Tuesday, December 24, 2013
2013 may not have been the best year we'll all remember but together we've achieved a lot. Torpedoing duty rises in 2013 helped everybody, had a measurable effect on inflation plus the Chancellor's promise to hold duty levels where they are for the length of this Parliament is a massive win for every business and family in the UK. The onerous cost of road fuel is now a major issue for the Government and we've put the public's rising discontent firmly on their radar. Westminster is beginning to understand that they can't continue to tax personal mobility like they have in the past and high fuel prices are now an electoral issue. We've also brought unfair regional pricing, delays in passing on wholesale price falls and the high cost of fuel on motorways into the media. Oil companies and supermarkets know that we're watching and analysing figures. The speed with which they now pass on falls in the price of crude is much faster than its ever been before. 

We've also highlighted oil price manipulation and helped start investigations in the EU and America. We're responsible for a significant shift in perception that the oil market needs to be much more accountable and transparent and can't be left unsupervised. FairFuelUK's relentless media attention has made everybody aware that the crude oil and road fuel industries aren't working for the benefits of consumers, are far too self-serving and deliberately opaque. And the debates, discussions and growing awareness building around the costs of petrol, diesel and oil that FairFuelUK has started are truly unprecedented. Petrol and diesel are now always in the media and in the 100-year history of road transport that scrutiny has never been so intense as it is now. Which is good for the UK's road economy and every single person whether they drive or not.

For me our greatest victory has been the subtle change in the London-centric mindset of Ministers and MPs. For decades they've blithely ignored the price of fuel, insulated as they have been by the capital's public transport system, all those black taxis and ministerial cars. That mindset has been a serious obstacle to an understanding of how the rest of the country struggles to afford daily mobility. Our lobbying of literally hundreds of MPs and your emails and letters means we now have the ear of politicians who are slowly understanding the depth of financial stress out there. There's still a lot to do, but FairFuelUK has changed forever the attitude and perceptions of politicians and the media to fuel and road transport. We couldn't have done it without you and will continue to fight for cheaper personal mobility in 2014.

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