Friday, April 17, 2015

Christine Legarde head of the IMFYou cannot believe this, but we can! Any new UK Government will probably listen to the 'experts' in the IMF and increase Fuel Duty due to falling oil prices. Read beggars belief 

The International Monetary Fund has urged the U.K to "seize the opportunity" created by falling oil prices to "re-balance the tax burden" from income to fuel.

In an overview of global economic conditions, the IMF sets out fiscal policies it believes are necessary to secure "sustainable economic growth". The organisation says that in advanced economies "a moderate and uneven recovery is taking place, supported by lower oil prices" and fiscal measures. But high debt levels "continue to pose headwinds to growth".

The IMF urges the use of fiscal policy to support growth, "for example, higher public investment in infrastructure could raise aggregate demand in the short-term and increase potential output in the medium-term". And it says that falling oil prices allow countries like the U.K to "reduce negative externalities caused by energy consumption and provide breathing room for re-balancing the tax burden... by lowering taxes on labour and provide space for productive spending".

The main political parties, publishing their manifestos this week, have declined to make commitments on fuel duty, and UKIP did not include a previous pledge to cut it in its manifesto. Council leaders have called for a proportion of fuel duty to be ring-fenced for highway maintenance to bolster revenues as traffic volumes grow.

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[ posted by Glyn Jones, 17.04.15 14:54 ]

We pay enough for our fuel without the img insisting we pay more,


[ posted by peter drinkwater, 17.04.15 19:01 ]

just being greedyagain to give more money to countrys that have money problems


[ posted by Paul Mason, 17.04.15 19:45 ]

This is pure greed. Oil prices are falling and the forecourts are pushing the price of fuel back up again. Growth in this country is being held back by these money grabbers. Fuel should have fallen below £1 per litre but yet again the industry is bleeding us dry.


[ posted by chris marwood , 19.04.15 23:21 ]

Absolutely diabolical, the reason why people can spend money on food and other high street things is because fuel is lower than it has been in the last 3-4 years to put duty up again is just going to push harder on people's pockets again and reduce what people spend on other high street products.


[ posted by Robin Lacey, 11.06.15 09:22 ]

The motorist wherever he lives, is a 'convict' of the political parties that grab more and more from a selected group of the population who have no right to object. It's scandalous and obscene.


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