Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Mirror - Quentin Willson Motoring Column

Sunday Mirror 2nd June 2013. Quentin Willson's Column

On the same day (3rd June) that Robert Halfon MP is moving an amendment to the Energy Bill, FairFuelUK will be unveiling a giant fuel receipt (outside Parliament at 10.30am) with VAT and Fuel Duty separately listed (see photo below) to fully show the total Government's take in tax every time we fill up our cars and vehicles. With approaching 60% of the price made up in tax, this has to be clearly shown on every pump receipt.

Quentin Willson lead spokesman of FairFuelUK said: "A good Government should never be afraid of transparency. To deny UK consumers this insight into where their money goes would be deeply remiss. There's a moral imperative here that shouldn't be ignored."

Robert Halfon MP, parliamentary campaigner for lower pump prices and long time supporter of FairFuelUK said: "This Government has done the right thing by cutting fuel duty in 2011 and freezing it over the past two years. However, everybody knows that fuel duty is a toxic tax, as fuel costs the average motorist £1700 a year (one-tenth of their income). Yet the greedy oil companies must take some responsibility. Why is it that fuel prices have continued to increase when fuel duty has been frozen? This is why I proposed legislation in the House of Commons for fuel receipts to clearly show the amount of fuel duty paid paid, and how much of it is spent on road maintenance, and how much of it is creamed off by the oil companies." Robert Halfon introduced a 10 Minute Rule Bill back in October 2012 calling for the same tax transparency with 20,000 FairFuelUK Supporters signing up to support him at the time in just 48 Hours.

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[ posted by Michael Hudston, 01.06.13 19:14 ]

This is something my Novatonfuelduty Fuel Tax Calculator has been showing for over a year now! But do you really think the government will willingly do this? It's an embarrassment for them!


[ posted by admin, 01.06.13 19:24 ]

Yep we agree. We have looked at whether VAT on Duty, Tax on Tax is legal. We are still awaiting response from the EU. But it seems it is allowed...


[ posted by Barry Reed, 01.06.13 20:49 ]

I'm disabled and retired, When this Government came to power they boasted that by stopping the fuel escalator petrol was 2p a litre cheaper.............what happened to the extra 2.5% VAT they added at the same time?
Does this government think we are all morons with no intelligence?
I can just about afford the trips to hospitals and do the shopping, if I want to visit a friend I have to save up for the petrol to make the trip.
This Government have compounded the problem by introducing their "Green Taxes" which aren't "Green" but just to pay for useless Wind Turbines that are useless and do nothing for so called "Global Warming"


[ posted by Martin Wild, 01.06.13 21:48 ]

How can taxing tax ever be right, the government can never loose, yet they are trying to shift the blame of the cost on to the oil companies !


[ posted by dave monks, 02.06.13 07:47 ]

the price of deisel in rotherham 1 month ago was 134.9 now 137.9 no reason why


[ posted by Niel Stevenson, 02.06.13 11:44 ]

Price of petrol/deisel in Stoke on Trent rising again.


[ posted by Kevin Pullen, 11.06.13 10:16 ]

Nobody will tell me why Diesel which requires considerable less crude oil and is considerably cheaper to manufacture per gallon than Petrol, is so expensive -- we are being ripped off.


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