Wednesday, May 15, 2013

News that EU competition authorities have raided some Oil companies and the offices of those companies that monitor and report the price of Oil is a dramatic development. At this stage, we simply don’t know where this will lead. At the very least, it clearly shows that the Oil market must be made more transparent so that we can be confident that it is working fairly. At worse, it raises the spectre that we have indeed all been ‘ripped off’ in spectacular style.

Earlier this year the UK Office of Fair Trading did an’ inquiry into whether we needed an inquiry’ in relation to the petrol/diesel market. We were extremely disappointed that based on their initial work, they decided not to carry out a full scale investigation. Our Quentin Willson also wrote to the UK Financial Services Agency asking them to look into ‘whistleblower’ claims that the Oil market was being manipulated. Again, we were disappointed by their response. At last, someone has appears to have acted decisively and we now have a real chance of getting to the truth.

Personal Comment from Quentin Willson


'News today that European investigators have raided oil company offices comes as no surprise to us. I wrote to the FSA last year asking for an enquiry into oil price manipulation and FairFuel had meetings with the OFT asking for the same thing. Neither official body thought an investigation would be appropriate. Yet we knew that the spikes in the price of oil last year couldn't possibly be due to supply and demand since the major global economies were in recession and everybody was consuming less oil and buying less fuel. We voiced our concerns and nobody listened.

 The whole oil market needs much greater scrutiny. I've said before that its an opaque market without any real accountability and badly needs an official watchdog with teeth - empowered to levy draconian fines. But if these allegations are true and the European Commission do find robust evidence, this is a price fixing scandal that will make Libor look like overcharging in a sweet shop. 

Its not just oil companies that will have been involved but banks, commodity houses, oil traders and stock brokers. For years the financial markets have been trading oil aggressively and pushing up prices across the globe. There have been financial institutions with more oil floating on the oceans in tankers than the oil majors. They wait for a hike in price (which may have been manipulated) and then sell for hundreds of million dollars of profit. Easy work.

And the actual cost to businesses and consumers over the last decade could, if these allegations are true, run into many billions of pounds and have actually accelerated the global financial meltdown of 2008. That I know is an apocalyptic statement but if you look at the numbers back then the price of crude rose to such levels that it destabilised the global supply chain and added huge extra costs to almost everything. The high price of oil has been a major factor in reducing global growth in the last five years and if it does turn out that prices have been artificially massaged then both the oil industry and its practitioners should be held to account. I want a full, root and branch investigating into the way oil prices are reported and a proper watchdog to make sure price fixing can't happen.

FairFuel and I don't want to sound smug, but we did warn the Government about this on numerous occasions and they did nothing."




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[ posted by mike farish, 15.05.13 07:10 ]

been concerned for years that round here all petrol stations are exactly the same price for fuel. no apparent competition at all


[ posted by Adam, 15.05.13 07:10 ]

If this is proved correct, the consumer won't be reimbursed. Just another case of greedy oil companies, as if they don't make enough without fiddling the oil prices!


[ posted by Alan Joyce, 15.05.13 07:20 ]

Once again Multi.national companies are being investigated,I have no doubt at all there will be misconduct discovered. I would like to see this ending in huge fines,but it will not happen. They are above the law.
Lets just hope the price of fuel comes down.


[ posted by Graham, 15.05.13 07:29 ]

Of course we are being ripped off and the prices rigged, thats what the "Free" market economy is all about. Renationalise companies like BP and let the state run them and sell oil at cost. Simple really.


[ posted by Barrie, 15.05.13 07:30 ]

I think that diesel prices have been rigged for years, in that the price of diesel was 10pence cheaper than petrol now its about 9/1- pence more than petrol.
This makes everything thats transported i.e. food etc much more expensive


[ posted by Rob, 15.05.13 07:30 ]

Whatever the outcome, the real criminal is the treasury, along with successive Chancellors who have priced getting to work out of reach of many families with the punitive and outrageous fuel duties and the added insult of VAT on top ot the cost plus duty on the whiole amount. Osborne should be investigated for his rip off.


