Friday, March 6, 2015

FairFuelUK has been demanding a proper fuel price enquiry for years. But now the events of the last few months have proved that UK consumers really are being ripped-off. Why when the price of oil falls 50% does the price at the pumps fall only 25%? And why does it take so long to pass on the wholesale savings to the forecourt? When oil fell to less than $50 it took weeks for those falls to be reflected on forecourts but when it crept back up to $60 the price of diesel and unleaded kept going up overnight – literally. In France I’ve watched falls in the wholesale price of oil reflected at fuel stations virtually the same day. There’s no delay at all.

In the UK we call this The Rocket and Feather Effect – fuel prices go up like a rocket and down like a feather. And its been going on for far too long. FairfuelUK’s one million supporters want to know why the oil and road fuel industry are sitting on profits and not passing savings on to their customers quickly enough. And this effects the UK’s 40 million licence holders and every business and family in the country. That works out as 70% of the electorate. We have a right to know why we’re being taken for a ride and why the French get a better deal than we do. Westminster take note.

Quentin Willson
Photo: MP Jason McCartney, Chairs a FairFuel APPG of all Party MPs where Quentin WIllson and Howard Cox of FairFuelUK called for Parliamentary support for a full and transparent inquiry into forecourt pricing

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[ posted by Derek Goodfellow, 06.03.15 13:45 ]

Is it not a mathematical impossibility to have a variable crude price in oil then to equate exchange rates, manufacturing and distribution costs, VAT as a percentage and then always end up with a pump price ending in .99! Surely not rounding down.


[ posted by Ian Hughes, 06.03.15 16:13 ]

...........and there should be a law preventing some forecourt operators from charging any price they like. There is a fuel station near to Morecambe Lancashire who is always around 5p a litre more than anywhere else. He is capitalising on the fact that there are no other garages within about 8 miles. They are guilty of ripping customers off!!!


[ posted by mick barclay, 06.03.15 18:42 ]

This has been going on for years, and it is not only with petrol, it is just about with everything.


[ posted by Jim Franklin, 06.03.15 21:27 ]

Why when Crude price has fallen in recent days has the pump price been creeping up by a penny here and a penny there. Why is that Sainsbury in Newbury has the price of Derv at 116.9p/Ltr and yet in Swindon it is only 112.9p/ltr. Why does BP, Chievely Services, charge 122.9p/ltr... Sorry there needs to be a full public enquiry into the whole rip off system. I know it's not fuel, but look at the costs of crisps and drinks in forecourts...At least Dick Turpin wore a mask when he robbed people and not a smile.


[ posted by stuart parvin, 07.03.15 03:57 ]

the price of fuel should be the same at every garage same day oil goes down so should fuel


[ posted by Ralph Moxon, 07.03.15 10:01 ]

There are many clever people making serious comments. I am a straightforward retired person. Why doesnt any government see that a reduced fuel price creates a feel good within all communities
as well as obvious benefits for all of industry. Across the board all people benefit
from lower fuel prices. As usual business people will try and make quick profit for the fat cats of this world, at the
expense of everyone.


[ posted by Kevin Roydon, 07.03.15 10:57 ]

But if the price of fuel goes down the government will get less tax then they won't have enough to give themselves a pay rise way above inflation


[ posted by carle, 07.03.15 13:43 ]

Rip off britain comes to mind please do somthing for us british people


[ posted by John, 07.03.15 20:44 ]

this has been going on for years and now nothing will be done about it, we can com;plain for ever but we will always be ripped off in this country, because there is no one in government that has the guts to do anything about it.


[ posted by Wise Wan, 22.03.15 15:33 ]

As of writing this the current crude oil price stands at $45.72 a barrel for WTI crude oil and $55.32 a barrel for BRENT crude, petrol/diesel stands at £1.12.9ppl/£1.18.9ppl despite the obvious DROP in price compared to june LAST YEAR when it stood at $101 and $105 respectively for a barrel at the same time petrol/diesel prices stood at £1.28ppl/£1.05ppl.

My point is that despite the HALF PRICE now of a barrel of oil, the price in the forecourt is RISING by almost a penny every other day, somebody needs to do something because it is obvious that politicians just dont care about the average motorists considering they get ALL there fuel paid for by the TAX PAYER, maybe what is needed is for there FUEL ALLOWANCE to be scrapped and lets see how quick they get interested then.

MORE people need to get behind this blatant ripoff by companies who have been doing this for so long somebody needs to be held accountable


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