Sunday, July 6, 2014
We got hold of a document from the Petroleum Industries Association about the potential impact of the European Fuel Quality Directive Article 7a on pump prices.The Article is meant to cut greenhouse gas emissions by requiring fuel suppliers (in this case refineries) to use less greenhouse-gas-intensive fuels. This has caused a big row for various reasons, focused around what is known as "differentiation" of crude oils - basically ranking different types of raw product according to how dirty they are. The PIA report says this would force pump prices up by 3p a litre.
Here's what Quentin Willson said on behalf of FairFuleUK:
'This is yet more unnecessary interference from the EU. 3p per litre increase will cost jobs, hurt families, businesses and affect Economic growth in the name of a spurious green EU agenda. We'd be better spending on better servicing, modern oils and getting rid of lots of smokey, worn out diesel cars and vans. FairFuelUK convinced the Government that lower fuel duty is good for growth and investment. The EU could undo all this good work by FairFuelUK
And here is how today's Sun covered this story:
The Sun July 6th 2014

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[ posted by brendan mcalinden, 06.07.14 16:45 ]

Unfortunately the UK public and idustry caannot survive yet more unneeded petrol rises The EU unelected are seriously out of touch and this unelected Govt is pretty much the same. Britain needs to exit the EU as soon as possible.


[ posted by Tony Lovric, 06.07.14 16:49 ]

The sooner we come out of the EU the better, they are like leeches, they suck the blood right out of you


[ posted by Kenneth Groom, 06.07.14 16:58 ]

If the price rise goes ahead, our government should reduce the petrol duty to suit. They always want money for 'going green' so this time they could 'go green' and benefit jobs, food prices and the economy at the same time.


[ posted by Clive Cresswell, 06.07.14 17:48 ]

With diesel just 26p a litre cheaper in France perhaps the E.U. chaps can afford a 3p hike. Personally I think the E.U. chaps should take a hike and keep out of England altogether.


[ posted by Stefan Ellis, 06.07.14 18:19 ]

How long will it take for the political set to get us out of this expensive club? What will it take to push them into having a spine transplant?


[ posted by Darren Lines, 06.07.14 18:24 ]

Seeing as a large percentage of fuel duty is in the name of green crap (carbon offsetting etc), of which only 60% of that is actually spent in green crap, I suggest that if this stupid ruling does come in to place that the government should reduce fuel duty by 3.6p (3p + vat) as that part of the carbon offset is already being paid for at source.

We all understand that fossil fuels are a finite resource, that we need to reduce pollution, yet the hippies don't seem to grasp that there is currently no real alternative! The government should stop wasting money on rail links that no one seems to want and electric cars and spend some time and money on alternative fuels that will run in a conventional internal combustion engine. I for one would rather spend a grand or 2 converting my car to run on an alternate fuel than spend in excess of £20,000 on some soulless electric box, which I can't charge anyway as I don't have a garage! There are too many Eco idealists who are blind to the practicality of their useless suggestions!


[ posted by Denise Randall, 06.07.14 18:51 ]

Just get us out of eu and about time we went back to gallons so everyone knew how ripped off we are diesel In devon is £6 a gallon


[ posted by alan bailey, 06.07.14 19:11 ]

it will not make any difference who is in government they all follow eu like sheep as long as they are ok in london the rest of us dont matter all they are are interested in is our money.


[ posted by david knowles, 06.07.14 21:05 ]

this is the type of thing to make us all want out of the eu .we dont need someone from a different country telling us what to do . we have managed very well for years without interfering from anyone else. it is time our so called leaders stood up and led


[ posted by Alan Ratcliffe, 06.07.14 21:10 ]

So they are trying to stuff us for 3p/litre....let get out of the parasitic EU and stuff them for £55 million a day.


[ posted by Jim Wolstenholme, 06.07.14 22:55 ]

It would seem that the E.U., Green Parties and the PC brigade all share one thing in common - A lack of COMMON SENSE. All of the afformentioned seem to me to have one other thing in common, they all appear to follow an agenda of self importance and look for any means to make themselves appear important. When will they listen to the electorate?

Common sense is like deodorant, the people who need it most never use it.


[ posted by Kathy Everitt, 07.07.14 20:04 ]

How is it, this country only ever seems to get the negative things from the EU? Anything positive seems to pass our little country by!! The sooner we leave, the better. Just as the Government is beginning to listen to the common sense from the FairFuel representatives, these idiots stick their oar in and risk undoing all the good that has so far been achieved!


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