Friday, July 12, 2013

On Monday (July 15th) at 9am I will submit your petition at the Office of Fair Trading in London. I will hand in the 32,000 signatures from FairFuelUK supporters with Robert Halfon and other MPs to the OFT.The Petition calls for a full and transparent inquiry into the Oil Pricing process. Regulators in Europe and America are now actively investigating oil price manipulation, yet the UK it seems, does nothing.

We will be rallying outside the London offices of the OFT to object to the Government's surprising reluctance to act. We will also be unfurling a banner (see above) in our call for a vigorous inquiry by the UK’s Fair Market Protection body.

You are most welcome to come along too. You can also help us attract more MPs by emailing your own elected representative asking them to attend. We know the majority of MPs support this petition but they may need a prompt from their constituents to support this initiative in public and in front of the media.

So please go to, enter your postcode, click on your MP's name and then use the form to send them an invitation reminder. Something like the following text could be used in your message. Just copy and paste into the on-line form or even better please use your own text as more than 12,000 have used this copy in the last 24 hours (Saturday):

" Please join with Robert Halfon MP (See his Early Day Motion on this issue at, other MPs from all Parties and Quentin Willson (lead spokesman for FairFuelUK) to hand in a petition at the OFT calling for a full and transparent inquiry into the Oil Pricing process.The FairFuelUK petition contains over 30,000 signatures from Campaign supporters. Financial and Government Regulators in Europe and America are now actively investigating oil price manipulation, yet the relevant UK bodies it seems, do nothing. I am asking you as my MP what is happening in respect of investigating the UK's Oil Pricing process. All seems to have gone very quiet. I repeat, the EU and in the US regulators are investigating Oil Pricing. Why aren't we? Something needs to be done now.Very much hoping that you can join FairFuelUK on Monday July 15th at the OFT at 9am…… Please email their organiser: if you can make it. I hope you can spare this time for me, your other constituents and the 30 Million Motorists plus all UK Businesses, that regard the price of fuel to be at the top of their concerns.”

Before signing off, we’d all like to express our thanks for your continued support. Thank you so much on behalf of the team

Kind regards,

Quentin Willson


Peter Carroll, Lynne Beaumont and Howard Cox (The FairFuelUK Team)

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[ posted by John Mills, 13.07.13 11:07 ]

I think that the UK tax-payer is being ripped off at the petrol pump in order to pay BP's damages for the Gulf-of-Mexico oil spill!


[ posted by Ian Hunter, 13.07.13 21:29 ]

Three weeks ago the major supermarkets lopped 2p per litre from petrol and diesel.One week later the BP F/Stns on the A19 between Dalton Piercy and Exelby Serivces reduced their Petrol by 2p ,but not the diesel.The BP F/Stn and the Shell F/stn (both of whom charge 5-6p per litre more)just after Thirsk never reduced theirs at all.Now they all have ,over the last couple of days raised their prices by 2p per litre for both petrol and diesel.But there is NO rip-off,I don`t think so !!!


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