[ posted by Neville.Harper, 15.05.13 07:30 ]

If they find that this is the case,should we not get refunds like the PPM claims?. If not they should be made to pay into medical research


[ posted by papagray, 15.05.13 07:37 ]

makes one think was the OFT truly independent? or was it pressured/ or lobbied by others
sounds very underhand practices here..
only winner is the fuel companies whom make more profit the longer it stays the same, if there is proof every motorist should either have a refund at the pump (reduced prices for 6 months at a normal level or they should fund the repairs of the road system and those manipulating the system jailed for theft.. (theft the intention to permanently deprive of)


[ posted by Barrie C. Woods, 15.05.13 07:38 ]

Although I have no proof, I am certain that fuel prices have been dictated by a cartell for many years. The 'all powerful' 'big boys' run the show, cleverly by slightl;y adjusting prices between their pumps in order to make Competition appear to be there.

Why for instance are all pump prices set at xxx.9p for instance, when do you ever see xxx.8p or xxx.5p.

A study or specific pumps prices over a period of time would I'm sure show a distinct pattern emerging, not only between the company's but within the same company pumps, so that a Shell or BP garage at one side of town will be 1p lower for a while then it will swop to another one the other side of town.

There is a thought that supermarkets drive down the prices, I'm sure this is not the case, as they are probably in on this as well. Thery try to get around it by offering 5p off a litre if you purchase £50 £60 of goods, in their shops, I think that then lets them off the hook. If these were 'genuine' offers then why not offer 5p off the pumps to everyone!

The whole thing is a scam, driven by greed and the kowledge that most of us rely on our vehicles on a daily basis and HAVE to buy fuel regularly.

Barrie C. Woods


[ posted by Andrew, 15.05.13 07:42 ]

When there are no proper checks and balances, human greed takes over. Sadly the end user never gets compensated!


[ posted by Steve Lloyd, 15.05.13 07:49 ]

It's took long enough for the authority's to wake up and smell the coffee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even at street level where we the tax paying public have to scrape a living, it has been "very coincidental" that supermarkets never rock the boat for more than a penny or two. Infact, it is also quite clear that prices at the pump have and are being fixed, because private fuel stations use to be around 3 to 4p higher than supermarkets, but now they happily exist at only 1p above supermarket prices.

I have managed before to get the OFT to look at Morrisons 6p fuel deal because I found that they persistantly hiked the price during the offer period and this made their 6p offer only worth 2p in reality.

The latest game played by supermarkets is to fluctuate the pump price by 1p up down up down. Just to make it "appear" that they are giving us their best price.

Unfortunately for the overpaid and under worked greedy executives and MP's we the public did get O levels and cse's in maths and can pass the driving test eye sight test. It is they who need to go to spec savers. :-)


[ posted by Andrew Scott, 15.05.13 07:49 ]

If this is found to be true then we should be refunded as our fuel prices are a disgrace and to fund the government to not maintain the roads is terrible as they are a disgrace also.


[ posted by Jeff Kibble, 15.05.13 07:57 ]

If a price-rigging scandal is uncovered, what will be the result? A huge fine that adds to the government's coffers, and no compensation directly to the motorists that have been paying through the nose!


[ posted by Pam, 15.05.13 07:58 ]

I am surprised if anyone is surprised by this as it has been known for decades this has been intentional to keep fuel costs high by these people!


[ posted by Raymond Wood, 15.05.13 08:12 ]

It gives me great pleasure to first of all say "thank you" to the Fair Fuel team for the wonderful work they have carried out on our behalf.

I feel that if the oil producers are fined, the money should go towards reducing the duty we pay on fuel.


[ posted by Mike Hooper, 15.05.13 08:16 ]

It's probably as I have always thought, the more environmental disasters they have had the more we have been ripped off to pay for it.
We have been ripped off for years, we have been ripped off in all walks of life since decimalisation in 1971


[ posted by Vince Marshall, 15.05.13 08:20 ]

I run a removals lead generation company w.quotemeremovals UK and having spoken to our many road partners about this particular topic I'm not in the slightest bit supprised with the latest to unfold! Infact why has is taken 10 years to get this out in the open and to say that the people at the top and im talking government not (BP or Shell) had no idea about this until now..well I guess it's probably best to start with the first disarray.


[ posted by Tim, 15.05.13 08:21 ]

WE all know that we are being ripped off and we know we will always be ripped off, just now and then somthing like this turns up to make us fill somthing is being done to stop it. And that goes for the Banks, Energy, Utility and Mobile phone Companies.
Then if they do pay a fine it ends up as another price hike for us to cover their loss


[ posted by Janet Walker, 15.05.13 08:22 ]

Fuel prices were being investigated back in the 70s when I worked for a transport company. A long time coming!


