Thursday, June 12, 2014
'We're winning. This week Howard Cox (right) and I (left) met Danny Alexander (middle), Chief Secretary to The Treasury, and spent an hour of full and frank discussions about FairFuelUK's impact in Westminster and The Treasury's reaction to our campaign findings. Danny Alexander is the only senior politician who's made great efforts to see us regularly, listen to our entreaties and read the research we've commissioned. He's not grandstanding either or making an empty political gesture, he's always been deeply interested in our campaign and our economic findings. He told us that 'FairFuelUK's campaign has made - and continues to make - a very significant impact in Parliament, in Whitehall and in The Treasury'. He also gave us new economic research by The Treasury that agrees with our long-held contention that low fuel duty increases jobs, GDP and economic activity. In fact the Treasury's new dynamic modelling shows that the increased spending from having frozen fuel duty will in the long term increase GDP by 0.5% - which in a time of low economic growth is a vital and critical stimulus. Our research helped drive The Treasury to this hugely important conclusion.

Quentin Willson-Danny Alexander-Howard Cox_FairFuelUKAll of which means that your tremendous support, the help of our backers and the determined political lobbying from Howard and I has changed the way this Government sees road fuel taxation. We walked into The Treasury in 2011 to be told that the gilded calf of fuel duty was sacrosanct and couldn't ever be meddled with. We felt like schoolboys in front of a angry headmaster. We now know that back in 2011 all those fuel escalators planned by Labour were going to go ahead. There was no plan whatsoever to freeze or reduce them. Three years, and a lot of lobbying later, Howard and I walked out of The Treasury clutching a Government document that supports everything we've said and done and a feeling of complete vindication and success. This is the longest freeze of fuel duty in the last 20 years and has saved UK businesses and families £30 billion-worth of needless taxation. That's something we should all be very proud of.

MPs are now lining up to support us, the Government has openly admitted that they now understand the impact that persistently high pump prices have on the cost of living and the Bank of England has repeatedly said that lower inflation figures have been influenced by lower fuel prices. But I know you'd all like to see an actual cut in duty - and so would we - but these things take time. To have shifted the Westminster mindset so significantly has taken three-and-a-half years but we're not stopping here. We will continue to lobby for a 3p cut and high up politicos suggest this may happen before the 2015 election. So nobody is going to rest on their laurels and we will need your continuing support. What we've all achieved is seismic in its significance and allows Westminster MPs to really start putting pressure on the Chancellor to cut duty before 2015. They now know we've been right all along and are taking your support and this campaign very seriously indeed. FairFuelUK is widely acknowledged to be the most effective public protest campaign of the last decade and we're a force that gets things done. But we do it with a quiet determination, good manners and lots and lots of factual evidence. 

Carry on supporting us and carry on campaigning. Get as many friends and family to sign up. The door to significant fuel taxation change is wide open. And so is the opportunity to change other things like parking, potholes and roads. If we can convince this Government to sacrifice badly needed taxation revenues by proving an upturn in economic growth then to sort out unfair parking regulations, poor road maintenance and improving the UK's road infrastructure should be a walk in the park. Stay with us and stand by..........'

Quentin Willson

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[ posted by Clive Cresswell, 12.06.14 15:11 ]

WHY is diesel 26p a litre cheaper in France than it is here? Oh and why are the Bulgarian truck drivers SO BAD?


[ posted by James perry, 12.06.14 22:07 ]

So much fuel tax is a rip off!


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