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Quentin Willson Column in Sunday Mirror 17th Nov


Inflation fell this week to the lowest point in two years. And guess what? Economists and the Bank of England say the fall was due to lower petrol prices. Now, forgive me if I appear slightly arrogant here, but this is something FairFuelUK and I have been telling the Treasury for years, literally. Since March 2011 we've been banging on about the impact of high fuel prices on inflation and GDP, and here's the proof that we were right all along. High road fuel prices have a debilitating effect on the UK's economic activity, reduce discretionary spending and raise inflation.

And here's a thought. If FairFuelUK hadn't successfully torpedoed 12p of duty rises we wouldn't be talking about a fledgling economic recovery and inflation definitely wouldn't be falling so quickly. Diesel would be £1.60 a litre and we'd be well and truly stuffed. So all those signatures, all your support and all that hard work really has helped improve the UK's economic situation. Don't let anyone tell you that public protest doesn't work. It absolutely and completely makes a dramatic difference.

However let's not get excited by the hysteria around UK Economic Growth now "taking hold". In our October survey 25,000 responded in just 5 days telling us that their cost of living was worse than 12 months ago.  This was claimed to be due to the brutally high prices of diesel and petrol at the pumps. Food for thought and why we are not resting on our laurels. We will continue to fight for a cut in fuel duty for as long as you continue to support FairFuelUK. Don't be taken in by Treasury hype....

Quentin Willson on TV
Quentin Willson

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[ posted by Cally Barlow, 14.11.13 12:37 ]

Why, when the general public can see that lower fuel prices boost the economy can the MP's not see it? Well, I suppose when you go from school, to Uni, to Researcher, to MP you have no idea how life works and I bet none of them have ever had to struggle with unpaid bills and lack of food on the table. Keep up the brilliant work


[ posted by Stuart Mallion, 14.11.13 16:04 ]

We breakdown patrols use to have the same problem with a certain motoring organisation. Whenever they put forward a proposal of some sort, we, being very logical thinkers due to the nature of our job, could see it wouldn't work, but we had to suffer it for 6 months or more until they got their figures back that proved whatever it was wasn't/didn't/wouldn't work.
Thus it is the same with politicians, they constantly prove to us mere mortals that they're not on the same planet as us.
I agree with Cally, anyone who starts at the bottom then jumps 3 rungs of the ladder does not have the experience they truly need to make the right decisions!
Keep up the good work/pressure, we're right behind you! Trust me, I'm not a politician!!


[ posted by Andy Evans, 15.11.13 09:15 ]

I find it very uneasy reading when fuel prices do indeed fall in the past few months (9p per litre ) then this figure of lower inflation appear afterwards as a result of it !! However it wont be long before prices creep up again then again fall but to a higher level that we have all got used to but just in time for the next set of economic figures . Unemployment levels seem to do the same after sanction targets are met so giving the impression of this so called lower unemployment ! , There is no reason beside greed that we should be paying more than £1 per litre and my business would boom if it was so ! Keep up the good work but we need more real reductions not just govt manipulated figures !!!


[ posted by Matt Mitchell, 18.11.13 09:32 ]

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you -FairFuelUK for all your hard work. It's strange that our economists and the man at the Bank of England recognise the fact that inflation has fallend due specifically to the drop in the price of fuel yet, our MP's - especially the man at No. 11 - can't acknowledge the fact! I guess, as Cally Barlow wrote here on the 14th of November, MP's are just not cut out for the type of work they're supposed to be doing due to the great lack of experience!
FairFuelUK PLEASE, never give up. I'm with you; there's still a lot of work to be done. I have a sneaky regard for Andy Evans' comment here on the 15th concerning the price per litre being more than £1.00; his business and I'm sure, thousands of other businesses, could well do much, much better if the price of fuel were to be reduced even more.
Thank you again


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