Thursday, May 14, 2015

The dust has descended following a General Election where the pollsters and media experts all said it would be a hung parliament with the largest minority party struggling with the spoils of unstable power. Strange that the BBC exit poll, when the polling booths closed, predicted the actual result almost spot on with a demonstrative 20,000 of the public taking part.

But there was an already more accurate poll with ‘real people’ carried out in the 6 weeks before polling day. A poll that those same media, political opinion pollsters all ignored. 61,500 FairFuelUK supporters took part in our survey that clearly forecasted a Tory win with UKIP and the SNP getting significant support. Labour and the Lib Dems being hurt the most! The anomalies of the UK first past the post means that UKIP being in many second and third places in votes cast meant for nothing in terms of their Westminster influence.

FairFuelUK’s' true to reality responses' showed that over 8 out of 10 poll respondents said that a Party’s position on motoring issues would impact and partly influence the way they will vote on May 7th. Again this was ignored by all MPs and may have influenced the course of the election result. It was incredible and truly disrespectful that not one of the major Parties included any policy position on fuel duty and support for a fairer pricing at the pumps inquiry in their party manifestos. FairFuelUK supporters were rightly livid with the political prejudice of issues that impact on the economy and 4+ wheels.

In fact, over half of the respondents to FairFuelUK survey thought none of the major Parties were supportive on motoring issues at all. Those that did think that there are any Parties that do empathise with drivers’ concerns, were led by the Conservatives with 15%, followed closely by UKIP 13% and only 6% for Labour. The Lib Dems were the party least likely to be on the side of motorists, even less than the Greens at 1%. Food for thought!

So where does the campaign go from here with the new Tory majority administration?


Well, in the survey lies a clue or two. 98% of respondents believe that current fuel duty levels are still too high, with 65% saying that they think fuel duty will definitely be increased after the election. 97% want a full and transparent fuel pump pricing inquiry.


The FairFuelUK Campaign and its 1.1m supporters warmly welcome the outcome of the General Election as the best option for the economy, 32m motorists, businesses and the UK Haulage Industry. Fuel duty is frozen until the end of 2015 and any threatened levy increase by an Ed Miliband Government is now not a reality. The Lib Dems also said they would increase fuel duty if in power and it seems that Nick Clegg had been the obstacle to any more cuts taking place whilst in the coalition. See newspaper article right

FairFuelUK will now campaign hard to get a 3p cut in duty with the help of supporting backbenchers in the Tory Party and the consistently supporting MPS from the SNP, DUP and several Labour politicos. In addition FairFuelUK with the backing of the RAC, FTA, RHA and the APN will be calling on the nation’s new MPs to support a full transparent investigation by the CMA (previously the OFT) of the pricing process at the pumps.

In the Sun's editorial directed at David Cameron, they are calling with us for a real cut in fuel duty. See their comment on the left. 


Quentin Willson lead campaigner for FairFuelUK said:"Election outcome means Conservatives should continue their low fuel duty policy because FairFuelUK has proved to them it's worked. Let's make sure they keep their promises."

So the risk of a duty rise for hard pressed motorists and hauliers is removed for the immediate future. It is indeed fabulous news but we will not rest on our laurels and will continue to campaign very hard to prove to the Treasury that cutting duty will continue to generate new jobs, lower inflation, increase GDP and stimulate new sources of tax revenue from economic growth.Many new MPs have already contacted us to support FairFuelUK.


Spread the word further, people power works.

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