Monday, January 5, 2015
Nothing more to say!

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[ posted by John Hitchen, 05.01.15 21:58 ]

Scandalous and disgusting! You've lost my vote.


[ posted by Alan Coates, 05.01.15 22:38 ]

Very clever..........
So the cost of crude oil comes down, and under public pressure, EVENTUALLY pump prices start following suit. So what does the greedy government do, increase the duty whilst reducing the price, so the consumer gets a partial price reduction whilst the Government continue taking. This is shocking. What sort of tin pot army have we got running this country, using underhand tactics to pull the wool over the publics eyes?
Somebody needs to be accountable for this!!!!!! It's a complete and utter disgrace and travesty. Abuse of power. Nothing more, nothing less.
I am furious over this.


[ posted by Chris, 06.01.15 08:26 ]

Sorry, but I find this does not meet the standard I have expected from you guys. First, the amount of duty per litre has not changed, so the percentage take per litre has only changed because the cost of production has dropped. Second, the amount of money taken by the government has actually fallen from £37.56 to £36.44. I'm also not sure if allowing for vat twice in the same calculation is correct but I'm not an accountant! What I am worried about is the government suddenly realising their cash cow isn't producing as much as it should, and putting up the rate of duty! Keep it up Fairfuel, but please, make sure the b*stards can't come back at you!


[ posted by Fred Bishop, 06.01.15 09:18 ]

It will soon be election time


[ posted by eddie, 07.01.15 16:26 ]

AUTOGAS at ASDA Linwood now 54.7p per ltr. ... That is still way too high for the ONLY PRACTICAL CLEAN FUEL to use on the roads. Diseasol is a KILLER Fuel and I object to have to breathing in other irresponsible folk smoke who use that CANCER producing fuel.


[ posted by michael clohessy, 07.01.15 17:26 ]

Should be ashamed of themselves, I was undecided who to vote for but have now decided to vote UKIP and give someone else a chance to put things right


[ posted by Diane Milbanke, 07.01.15 20:19 ]

I don't get these receipts, it still has the VAT and fuel duty at the same rates on both receipts, something wrong there!!!


[ posted by Andrew, 05.02.15 21:18 ]

Has anyone heard of Air Fuel Synthesis? Don't know why the government is not throwing money at this, carbon neutral fuel (to appease the greenies of course) and at last perhaps a use for windmills!

From what I read on their site it seems to be an almost what's the catch scenario, they produce gasoline/petrol that can be used in cars now, in fact they produce small scale for motorsport, so it's proven, and all car technology comes originally from motorsport. Based in UK as well. Why aren't the government trying to get this going? Do they really want us to have an almost free plentiful and cheap AND stable fuel supply homegrown - didn't think so!


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