[ posted by Cyril Balfour, 15.05.13 08:25 ]

It would be interesting to know how many discraced bankers moved sideways into the oil industry? Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf.


[ posted by brian hereward, 15.05.13 08:27 ]

we have recently returned from holiday in Madeira diesel was selling at 15p per litre cheaper than petrol.
We all know what is going on with fuel prices it is not in government interest to do anything about it, what I want to know is why the motoring organisations do nothing about it.


[ posted by Rob, 15.05.13 08:27 ]

I don"t doubt for one minute that the oil companies rig fuel prices.
But they are not the only ones to blame, The government also add on a reported 80percent tax on top of the fuel price! It always annoys me when you get any minister for the government stand up and say we are on to the fuel companies regarding lowering fuel prices, when they charge so much in Tax on top of the fuel price, and they have the neck these days to add to it TWICE a year now in budget rises.
Why is diesel so expensive at the pump when its cheaper to produce than petrol?.................Probably, because everything we buy and use comes via a truck sooner or later so we all pay more tax weather you drive or not!


[ posted by Archie McLachlan, 15.05.13 08:28 ]

Oil companies are only one half of the equation, Government Greed is the other half with Fuel Duty and VAT.


[ posted by r d buttifant, 15.05.13 08:30 ]

More proof if any needed that the "money" people not only manipulate shares ,investments , gas ,electricity they now do fuel and its as good a reason as I can think of for staying in europe and replacing germany as the power base. Our only protection for the masses come from europe .


[ posted by Iain of Tod, 15.05.13 08:32 ]

I do believe the pump prices are rigged. This thought was confirmed to me when the Big Four supermarkets recently, and unilaterally, reduced the price of fuel on the same day by the same amounts, but did so for petrol and diesel on different days. To make matters worse, it was publicised the night before. Prices have not risen since, and to me this demonstrates the price we pay is dictated by the marketing department at fuel retailers rather than the price paid fof that mythical beast - the barrel of oil (in US$ of course).


[ posted by Harry Mooring, 15.05.13 08:35 ]

If bankers can rig their prices then petrol companies can do the same. They will possibly get away with it as well as the Office of Fair Trading are under pressure investigating so many other things. Just like the FSA in the bankers situation, oh and where is the FSA now? So the possible outcome will be the Office of Fair Trading is disbanded and another organisation is formed and the whole thing drags on for ever until nothing of any significance happens. However we all as motorists and transport organisations continue to pay through the nose for our fuel. Prices continue to go up in the shops and the cost of living rises. The solution is quite simple, if the oil companies have been rigging the prices then make them retail oil and petrol at 50% less than it is now for the next decade.


[ posted by ric, 15.05.13 08:36 ]

Of course they are ripping us off!!
Think about it… diesel is produced earlier in the refining process, so is quicker and cheaper to produce (it needs less energy to “crack” it)
So why more expensive?
My view is, the government don’t want to fix problems like this because the rake in vast amounts of money in tax


[ posted by Vince Marshall, 15.05.13 08:38 ]

I run a removals lead generation company w.quotemeremovals UK and having spoken to our many road partners about this particular topic I'm not in the slightest bit supprised with the latest to unfold! Infact why has is taken 10 years to get this out in the open and to say that the people at the top and im talking government not (BP or Shell) had no idea about this until now..well I guess it's probably best to start with the first disarray.


[ posted by Bill Mumbray, 15.05.13 08:40 ]

Well well well surprise surprise as if we did not know, this will be brushed under the counter once the back handlers start flying around p, ordinary people won't get any joy, greedy ------


[ posted by Les, 15.05.13 08:45 ]

If this is proved to be the case, the government should impose massive fines on all the oil companies and use the money to compensating motorist with appropriately reduced fuel taxation rates for the next 10 years. However, you can guarantee that the results of any investigations will be fudged and take years to be concluded.


[ posted by M Johnson, 15.05.13 08:48 ]

If the findings show that this has happened, then it is a matter of fraud and as such legal proceedings must be instigated.This country is awash with highly paid people who think themselves above the law and do not care what misery they cause to line their pockets.


