Thursday, August 7, 2014
Today the Sun has started a campaign that calls for recompense for the 11m diesel drivers. read on...
In just a week, since the Mayor of London (Boris Johnson) suggested it, the FairFuelUK Campaign has received over 13,000 emails, posts and texts with angry supporters up in arms against the idea that diesel drivers should be taxed for entering cities and towns. City based politicians are jumping on the misguidance that higher taxation is the solution to save lives and help the environment from the diesel engine.
Gordon Brown in his 2001 budget reduced the duty on diesel by 3p and it didn't take long for UK drivers to start buying diesel cars in their millions because that lower fuel duty translated lower cost at the pumps. High fuel duty on petrol encouraged consumers to wring every last mile from their cars and who can blame them for trying to save money? The end result of all that pro-diesel activity is that now half the cars on UK roads are now powered by diesel. The Government got it wrong and honest hard working road users are now expected to pay for it.

Quentin Willson, TV motoring journalist and lead campaigner for FairFuelUK said: "The EU and the Government's diesel disaster is a shambles. All that hand wringing about CO2 in 2001 made us all buy derv-powered cars because we were told they were cleaner. And 50% of UK motorists made the change. Now we're told they're a public health time bomb and worse still, the EU and Government approved emissions and economy cycle upon which our car-buying decisions have been based, isn't accurate either. Millions of well-intentioned UK motorists have been woefully misinformed. It's time these legislators got their facts right.”

Howard Cox, founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: "We have the highest fuel tax in the EU, the most expensive diesel & the UK is the only nation with diesel priced higher than petrol. Why is it, the power houses of Europe put the economy before debatable health benefits of higher diesel prices at the pumps? Every FairFuelUK supporter wants a healthy environment but punitive taxation is not the solution. Instead cut the cost of fuel and incentivise 32 million road users to use the savings to turn to cleaner alternatives and fuel efficient vehicles.”

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[ posted by Chrsi Ward, 09.08.14 09:48 ]

The entire mentality of the government towards drivers is perverse and evil. Taxing diesels is just the latest in a never ending tale of taxing anything that moves. It's not just this diesel nonsense that need scrapping, it is the perverse mentality that is inside the head of most politicians.


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