Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Dear Member of Parliament,

With just 6 weeks to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, it is a privilege as lead campaigner for FairFuelUK with its founder Howard Cox, to put before you reasons why we’d like your support for a 3p cut in Fuel Duty. 
In our ‘2015 Manifesto for Growth’ we set out the evidence, business and public sentiment of the campaign since its launch in January 2011. We know that you are bombarded for reasons to cut different taxes but please take a moment to empathise that the 60%+ taken every time 32m licensed road users fill up with an essential need, is one of biggest influencers on the country’s economic growth prospects, their mobility and residual income. 

It is no coincidence following our active lobbying and campaigning, that the decisions made by the Coalition Treasury in cutting this punitive levy by 1p in March 2011 and freezing it for the lifetime of this Parliament has inspired the UK Economy coming out of recession. The previously planned duty rises would have meant that prices at the pumps would have been in excess of £1.60 per litre and we would not be looking at a blossoming economy, where unemployment is falling, GDP growing and inflation dropping. So the evidence is there for you to be reassured that a small cut of 3p will definitely pay the Exchequer back by its consequential impact on other "growth” generated levies, such and more Corporation Tax, VAT, Income Tax, NI and even further escalation in GDP.

The price we pay at the pumps impacts on every aspect of the supply chain, prices in the shops and community cohesion. Its bearing on businesses is immense and for the haulage industry in particular, logistics is the lifeblood of the economy delivering the goods and services needed by individuals and businesses across the UK and beyond. Fuel represents the biggest single cost for most logistics businesses and as they concentrate efforts on securing the recovery, controlling costs is an absolute must. By cutting fuel duty, Government would give businesses the ability and confidence needed to invest for the future bringing benefits to industry, consumers and the wider economy.

We have had fabulous support from ALL Parties, notably from MPs Robert Halfon, Jason McCartney, Martin Vickers, Steve Baker, Tessa Munt, Rob Flello amongst many others too numerous to list here. We are most grateful for this Cross-Party support. However the Government continues to take over 60% in tax when we fill up at the pumps, we have the highest fuel duty levels in the EU and the cost of fuel directly impacts adversely on the cost of living, investment, jobs and running businesses. The Government’s welcome freeze in duty has now to be turned into a cut.

  • £42bn+ per year in tax is taken from 32m UK Road Users. Only 18.6% of this Road User Tax goes back into Roads Infrastructure. This represents approx. £30,000 per mile on roads. And here is food for thought, HS2 will cost up to £320m per mile to get to Birmingham just 20 minutes quicker. Imagine how £50-80bn of this predicted capital investment could benefit instead, better public transport and roads for the whole country. 

  • 26.8% of the £42bn in Road User Tax goes into spending on public transport and the railways (This kills the myth that the motorist and haulier do not support or care about public transport. This hard working group of motorists and commercial drivers has been misguided as to where their tax is actually spent. 

  • Also in the latest independent ComRes research it is clear that by supporting FairFuelUK's continuing call for a 3p fuel duty cut (7 out of 10 saying it will benefit the economy with 52% of the carless households agreeing with this statement too), all politicians from all Parties will considerably improve their chances of gaining more votes at the General Election. This is an Election issue that will not go away.
Please support our call for cutting Fuel Duty for Growth. You can guarantee this will work. 
Quentin Willson and Howard Cox

Link to the FairFuelUK 2015 Manifesto for Growth: www.fairfueluk.com/manifesto/FairFuelUK_manifesto.html                                   

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