Monday, November 9, 2015
  • In the lead up to the Autumn Statement, 100’s of MPs and the award winning campaign team FairFuelUK tell the Chancellor "it’s now time that Fuel Duty is cut, not just frozen, to help increase consumer spending. Such a cut has been proven will benefit the economy and the Exchequer.”

  • Today Monday 9th November at 2pm, MP Jason McCartney with Quentin Willson (TV Motoring Journalist/Lead Campaigner for FairFuelUK) and other MPs from all Parties, together with senior executives of the FTA, and RHA and Microlise will deliver a letter to George Osborne at HM Treasury calling for a 3p cut in Fuel Duty.

  • In the letter to the Chancellor results from last week’s FairFuelUK survey show 75% of drivers said they want a real cut in duty with 92.4% supporting a cut or, as only a last resort, to continue Mr Osborne's welcome freeze in this levy. 9256 responded to the survey in just 48 hours.

  • It is shameful that UK diesel prices are now the highest of the 56 countries in Continental Europe with petrol coming in at 3rd - See the graphs below.

Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: "These detrimental rankings for pump prices in continental Europe are solely due to the UK having the highest Fuel Duty levels in the Western World. With VAT that includes the much detested extra VAT being put on the Duty itself, 37m drivers are being punished unnecessarily. Mr Osborne knows very well through our extensive empirical evidence that cutting fuel duty is proven to accelerate growth in GDP, it also creates more jobs, helps inflation, increases consumer spending and business investment. These benefits have been acknowledged by the Treasury itself plus economic experts such as NIESR, CEBR, IMF and the Bank of England. In fact, in April 2014 the Treasury said that low fuel duty actually helps the wider economy and that GDP will rise by 0.5% by not enacting Labour’s previously planned fuel duty escalators, giving drivers more to spend. It’s no coincidence the current economic renaissance is as a result of the recent sustained period of lower pump prices.”

Quentin Willson, TV Motoring Journalist said: "At 70% we already have the highest fuel tax burden in the EU, and with the double taxation VAT element, the highest of any of the G7 economies, these are reasons why we are asking the Chancellor to pause for thought when considering any potential rise in his Autumn Statement.  But we now ask him to be even bolder, and cut duty by 3p per litre, even if he tests such a welcome move for just 12-months. The economic results of this initiative will massively outweigh any perceived loss of revenue to the Exchequer. It will encourage the Government to maintain this cut permanently because of the inevitable increases in the 'growth in the economy taxes' that will follow.”

The letter to Mr Osborne and his Treasury Team on behalf of 1.2m FairFuelUK supporters also includes a heartfelt offer from the Campaign following the VW debacle, for FairFuelUK to work closely with the Treasury to help to incentivise drivers to change to cleaner emission fuels.

  • Every MP will receive a copy of this Letter in their pigeon holes in Westminster on Monday 9th November 2015

  • Below are graphs that show how UK diesel and petrol prices compare across 56 Countries in Continental Europe. The Data for the Graphs is shown below.

A selection of MP quotes from the many received in the last 24 hours:

  • Dear Howard, Thank you so much for your email. If I could have joined Jason McCartney MP and Quentin Wilson on Monday 9th November, I should have been very happy to do so. However, as my constituency is in N. Ireland, I have to fly from Belfast to London on Mondays, and cannot be at Westminster in time for the FairFuel UK event at 2pm. I do nevertheless support this Campaign, as I have done in the past. Kind regards, Sylvia Hermon MP

  • Dear Howard. Unfortunately, I will be in Cardiff on Monday afternoon. Otherwise I would certainly be supporting you.I will pass this message on to other  Plaid Cymru MPs whom I am sure will attend if they can. Yours sincerely Hywel Williams MP. Plaid Cymru Leader at Westminster

  • Hi Howard, Nikita here from Angus MacNeil MP, Chair of ECC, office. Angus hopes to be able to attend the handing over of the letter of fuel duty on Monday. Very best Nikita

  • Hi Howard, great to hear from you. Many apologies, as I would love to accompany Jason and Quentin on Monday. Unfortunately, I'll be in Cardiff on committee business. Hope all goes well Liz.  Liz Saville-Roberts MP

  • Hi Howard, Sorry. I definitely can't be there but fully support the campaign. Kate Hoey MP

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[ posted by eddie Lovett, 09.11.15 09:09 ]



[ posted by Tony Rainey, 09.11.15 18:39 ]

There is no excuse for LPG to be priced so high. Why has its price not fallen like other fuels recently


[ posted by Graham Winstanley, 09.11.15 14:48 ]

Yet we still put up with these lying, robbing, cheating politicians.


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