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The Sun 15th Dec 2014


The Sun reports on FairFuelUK's Latest Supporters Poll


"Our supporters clearly demonstrate what we have empirically proven to the Treasury, that lower fuel prices mean more disposable income for consumers and businesses to put back into the economy. But in order to maintain this stability the Government must initiate a public enquiry in how prices are set at the pumps. The economy cannot be continually affected by speculative profiteering and the punitive highest duty levels in Europe. It’s time for a common sense approach to fuel pricing to give some confidence to 32m voting tax paying road users. ”  Howard Cox, Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign


"With the price of oil down by nearly 50% and only a derisory 10% being reflected at the pumps, this has become a dysfunctional market. Nobody understands why consumers are being fleeced every time they fill up. Everybody is blaming everybody else, that’s why FairFuelUK is calling for a root and branch enquiry into oil and fuel markets now.” Quentin Willson FairFuelUK Lead Campaigner 

Here are summary results from FairFuelUK's Poll that took place between 10th -13th December 2014. There were 16,119 respondents in just 60 hours on-line:

  • There is no concrete consensus as to who is to blame for oil price falls not being passed on at the pumps.
  • The main targets of blame however are Oil Companies followed by Oil speculators.
  • Supermarkets seem not to be blamed – Outside of the massive tax take by HMT it’s the oil supply chain that gets the major blame
  • But this is why we have to have a full public enquiry as supported by Priti Patel to find out who really is profiteering from not passing on the correct prices to the pumps
  • All believe that prices should be lower than they are now. They estimate prices should be on average for petrol £1.07 and diesel £1.12
  • Interestingly women are the ones believe that they should be a lot lower at petrol £1.03 and diesel £1.06
  • Savings made by poll respondents at the pumps are not being used on luxuries but on essentials, paying off debt and even being put into savings
  • Nearly 3 in 10 are using the savings they’ve made on purchasing food
  • Over 98% want to see a 3p duty cut
  • And 6 in 10believe no Political Party is in tune with the impact of high prices on normal lives.
  • Of the remainder UKIP tops followed by the Tories with the Greens even beating the Lib Dems
  • 97% of those in full-time employment use their car to get to work
  • Nearly 60% use their car everyday
  • 63% say their car is vital to their lives
  • 2 in 5 need their car for hospital visits
  • 4 in 3 say public transport is poor in their location
  • Even after the recent falls in prices at the pumps 79% say prices are still too high
For Full Details of the Poll results go to 

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[ posted by Simon , 15.12.14 22:00 ]

We pay to much tax on everything... Isn't helping only making things worse


[ posted by Chris, 16.12.14 06:34 ]

It has been said that fuel prices are at a five year low. From my petrol price record (at Asda Luton) I paid on
18/12/08 - 86.9p per litre
22/12/09 - 102.9p
20/12/10 - 119.9p
22/12/11 - 128,7p
02/12/12 - 133.7p
I retired and saved a fortune by not using the car as much.
15/08/13 - 134.7p
18/08/13 - 147.9p (motorway services at Manchester.)
05/12/14 - 117.9p
We are getting there BUT I.M.O. I think the government will grab as much as they can
so that they can make a big splash before the next election.


[ posted by Les Horne, 18.03.15 20:26 ]

last time fuel was at $45 a barrel, Petrol at asda was 103p a litre diesel 109p a litre, oil prices yesterday was $43 a barrel, but to day oil has gone up to $44.77, so tomorrow fuel will go up? just so somebody can make a big profit, its the age of greed, Oil prices are below $45 a Barrel yet fuel prices Petrol 110.7 diesel 115.7 a litre, when will we see a price drop?


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