Tuesday, October 14, 2014
After running Fringe Events at all three major Party Conferences, it’s clear that Politicians are completely out of touch with Road User needs. They were hugely disrespectful by not embracing a debate of cutting fuel duty for growth. They simply did not turn up, probably because it was at 8am in the morning after a night of partying. Only Tessa Munt of the Lib Dems and Tory Andrew Bingham took part. Both are hugely supportive. Frankly many MPs (Not all of them though such as Philip Davies, Jason McCartney, Steve Baker, Tessa Munt, Rob Flello, Martin Vickers, Robert Halfon and a few others) are ignorant of what is staring them in the face, namely that cutting duty will secure them votes and also will be good for the economy.
It’s a win-win situation that Parties as a whole are scared to embrace. UKIP is the only party calling for a duty cut for growth in their Manifesto, following our lobbying. The London Centric closeted politicians together with the London Centric National Media are clueless in understanding this massive silent majority who predominantly have no choice but to use 4 wheels for their everyday working lives.
I was even told by one politician who will remain nameless: "You've had a penny cut and this tax is now frozen, what more do you want?" It beggars belief the arrogance of the man...and disregard for 32m licensed drivers and 70% of the electorate.
And haulage business, the lifeblood of a successful economy are strangled by the high cost of fuel. The level of fuel prices prevents investment in training, employing more staff and buying new cleaner emission vehicles. Wake up MPs and put the UK at the heart of global growth by supporting lower prices at the pumps. You know it makes sense, so listen to your constituents who will vote for the MP that understands the reality of high petrol and diesel prices.

In May 2014 FairFuelUK’s efforts were vindicated when The Treasury publically agreed that lower Fuel Duty does indeed help the wider economy and admitted that the 1p cut in 2011 and subsequent suspension of 14p of escalators in the lifetime of this Parliament will actually have improved UK GDP by 0.5%. This is The Treasury’s own figure and entirely due to not introducing those planned Fuel Duty rises. This admission has marked an historic step change in fuel taxation theory and highlighted the damaging economic effect of high transport costs on GDP and growth. With the reverse Fuel Duty model, now proven beyond any doubt, FairFuelUK thinks we need to look at Fuel Duty taxation in a completely different way. This change in attitude would not have taken place if it were not for the RHA's funding of the FairFuelUK NIESR report in 2013 and the FTA's Funding of the CEBR report in the same year. Both reports clearly showed that cutting fuel duty is good for growth


Our backing from 150 cross-party MPs, supporters like the FTA, RHA, RAC, APN, UKLPG and Aldermore Bank, not to mention our fabulous 750,000 members of the public who signed our petition, all know that it wasn’t the government who suddenly created this historic change in fuel taxation thinking - it was because of FairFuelUK and its founding backers the FTA and RHA. Years of our well-mannered, reasoned, intelligent, evidence based lobbying - often face-to-face with ministers - achieved the Big Change.


So as well as the Treasury stopping trying to marginalise 32 million licence holders by calling them Motorists, they should start thinking about them as Driving Consumers, and hopefully then they’ll realise this one very critical point. If those Driving Consumers - 70% of registered voters don’t forget - can’t afford to put fuel in their tanks (because more than 60% of that cost goes to the government in taxation), then consumer disposable income reduces drastically, GDP falls, inflation and unemployment rises and growth across most economic sectors slows down.


High transport costs significantly reduce economic activity – it’s as simple as that. The Freight industry has been telling the government this immutable truth for years – the problem was they didn't want to listen.


We launch our FairFuelUK Manifesto (see photo above) this week in Parliament on October 22nd. Please watch this space.


Howard Cox - Founder of FairFuelUK

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[ posted by Denise Prout, 14.10.14 16:37 ]

Those that can claim back their expenses have no concern for the average motorist or business. It doesn't affect them just as local councils, who have control of their own policy, see fit to hit the motorist by creating monstrous parking charges in the name of the environment and safety. Whist all for sane changes I am totally against my own councils policy whereby even minimum charges are stifling family activity and car ownership. public transport is promoted but with fares being high, not affordable for families on low incomes. Where will it end?? Fuel, motoring costs affect everyone and everything, sadly politicians choose to be blinkered to facts.


[ posted by Robin SEARLE, 14.10.14 16:37 ]

Please include the disabled for whom public transport is rarely a practical option. I sign away nearly £60 per week of my Disabled Living Allowance in order to have a reliable suitable vehicle through the Motability scheme but often find myself unable to fund much more than essential journeys eg for medical appointments.


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