tax.


[ posted by Tony Shaw, 27.04.16 14:32 ]

I sincerely hope our local Council don't get a chance to make any charges. The money would NOT go to the desired quarter but would be wasted on their own pet projects.


[ posted by Chris Mimmack, 27.04.16 14:52 ]

The most annoying part is not so long ago we were being encouraged to switch to diesel cars as they were more economical therefore meant the country needed to import less oil to make it than it did to make petrol. So it helped to reduce the trade deficit. Now we're going to be penalised for following government guidelines. Again!


[ posted by M Green, 27.04.16 15:16 ]

Have to agree Chris. When I see the likes of the Prime Minister and other government officials using an electric car to be ushered from place to place in London then I may agree that diesel vehicles should be taxed. I bought a diesel as needed the power for towing my holiday caravan not for driving a mile to my place of work. No doubt any government response will be the large vehicles are required for security, then my car is also required for security and safety.


[ posted by Alan Roberts, 27.04.16 15:55 ]

The most important thing is to reduce the 30,000 to 40,000 deaths attributed to air pollution.I'd like to see most of the money going to reduce the price of travel on public transport and also improve reliability and frequency.We need to get people out heir cars wherever possible for all our sakes including theirs.


[ posted by Stefan Ellis, 28.04.16 10:28 ]

If it's an heir car, you're probably talking about Prince Charles. :)


[ posted by John Duffy, 27.04.16 16:02 ]

just another sneaky way for us to pay more tax into the coffers of local council so cameron can allocate them less in the next tax year,whereupon the council will charge us more and so on ad infinitum


[ posted by Simon Snape, 27.04.16 19:37 ]

Another day another bunch of greedy politicians finding a convenient excuse to impose another tax to waste.
If diesel cars are a problem ( and the evidence is very much to the contrary) then let's surcharge the politicians who promoted diesel just a few short years ago.


[ posted by william.baker, 27.04.16 19:42 ]

The councils would use it as a cash cow and like the government when it comes to pollution they talk the talk but don't walk the walk,i live on an island and by road to the nearest city is 12 miles where if they built a bridge to it the journey would be only a few miles this would save thousands of road miles a day thereby cutting pollution but has anybody had the foresight to do this no!! as i have said big on words but small on actions.


[ posted by Tony Birdwood, 27.04.16 22:06 ]

Many years ago I was in the motor trade. The workshop of the garage was heated using a waste oil burner. Then the local authority decided that this was causing pollution, so the business had to pay a "tax" to burn waste oil. Did it save the environment? No - but the local authority made money out of this scam, and that's the same as what will happen if they tax diesel powered cars!!!


[ posted by Tetley, 27.04.16 22:34 ]

Government U-turn. It's not so long ago they subsidised Diesel fuel to encourage the sales of diesel vehicles. The same will happen with electric cars when they wake up to the fact that producing the electricity and the batteries creates MORE pollution.

The EFFECTIVE way to reduce pollution is to make parking easier and cheaper. If vehicles didn't have to queue in grid-locked traffic with their engines running and do laps of the park and/or the streets to find a parking place , then they would reach their destination much quicker and therefore spend less time with their engines running (but getting nowhere)


[ posted by Andrew Hardwick, 28.04.16 07:09 ]

We were told to buy diesels....the fuel was cheaper ....then suddenly its the fuel of the devil and up went the prices! Its the Government that should be held accountable for the false and misleading information given out in the first place. Why should the motorist always have to put their hands deeper into their pockets to pay for the Governments mistakes? Enough is enough!


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