Monday, April 27, 2015
 The award winning FairFuelUK Campaign has learned that Labour, the Greens and the Lib Dems are likely to put up fuel duty if in Government, because they feel that pump prices are now low enough to add more tax on motorists without much public opposition.

In the largest ever survey of UK’s motorists opinions in a lead up to a General Election, it’s clear the repeatedly taken for granted group who make up 70% of the electorate are furious as to why not one of the major UK Political Parties have addressed future fuel duty taxation policy and any support for a full and transparent pricing inquiry at the pumps in their Party Manifesto.
Why is that? It can only mean that any new Government intends to hit motorists hard with increased taxation and little support for fairer pricing at the pumps. It is no surprise that more than 50% of FairFuelUK Supporters do not trust any Party to support their concerns after May 7th.
Over 61,500 responded to FairFuelUK’s April 2015 General Election Poll. Here are the headline results.
  1. Over 8 out of 10 poll respondents said that a Party’s position on motoring issues would impact and partly influence the way they will vote on May 7th.

  2. Over half of the respondents to FairFuelUK survey thought none of the major Parties were supportive on motoring issues. Those that did think that there are any Parties that do empathise with drivers’ concerns were led by the Conservatives with 15%, followed closely by UKIP 13% and only 6% for Labour. The Lib Dems were the party least likely to be on the side of motorists, even less than the Greens at 1%.

  3. 98% of respondents believe that current fuel duty levels are still too high, with 65% saying that they think fuel duty will definitely be increased after the election.97% want a full and transparent fuel pump pricing inquiry.

  4. Only 1 in 10 blame fuel retailers for recent price changes at the pumps with the major blame targeted at the Government inertia and taxation, Oil Companies and speculators. Virtually all respondents are convinced that when oil prices go up, pump prices rise too quickly and by too much. And when Oil costs fall retail prices drop too slowly and not by enough.

  5. An interesting part of the survey seem to suggest that nearly 8 out of 10 respondents believe that National TV and Radio tend to be seen as anti 4+ wheels and give little airtime coverage to issues that affect 32m UK Motorists and the haulage industry.

Quentin Willson, Popular TV Broadcaster and Lead Campaigner for the FairFuelUK Campaign said:  ‘Labour’s refusal to deny they’d raise fuel duty proves we can’t trust them to run the economy properly. Raising the cost of petrol and diesel means they’ll be ignoring all the academic research FairFuelUK has shown that proves lower fuel costs have raised GDP and helped families and business across the UK not to mention a startling contempt for the 40 million licence holders who rely on cars and vans to get to work. This could be Labour’s most serious election blunder.’ 
Howard Cox Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: ‘Labour, the Greens and the Lib Dems will put up fuel duty if in Government, because they feel that pump prices are now so low enough they can add more tax without much public opposition. How stupid is that! Even the Tories and UKIP are only sticking to a freeze in duty till the end of 2015. Not one major Party has written a single paragraph in their election manifestos about motorists and their justifiable concerns. It beggars belief!  Politicians ignore 32m motorists at their peril. In the last 24 hrs more than 25,000 of our supporters have contacted candidates standing in the General Election right across the UK to ask why motorists’ issues are being ignored. Their replies to FairFuelUK supporters according to our latest Poll could dictate the way the election outcome unfolds.’
Details of the FairFuelUK’s Poll Findings of 61,500 responses can be seen at

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[ posted by Terence Sutton, 28.04.15 08:31 ]

For far to long the fuel prices in this Country have been to high,the Government have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to the people off this country.The price of fuel is suppose to be frozen ,but they are still going up.Government say its the price of crude oil,but in fact it is the Government tax that is to high,so we can blame them for the high price of Fuel.So come on Politicians listen to the people for a change .


[ posted by collins, 28.04.15 08:33 ]

Why are prices or petrol so high, when the oil price is scat 50$ a barrel. It seems to me that we are being taken for a ride by the oil companies.


[ posted by TinaField, 28.04.15 08:41 ]



[ posted by Philip C Robinson, 28.04.15 09:16 ]

Fuel tax is the very definition of an unfair REGRESSIVE tax. Of course MP's don't care - they claim expenses for their fuel, and if you are paid 68k for a part time job, then putting £100 in the tank is small beer. They probably pay that for a bottle of LaFite on Friday evening. Not so a Nurse earning £20k. We should have perhaps three rates of duty for fuel: rate one for those earning less than 30k, rate two for those earning 30 - 60k and rate three for those over 60k. Perhaps then they would take note.


[ posted by Graham Greenwood, 28.04.15 16:12 ]

Would you campaign for the motorist, about DVLA (Dft) Greed? I recently discovered that if you buy or sell a used car, under the new 'no tax disc rules' both the buyer and seller pay for the same months road tax! So DVLA are collecting the same tax twice on behalf of the government! With modern technology there is no need to, or excuse for it, why can't the buyer pay from the start of the month following the transaction? DVLA introduced this to stop sellers taxing a car for twelve months, and selling it to buyers who have no insurance! To do that they have no need, or right, to collect VED twice for the same period.


[ posted by Peter Prout, 28.04.15 16:44 ]

thay are all to fare Up there own ass to give a shit


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