[ posted by HFP, 15.05.13 08:50 ]

Do you really think anything is going to get done? Please - get real! Nothing will happen!! We will all talk about it for a while. The papers will report on it will for a while, we will continue to pay inflated fuel prices, and the government will continue to get their taxes. They will all get away with it as all these companies are above the law. The big question is why are they above the law? What is really going on here? That question has to be asked and answers must be given from the highest authority!


[ posted by Ron Tarbox, 15.05.13 08:55 ]

What we really need to discover is who is in whose pocket!!!


[ posted by Steve Johnson, 15.05.13 08:56 ]

What a surprise!!!! I hope they are put in prison.


[ posted by Scott Young, 15.05.13 08:58 ]

The oil price rigging Investigation is most welcome & should be rolled out to other major consumer organisations. This would send a positive message to the public & increase popularity in the Government of the day. After all, being 'ripped off' or conned is one of the most distasteful & frustrating things in life. GIVE US OUR VOICE BACK !


[ posted by CLIVE DOWDALL, 15.05.13 09:05 ]



[ posted by Ernest O'Brien, 15.05.13 09:07 ]

Yet again another example of human greed winning the day. We will never be allowed to know what really happened, even with a full investigation since it is not in the Governments interest (any government) to let us know the full facts. You have to remember they are all eating out of the same trough. The higher the oil price thus the higher the % excise duty and VAT collected by the Treasury.


[ posted by KENNETH WOOD, 15.05.13 09:08 ]

This does not surprise me at all ! I also think that utility companies have been ripping us off for years with the price of gas and electricity! who really knows ??


[ posted by John Burkitt, 15.05.13 09:09 ]

First petrol, then Gas and Electricity suppliers


[ posted by DennisA, 15.05.13 09:11 ]

posted by Rob, May 15, 2013 8:27

Robb, I agree with everything you say, but that was the worst spell of "whether" that we have had for a long time.
"... we all pay more tax weather you drive or not!"


[ posted by Terry Walsh, 15.05.13 09:12 ]

When this is brought to a conclusion, if there is anything found, all the people involved will walk away with huge rewards as happened with the banking scandal, LIBOR etc. never any prisons sentences for these real con artists. Thanks for your help on the motorists behalf.


[ posted by Sue Spear, 15.05.13 09:15 ]

I welcome this Investigation,this has been a long time coming.We the consumer's have been ripped off for year's let's hope this work's and fuel does come down in price.Although we will never get an apology or any money back it may be a bit more money in our pocket's and not the greedy government's or oil companies !!!!!


[ posted by Malcolm Jay, 15.05.13 09:17 ]

If something is too expensive, then don't buy it. For your short trips use your legs or a bicycle. At 75 and retired from the transport industry I do. This is my solution against the high fuel costs. Is that journey really nessesary?


[ posted by Jean-Claude huntzinger, 15.05.13 09:22 ]

The public has been getting ripped for years and we all know it BUT we do nothing about it. People that works for the same company, If possible, they should share cars. If 50% made the effort and it might not be convenient for many, the oil companies will see the difference in profits. Easier said than done but we could try it.


[ posted by David, 15.05.13 09:22 ]

I think we all know that this will all come to nothing. As the high cost is beneficial for the tax the government pulls in. We, the people, are still second rate citizens when it comes to what is right. The governments of the uk are all in the pockets of the corporations. More so the conservatives.

But it would be nice to see the prices come down.


[ posted by Jim Clapperton, 15.05.13 09:22 ]

Well at last people are waking up to what has been staring us in the eyes for years. These fuel companies, utility companies have been screwing us the same as the banks did and do, for many years. There have been 'local' cartells operating for many many years. Unfortunately this is still the tip of the iceberg, many large organisations are wise to where money can be sourced. I would look at housing associations and their 'service charges'.


[ posted by A. J. Burnet, 15.05.13 09:41 ]

I have never been able to elicit from any oil company or retailer a plausible explanation of why there is such a disparity between petrol and diesel prices at the pumps. The differential can vary from four to twelve pence per litre (i.e. as much as 54p. per gallon). The cost of producing diesel is apparently very similar to that of petrol, and abroad one almost always sees diesel prices at parity with - or even lower than - those of petrol. Does anyone know the true facts applicable to the higher price we always pay for diesel in the U.K. ?


