Friday, September 27, 2013

Labour's recent conference talked much about lowering the cost of living. A raft of promises to help reduce energy and fuel costs Trouble was nobody mentioned the sort of fuel that really does increase our daily bills and the energy cost that comes top of every consumer survey about financial anxiety. Diesel and petrol. Nobody even mentioned pump prices, fuel duty or oil companies. Don't they drive? Don't they ever stand on a forecourt watching those numbers get larger and larger? Like an elephant in the room the whole subject of the mushrooming cost of personal and business transport was totally and completely ignored. Any political strategist laying claim to a level head would have included at least some debate on how to reduce consumer's petrol bills. I'd say that was electorally important. But the silence was spooky. Not a single syllable was uttered.

And there's so much to say. This week, after a long wait, supermarkets dropped pump prices to reflect lower oil wholesale costs. But current pump prices are still more than they were nine months ago when the price of crude was last at this level. Both the AA and RAC agree that retailers are paying the same they did last December, but you and I are paying 4 pence more for every litre. How does that work? Politicians who were in touch with real street-level consumer sentiment would talk about anomalies like this. They would ask questions and want an explanation. This absence of any engagement in the subject of oil price volatility, high levels of duty and slow pump price adjustments should worry us deeply. I'm really beginning to wonder if Labour actually doesn't want us to drive at all........

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[ posted by steven walters, 27.09.13 19:10 ]

Neither party actually wants to reduce any fuel costs what so ever, they make too much money from it. Its the one thing most working people cannot cut back on. I cant use public transport to get to and from work so like millions of others im stuck paying over 200 per month just to go to work.

1 good solution though is to leave my job get on benefits and knock a couple more kids out for an extra income, thatll do nicely,

Sorry i forgot ive got morals


[ posted by HAYDEN PERRY, 27.09.13 19:50 ]

Until the likes of M.P's have to pay for the cost of fuel from their own pockets and not be fed the costs from tax payers they will not respect the reflection of cost to commodities or cost to cost of living and how we are being ripped off through our necessities, something needs to be done and fast!


[ posted by Neil Jones, 27.09.13 21:27 ]

Typical of the Labour Politicians thinking of the pound signs as usual. Never mind the public and their struggles
to cope in everyday life with the cost of living still going up.


[ posted by michael downey, 27.09.13 21:50 ]

this can not go on, its absolutely shocking, dont they care any more,


[ posted by graham Oakes, 27.09.13 23:33 ]

I`m guessing politicians get very generous mileage allowances or transport allowances in general. Doubtless they don't want to upset their own diesel powered apple cart or rock their petrol powered boats! This attitude has persisted across all parties for quite a few years now (apart from when elections approach). The elephant in the room has become the room itself. I think the problem actually lies with the public themselves. They`re just so lethargic or unaware even. When I get on my soap box with people I know, I get comment like "I just put £20.00 in". Pointing out that £20. gets little more than £10. got a few years back is often met with a roll of the eyes. I can only guess that the same people have to go to a financial adviser to find out why their expenditure is higher that their income. I think the public and their lack of awareness is a big problem here. More than 30 million motorists in the UK should actually have some sway if not rule the roost. Its frustrating but I just keep signing petitions and writing to my MP. If every motorist in the uk took similar action, we`d be home and dry.


[ posted by Henry Francis, 14.10.13 19:58 ]

We were recently on holiday in Menorca returning home on 4/10/13.

The cost of petrol there was Euro 1.47 (£1.27) per litre
However the cost of Diesel was Euro 1.41 (£1.21) per litre

DIESEL WAS CHEAPER THAN PETROL! A tour guide there (A Scotsman) told us he had lived there 23 years and it had always been the case and the biggest differential recently was 10p UK cheaper diesel costs per litre.

Clearly the UK oil consumer is being lied to about the price differential here in petrol and diesel costs


[ posted by Iain M Smith, 15.10.13 15:54 ]

It looks like this proves that the politicians are frightened of the Oil and Energy companies. What a surprise!


[ posted by Henry Francis, 05.11.13 17:38 ]

They are not frightened of them they are in bed with them. Where do all the high paying highly lucrative directorships and their big share owner ships in oil companies place these greedy bunch. They are more interested in feathering their own nests than worrying about you or me!!


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