Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Now that there are signs that the economy may be recovering, the Government really needs to lower the cost of living. That process begins with cutting fuel duty, the issue that continually tops the major budget concerns of the public and businesses across the UK. We will be asking the Treasury to cut this toxic tax in the lead up to Mr Osborne's Autumn Statement.

It is staggering that with inflation dropping, the wholesale price of fuel down by up to 6 pence per litre because of better news about Syria and the value of the Pound against the US Dollar getting stronger, why have these recent positive pricing indicators not been immediately passed onto UK motorists in lowering prices at the pumps? The Nation's cost of living is greatly influenced by the price of petrol and diesel. The Treasury can really help families and small businesses now, by cutting fuel duty as a matter of urgency. Such a cut will also accelerate and add to any growth in the Economy, giving rise to alternative taxable income streams driven by such growth. A win win situation!

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[ posted by Paul Hughes, 18.09.13 14:54 ]

Business costs ie fuel are ruining me ,for Gods sake lower the duty.


[ posted by Michael Morse, 18.09.13 15:28 ]

Help local businesses by reducing fuel tax


[ posted by Robin Barker, 18.09.13 15:43 ]

It bis becoming increasingly difficult to run our very modest family car and the buses are not good here so we need a car


[ posted by simon heath, 18.09.13 15:45 ]

Most large vehicles use diesel and i think we are the only country in europe that charges more for derv than petrol,rip off springs to my mind,but any cut in fuel duty would be welcome,could we not get it about the same price as poor countries like Spain,about £1.17 litre!!!!!


[ posted by Stuart Mallion, 18.09.13 16:08 ]

The problem, as I see it, is the Government and in particular the Chancellor, only visit our planet on rare occasions and thus are greatly out of touch with reality and the consequences of their actions.
They fail to realise how the cost of fuel affects virtually everything else. It has to come down!


[ posted by chris green, 18.09.13 16:18 ]

25p no less


[ posted by Ian Chedzey, 18.09.13 17:21 ]

20p would be great, but let's get real. It's a cash cow.
Any cut would be welcome, especially with winter fuel bills about to start.


[ posted by Ian Slaney, 18.09.13 18:50 ]

Still the same quick to go up and slow to come down with the fluctuation of crude prices :(


[ posted by william, 18.09.13 19:23 ]

reduction by at least4p per litre and equal prices across the WHOLE of the u.k.


[ posted by Phil, 18.09.13 20:38 ]

Prices of diesel abroad are Cheeper than petrol. The additional duty on diesel needs to be removed and then the prices of both be reduced by at least 20p per litre.


[ posted by Neil Scott., 19.09.13 18:39 ]

Can't we first get back the VAT increase when Vat went back up to 17.5% on alcohol, tobacco & fuel, Because when the VAT was dropped to 15% an equallisation was slapped on by Labour so all of these did not get relief but with the increase back to 17.5% by the new Gov everything went up, ( I know this was only a couple of years ago but nobody noticed or mentioned it), Then we should say to the Government any realistic reduction in duties would help all the people that need assistance, (10p per litre would be reasonable).


[ posted by frank leighton, 15.10.13 19:26 ]

this government constantly blames labour for everything to to hide ther own dirty selfish dealing all the price hikes are caused by the tories through hikes in vat and privatisation of our utilite companies and there still being allowed to get away with it milliband got get some guts and put a end to it.


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