[ posted by peter drinkwater, 15.05.13 09:46 ]

so it has finally come out that the motorist has been ripped of this as been going on for years with the oil companys and so goverments when they have been in power every budget we saw increases, so they are both to blame, hauliers darent blockade refinerys these days as they will have there carriers licence taken of them or revoked.


[ posted by mike, 15.05.13 09:46 ]

Hopefully NOW something will be done. Yes we know we are being ripped off, it effects everyone in this country whether they drive or not! The Government chooses to look away. Maybe those resposible will be dealt with. More power to YOUR elbow, keep up the good work!!!


[ posted by Barrie Sheppard, 15.05.13 09:54 ]

Well at least someone is looking at doing something, can i just say a big Thankyou to you all at fairfuel uk ,without you we would be a lot further up the creek ,Thanks Barrie Sheppard


[ posted by melvin hutchings, 15.05.13 09:56 ]

Not only are we being stitched up with the fuel prices,i believe we are being stitched up with food,restuarant prices,clothes etc and almost everything we purchase


[ posted by Jonathan Coleman, 15.05.13 09:57 ]

If these allegations are proven, as well as the hefty fine and possible custodial sentences, the guilty companies should be required to 'pay back' the overcharge by an appropriate reduction in the price of their fuel.

So if, say, the overcharge was 1p per litre over 10 years, then that should equate to 10p off a litre for a year.

If the payments have obtained dishonestly, then they should be paid back. How else can a penalty be meaningful?


[ posted by Harry Mooring, 15.05.13 09:58 ]

If the oil companies are guilty we all should be given a reduction in price. Suggested earlier that retail price for oil and petrol is reduced by 50% to the customer. Then the government still collects tax at the current rate direct from Oil Company so we all win and the Companies pay for ripping us off including the goverment. Yes it will definately make fuel a loss leader for the Oil Companies but they have dragged our whole economy down by doing the messing with the price.


[ posted by Joseph Priory, 15.05.13 10:02 ]

The UK governments have been ripping us all off for years with the severe overtaxing of fuel


[ posted by Stephen McNally, 15.05.13 10:07 ]

I agree with Jim above. This is not news. It is obvious that this is happening, it is just impossible to prove. Greed, greed and more greed, welcome to the 21st century. I love the way they are compared to the bankers. What will happen when they are found guilty? Huge bonuses for them all?


[ posted by Peter J Orchard, 15.05.13 10:08 ]

I have said for years that the oil companies have been running cartels. I wrote to my M.P with this comment, only to be told, that they (the oil companies) were not. OFT came up with their results a few weeks ago saying there was no cartels, another government dept. not fit for purpose. However, that said, as we all know it is the high rate of excise duty and VAT that cripples the motorist in this country. Its this high excise duty & taxation that needs to be investigated.


[ posted by Phil K, 15.05.13 10:09 ]

Of course they are being rigged. Take this as an example. Banks investors buy oil per barrel and hold them in tankers offshore for 6 months or more, waiting for the next shortage, where they can make huge profits on the sale to the refinery/ forecourt. The biggest winner is the Treasury though, with the massive fuel duty calculated as a percentage, it's in their best interests to see the price rise as high as the market will allow. For this reason, they don't care how much the already hard-up family has to pay per litre at the pump as they still get their percentage the VAT. It's a shocking state of affairs, a massive mess that needs sorting out sooner rather than later, but do we have any political party with the stones big enough to tackle it? No. Not while they can use these extra funds to line their own pockets with false expenses claims and massively bloated salaries. Profit and greed are the driving factors behind this, always has been. We ought to go back to the barter system until they stop holding everyone in the country to ransom.


[ posted by Kev Jones, 15.05.13 10:10 ]

I am not a big fan of the EU, but at least with some issues they have a pair of balls, and have done something positive, which is more than can be said for the Office of Fair Trading, who are a complete joke.
Like most most have commented, I do not think for one minute that it will have any beneficial effect for the British motorist, and no-one will be held accountable.


[ posted by Derek B, 15.05.13 10:10 ]

Not a fan of the EU but glad they are investigating the fuel companies. It is long overdue and begs the question if price fixing is found who will check out the OFT?


