Sunday, August 25, 2013

Here are the Poll Results in detail. Over 11,000 responded to these questions in just 72 hours in the 2nd week of August

What has been the effect of current pump prices on your Holiday Plans?

Driving never part of holiday plans


No impact on holiday plans


Price of fuel has stopped all holiday plans


Significantly affected holiday plans


Some impact on holiday plans


What is your reaction to this statement "Pump Prices are changed in Holiday Periods by Oil Companies”

Do not agree


Do not know


Somewhat agree


Strongly agree


What are the Price Changes seen at the pumps during Holiday Times?

fuel prices drop


Increases 1- 3p per litre


Increases 3 - 5p per litre


Increases 5p+ per litre


No change in prices


RAC technical director David Bizley said: "The cost of running a vehicle is more expensive than ever before so, while it is disheartening to learn that motorists’ holiday plans are being so badly affected by the price of fuel, it is not surprising.


The situation is made worse by the fact that people believe oil companies are actually changing prices at the pumps during holiday periods. With many motorists struggling to keep their cars filled up and on the road, they simply want to know that they are being treated fairly and that changes in prices are being reported transparently and honestly all year round.”

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[ posted by michael murfet, 25.08.13 12:08 ]

yes the price of fuel does go up at holiday times it also goes up every weekend ,my personal observation is the fuel companys operate like the weather if its sunny it goes up ifm its wet it goes down they do just as they wish and the guvernment just love it as most of the time it gives them more revenue,and i think the guvernment dont wish to upset the fuel companys


[ posted by David Mackinnon, 25.08.13 12:16 ]

Every school Holiday I travel from London to Weymouth in Dorset, I have noticed the cost of fuel starts to increase by 2p a litre the week before the holidays start and during the summer holidays it carry's on rising to nearly 7p a litre dearer. I have noticed the cost of fuel is cheaper here in London be it only 2p a litre than around Dorset. however London and the home county prices start to match the cost of Dorset prices during the holiday times mind you the dearest I have seen was at £1.39 a Litre in comparison to Tescos this week £1.33 a litre and they are offering an extra 5p off a litre when you shop in store and collect a voucher.


[ posted by Graham Reeve, 25.08.13 16:38 ]

We are just being ripped off all the time. I think it would be an idea to consider, that everyone stop using the roads for a whole working week or a day even (except for emergency vehicles & public transport). This would show the inadequacies of the public transport system which wouldn't cope; show that all this encouragement for people to use public transport is nonsensical; and most importantly, deny the government and the oil companies a lot of revenue. OK it will mean hardship for us all in getting to work, and perhaps deny some of us from working & wages but it would have an impact. It won't ever happen as not everyone would want to join in. There has been an idea banded about on emails & social media that we stop purchasing our fuel from certain big oil companies, but like my idea, wouldn't get 100% support. Really this should be an international thing as the oil companies are multinational.


[ posted by Derek Imrie, 25.08.13 16:43 ]

I tend not to use my car if I can avoid it during Bank Holidays due to jammed up roads etc. Generally around where I live (North Yorkshire) prices seem to have stayed the same but have seen some garages where prices have suddenly risen for no publicised reason so can only assume it is profiteering as usual. Prices used to stay the same week in week out, but these days they go up mainly and down every day. Supermarket prices seem to stay the same longer but stations like Esso, BP and Shell vary nearly every day. Best way is not to buy petrol over the Bank Holiday and then they may, just may, get the message. Doubtful but we can always try. Sadly these days there is no one going to stop the oil companies carrying out this action. We need to tell them we are sick and tired of being ripped of by them and the government. Come on AA and RAC, lets see some more action on behalf of the motorist.


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