Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Quentin Willson with Jodie Kidd for his Classic Car TV ShowThe FairFuelUK Campaign's 1 million supporters are incandescent with anger that today, Oil Companies are calling on the Government for tax concessions for their industry. After years and years of huge profits, high retail and commodity prices, large salaries and significant share dividends, bleating Oil Company bosses are asking the Treasury for help by using vulgar blackmail, saying 100,000 potential job losses will happen unless they get Government help. The BBC are also giving a biased view of this issue today and totally disregarding the license payer’s case for fairer prices at the pumps and how lower oil prices are good for the UK’s economy.

Quentin Willson (Pictured with his latest TV Show with Jodie Kidd about Classic Cars on Channel 5) lead campaigner for FairFuelUK said: ‘The global oil industry has had decades and hundreds of billions of epic profits. Why should we now feel sorry that they've lost a few quid? Consumers never had any choice but high prices.'

Howard Cox founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: ‘We get 2000 emails per week containing so much rage when pump prices immediately shoot up as oil prices increase and how so slowly they fall when oil prices drop. The thought of multi-billion dollar oil businesses getting extra tax help from the Government, when 40 million motorists and businesses have been paying up to 70% in total tax for decades, is scandalous and nauseous. We continue to call for a full transparent oil pricing inquiry.’

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[ posted by James Cannom, 24.02.15 14:19 ]

Perhaps their claim for Tax relief should be treated in the same way as they have treated price reductions over the years - drip fed very very slowly and then hiked back up quickly with interest when the market rises again. Shame on the BBC for biased opinions.


[ posted by Paul Stanley, 24.02.15 14:47 ]

This is absolutely outrageous behaviour by the oil companies. Blackmailing the British government, threatening to put 100,000 people out of work in order to maintain profit levels.


[ posted by Carolyn , 24.02.15 15:30 ]

I think they are wrong slowing production to put the price up. Why cant the fuel carry on falling for all for a while. CHEATS and SCAMMERS they truely are


[ posted by peter mclaughlin, 24.02.15 18:08 ]

Scream and shout all you want nothing will ever change because us car owners motorists will pay any way no matter what the price and then the government wont do nothing as they no they have us by the balls and then the motorists arnt strong enough to protest as we all need our transport to get to work just a viscous never ending circle of legalised robbery that wont change same goes for gas bills electricity bills water and council tax it just seems we have to accept it these days and pay it any way.


[ posted by Harold Harris, 24.02.15 19:44 ]

Well said Quentin, we motorists have been paying for their salaries and bonuses for far too long to have any sympathy, now they are losing a bit. The Chancellor is trying to reduce the UK's debt, not to bail out multi-national oil companies!


[ posted by steve pettit, 24.02.15 20:23 ]

What I want to know is why has petrol and diesel gone up 10p a litre in the past week, here in north Wales.


[ posted by Malcolm Prosser. , 24.02.15 21:35 ]

The oil companies have had it all their own way for a lot of years,the population who have had to pay the scandalous prices have struggled to such an extent that they end up not using their cars as they need to. Don't be so greedy oil companies and shareholders. BE SATISFIED that you are getting shares and profits. Not as much as you did perhaps ,but still a lot. We have had to struggle for years to get wage rises,they are being whittled away a lot by fuel prices ( vehicle and heating fuel ) ! Think of others as well as yourselves. We need a life as well as you ! We need a respite from the high prices much longer than this !!!


[ posted by Willie McArthur, 24.02.15 21:42 ]

Haulage contractors have been heavily affected by oil prices over the years but we don't get help.


[ posted by Steve Hann, 24.02.15 22:05 ]

Starting to notice prices at the pump are starting to shoot back up (2 raises in the last week). Shame they never drop as quick.


[ posted by Paul Dyde, 26.02.15 03:40 ]

I have to say, why didn't the pump prices drop to the level they should have done to truly reflect oil prices..? Who is responsible for setting pump prices? Yet again motorists and the transport industry will suffer after a stunted, brief price drop as they are rising again, as one person has commented two price rises in the last week, chances it will not stop there....


[ posted by Jez, 06.03.15 16:15 ]

It is funny how in the news before Christmas the pundits were stating how we would see the prices of petrol go down the less than £1 a litre, by the new year well I've only seen it drop to around 104.9 now its starting to climb again back to 108.9, even at 104.9 it was too expensive to my mind, so I'm guessing that crude is up again or its the fuel companies taking the proverbial out of the motorist yet again


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