Monday, May 19, 2014
UK Diesel, Petrol and Auto-gas prices and the EU Election. Do they matter to MEPs? It seems that UKIP will win on this issue.

Over the last 7 days, the FairFuelUK Campaign asked its supporters to contact their existing MEPs as to where they stand on why the UK has the most punitive fuel duty in the EU and why diesel is priced more than petrol in the UK compared to the other EU states, where the reverse position is true. This means that UK hauliers are put at a disadvantage with higher cost of distribution adversely impacting on the UK economy.

82,000 emails were sent by FairFuelUK supporters to over 70 MEPs in just 72 hours.

MEP responses: Virtually all MEPs personally support the FairFuelUK Campaign but amongst the many standard replies sent to FairFuelUK supporters it is clear that MEPs are impotent with respect to doing anything about unfair pricing and the high taxation issues in the UK vs the EU. In fact most detract completely from the issue, which begs the question what do MEPs actually do where such issues impact more unfairly on their UK constituents compared to those in the EU. Here is a typical and repeated response from one Conservative MEP:

 "Thank you for your email concerning a reduction of fuel duty in the UK.  The level of taxation on fuel is a sole competence of the UK Treasury. Therefore, as fuel taxation does not fall under the EU Treaties, this issue lies outside of my powers as a Member of the European Parliament. I would advise that you contact your Member of Parliament, who can take up this issue in Westminster on your behalf. Yours sincerely, Richard Ashworth MEP" 

Whilst FairFuelUK understands that national tax issues are not in the remit of MEPs, 98.3% of FairFuelUK supporters strongly believe that all UK MEPs should be united in campaigning on these issues and lobbying with FairFuelUK to the UK Treasury. One FairFuelUK Supporter said "Wimpish, spineless party line type excuse that they cannot influence local tax issues. If they can’t do that what can, or do they do?”

The 11,217 FairFuelUK supporters who contacted their MEPs also indicated as to how they will vote in the EU election this Thursday following interaction with their MEPs. The fact that UKIP is the only Party to publicly declare in their manifesto that they will cut fuel duty for growth may have influenced 38% of FairFuelUK supporters in the survey. Whilst in contrast only 2% said they would vote for the Lib Dems a similar level to the Greens. Here are the summary of voting intentions for Thursday's EU Election from FairFuelUK's survey of supporters. 

11,217 respondedFairFuelUK Supporters
Voting Intention
Rather not say5%
Not Voting4%
Green Party2%
Lib Dems2%
Quentin Willson from FairFuelUK and Motoring Journalist said "The rest of Europe laughs at UK’s eye-watering levels of fuel duty. Just imagine what the French would do”.

Howard Cox, co-founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said "We are an apolitical Campaign fighting to secure lower and fairer pump prices for 32 million road users. Even Danny Alexander said this week, 'That our campaign has made – and continues to make – a very significant impact in Parliament, in Whitehall and in the Treasury.'  It is manifestly sad that our very own MEPs seem to give no serious active support for their UK constituents who suffer massively from the highest level of toxic taxation anywhere in the EU. Why don’t they speak out for whom they purport to represent?”

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