Sunday, June 8, 2014
The FairFuelUK campaign has made – and continues to make – a very significant impact in Parliament, in Whitehall and in the Treasury


Treasury Minister, Danny Alexander has invited FairFuelUK’s Quentin Willson and Howard Cox to the Treasury on Monday 9th June at 9am to see the Treasury’s latest economic modelling evidence which substantiates FairFuelUK’s long held proof that cutting fuel duty will help the economy.

FairFuelUK’s NIESR research showed that a 3p cut in duty will generate 70,000 jobs, increase GDP by 0.2% and lower inflation. For the last 3 years the evidence of stable pump prices has compellingly shown such positive fiscal outcomes. FairFuelUK’s campaign evidence has been supported consistently by millions of road users and businesses.

Mr Alexander (photo source Biteback Publishing) said in a speech he gave at a recent RHA event: "FairFuelUK has been responsible for the Treasury finally investigating the Campaign’s claim that cutting fuel duty really will positively help the economy. I’ve met Quentin Wilson and Howard Cox on a number of occasions.That campaign has made – and continues to make – a very significant impact in Parliament, in Whitehall and in the Treasury”.


Ms Nicky Morgan MP and Treasury Minister in a communique to FairFuelUK said: "The Treasury’s own modelling show that this Government’s action on fuel duty has resulted in increased economic activity.”

Quentin Willson, National Spokesman for FairFuelUK and Motoring Journalist said: "This is fabulous news that at last the Government is seeing economic sense in an issue that has been staring all Governments worldwide in their fiscal faces for decades”.

Howard Cox co-founder of FairFuelUK said: "If it were not for the fabulous support of the RHA, FTA, APN, UKLPG and the RAC none of this would have been possible. A huge battle won but the war is still on. How far will the Treasury go to lower their tax take from 32 million road users in order to energise the economy further? We will also ask the Minister why is it, that the UK is the only EU state to price diesel considerably more than petrol? Germany, France and Italy subsidise diesel by taxing this vital fuel at the heart of any successful economy much less than petrol.”

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[ posted by Norman Atkinson, 08.06.14 17:18 ]

Once again another eye opener for the Government by FairFueluk's team & faithfull supporters who fought tirelessly for this positive result weldone to all.


[ posted by admin, 08.06.14 17:22 ]

Too true. Nothing could have been achieved without the FairFuelUK Support


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