Thursday, May 23, 2013

'Treasury data* shows that March 2013 saw the lowest level of fuel duty receipts on record and the lowest amount of fuel sold at the pumps. Quentin Willson, FairFuelUK's spokesman, said: 'this data proves the wisdom of our campaign. If consumers aren't filling up, they're not out spending on the high street either. The Treasury is losing income and the economy is suffering. HMRC needs to look at their fuel policy to stop it strangling growth and the Government needs to investigate allegations of oil price fixing now. Sign up to our call for UK Financial Regulators to Act now at'.


Peter Caroll, FairFuelUK's founder, said: 'These official figures prove that consumers and businesses have reduced their spending and simply can't afford the high fuel prices we've seen over the last quarter. FairFuelUK has always insisted that money spent on expensive road fuel doesn't get spent in the wider economy and economic growth suffers as a result.'

*Monthly petrol sales in the UK increased from a record low of 1.375 billion litres in March to 1.511 billion litres in April. In February, petrol sales hit a then low of 1.431 billion litres, before snow disruption and the coldest March in 50 years pushed consumption even lower. In that time, the average price of petrol across the UK rose from 131.95p a litre in January to  140.04p in early March. At the end of April, it had fallen back to 134.78p. Having reached a a low of 133.22p / litre on in May, the average price of petrol this week was back to 133.75p as recent wholesale hikes started to impact at the pumps.

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