Thursday, December 5, 2013

PRESS RELEASE: Following Autumn Statement 

George Osborne's claim that freezing the current 60% taxation on petrol and diesel is a triumph for road users. It is in fact a huge disappointment to FairFuelUK's 400,000 supporters, its backers including the FTA, RHA, APN, Aldermore and the RAC. All the evidence presented by FairFuelUK shows that cutting Fuel Duty significantly will generate jobs, increase GDP and reduce inflation. This expert evidence bizarrely has not been refuted by the Treasury. Why is that? We asked them to be bold and cut fuel duty but instead the cash cow continues to be milked at the expense of the economy, motorists, small businesses and our vital haulage industry.

Quentin Willson, lead campaigner of FairFuelUK said: "'Spare a thought for the 17 million road commuters who will now see no reduction in the huge costs of driving to work. The Chancellor had it in his gift to ease the burden for businesses and families battling to drive to their jobs. We can only ruefully wonder why he didn't act to help protect them.'

Howard Cox, co-founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: "The UK continues to have the highest Fuel Tax regime in the EU, it remains the costliest country in the world to fill up the average car and 17 million still depend exclusively on a car or van to get to work. Nothing has changed following the Autumn Statement. The fiscal rape of the road user continues”

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[ posted by Clive Temple, 05.12.13 16:44 ]

Yet again an opportunity lost by our government. And remember it is our government...supposedly! If only they would realise that fuel reduction creates more opportunities for the economy than the tax farming it represents. You can have all the schemes you like, but if people have less in their pockets then they spend less on goods and services. Critically those goods and services cost more because the transportation costs have to be redirected to the customer. So yet again those at Westminster are out of touch with the electorate.


[ posted by Cliff, 05.12.13 18:37 ]

Are the maths too difficult for this government, higher prices at the pumps & my car now sits on the drive from one week to the next. Balance the 'lost' revenue against the 'gain' & all George has effectively achieved is to force many disabled pensioners into a housebound existence. Wonder how the additional costs to the NHS will be judged by many this winter.


[ posted by David Britten, 05.12.13 18:41 ]

There never was any hope of an actual reduction in duty. Osborne has cocked up the economy and massively increased the national debt, and now he's running scared. He doesn't have the brains to see that lower fuel prices would benefit the economy. The man is a congenital idiot without a cooking clue as to how to manage the nations finances, so I'm afraid that a change of government is the only answer.....


[ posted by Roger Neal, 05.12.13 18:44 ]

Freezing the fuel duty at the current rate of 60% is preventing me from trying to get a job. Why? Because I can't afford to travel for interviews that are more than 1/2 mile from home! I can walk 1/2 mile (though it takes me more than half an hour to do so) , but the chancellor expects me to travel up to 90 minutes from home to get a job! Stupid public school idiot! He should be made to live on the lowest income available and see how he manages! He would not know what has hit him, the useless, brainless, completely uncaring swine!


[ posted by John Murton, 05.12.13 18:55 ]

George Osborne and his austerity measures are seriously damaging this country. The way they are dealing with it, we will be feeling the recession for many years to come by having high taxes. By reducing all taxes even by a small amount will have a large impact on everything withing this country. When will he learn that to get this country going better then the way it is, is by helping all businesses and employees/employers. But alas, we will all have to wait in the incompitance of George Osborne and his backroom boys.


[ posted by Martin Blakely, 05.12.13 21:35 ]

So, not only will filling my car up not be any cheaper, I have to work for 3 more years filling my car up with expensive fuel, before I can claim a state pension, by which time I am sure they will have doubled the cost of fuel and abandoned the state pension completely.
How can this be a democratic society when the electorate are screaming at them to get them to release the taxation stranglehold on individuals and the economy, and the "ruling class" are ignoring every single word.
I despair of what our government is. It should exist to serve the people, not the people exist to serve the government.


[ posted by Henry Francis, 30.01.14 15:12 ]

We are being comprehensively lied to and treated as fools by the coalition. They claim things are getting better yet on our last trip to the shopping center 3 more shops had closed down. Not the sign of an improving economy.

We have just today been ripped off for £510 X 900 litres of heating oil. My pension dosent cover this so we are forced to use savings. Plus rates cripple us even more. I own my own house plus my car is paid for but I still cant make ends meet.

I enquired about a government scheme replacing oil with an air heat pump. The grant was £1200 but I was expected to stump up £10,000 for it. I since found similar pumps online for £800. THE SCHEME IS A TOTAL RIP OFF!

The cost of diesel is another big lie. In Menorca the diesel was Euro 1.21 Or Sterling or £1.00 a litre and petrol Euro 1.28 or £1.05 per Litre.

the opposite to here where diesel is artifically more expensive to enrich the coalitions speculator chums.


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