[ posted by Lexi, 15.05.13 10:11 ]

I wonder if there will be compensation to ALL the motorists they have ripped off over the years in the UK. I am sure they could payout from the profits they made by this deception. But I wont hold my breath!!

However, I would suggest (government are you listening), if it is so, then prices at the pumps should be brought down to 50p, this I am sure will help the motorists and cut the profits of the oil cartels. This should be a fixed price for at least 5 years. Lets see how THEY like being screwed!!!!


[ posted by Terry Cooper, 15.05.13 10:14 ]

I hope this proves that the Office of Fair Trading enquiry to be the farce we all thought it was. There have been price fixing cartels for years, they call it Regional Variation but will not tell you why. An example is , Loughborough is always 5p a litre cheaper than St Neots Cambs. Tesco used to have a 3p difference between two stores in a ten mile radius. My MP does not even reply to emails regarding fuel pricing. We need a National price for fuel and diesel should be cheaper than petrol as it is the EU.


[ posted by Dave Brockless, 15.05.13 10:20 ]

I, too, have no doubt that a thorough investigation will reveal price fixing and fraud on a massive scale. These are criminal offences and should be backed up with jail time.
However, I see only two possible outcomes:
1 There won't be a thorough investigation just yet another whitewash. Or...
2 There will be big fines on the company which will be passed onto the consumer with no jail for any execs and no real change to corporate, monopolistic behaviour.


[ posted by tony athersmith, 15.05.13 10:26 ]

only goes to show how gullible the people of this country are,we as a forum have been saying this for a very long time but as usual no one listens.come on britain lets put the great back in our country stand up to these companys


[ posted by bill, 15.05.13 10:29 ]

robbed by fuel companies and robbed by the goverment in fuel taxes.prices will never come down only up no matter how many people fill out a petition..


[ posted by Stuart Bean, 15.05.13 10:29 ]

Some years ago various oil suppliers in the North East of Yorkshire and South Durham were taken to court and accused of running a cartell.I think that the case was not proved against them and they all got off. We as a nation do not complain any where near as much as we should ,we just tend to drift along with the tide and do nothing! We must get our act together and stand firm and tell these companies that enough is enough,and REMIND THE GOVERNMENT THAT WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF BEING RIPPED OFF.It is after all a sellers market,they know full well that without fuel or heating oil we THE PAYER are absolutely stuffed.


[ posted by wattie weir, 15.05.13 10:30 ]

for years i have said this the supermarkets are at it aswell i emailed my mp regarding this and got nowhere the super markets say they only compete with local companies hence different prices all over the country


[ posted by Jean, 15.05.13 10:41 ]

Capitalism = GREED! Will we be compensated? Don't be silly, one law for them & another for us!


[ posted by Colin bowtell, 15.05.13 10:51 ]

What a surprise !!!! Funny how a few years back diesel was always cheaper than petrol. Since more car manufacturers have gone over to diesel, the price of both evened out. Now ALL stations are 6p to 10p more expensive for diesel.... No doubt they will tell us it has become more expensive to make the latter !!
It's took the powers that be long enough for this ( raid ) to happen. Let's not stop the momentum please.
LOL...fuel may come down, allowing more tax to hike it up more... Call me a pessimist but I won't be far off the mark......


[ posted by mark prosser, 15.05.13 10:53 ]

Hi Why has it taken so long to do something, The EEC have stood by and done nothing for years. So have all goverments, in the united kingdom. I would be very suprised if it came to anything as with all fuels be it vehical or home,it is a way of keeping us in check.The goverments has never got any money to fix roads,yet there is new speed cameras going up everywhere,also takeing older cars of the roads.just look how many big names have gone woolworth ect.All I can say is dont hold your breath we are being run by dictators.


[ posted by b.peters, 15.05.13 10:59 ]

i say shop around i am paying £1.29 a litre for unleaded,but where i live i could be paying £1.42 a litre.why do people pay extra when they can get it cheaper,boycott the dearer ones then see what happens.


[ posted by William Shepherd, 15.05.13 11:00 ]

Of-course the prices have been rigged and every Government that has been in power has deliberately turned a blind eye to it.
What will get done? nothing!!! The Money Tree for the Government, Utilities, Banking, etc have been scamming the people of this country ever since Thatcherism. Gone are the days honesty and integrity and even quality, Remember the Expenses Scandal? Well they are still at it!!! And who pays for it all? Us Joe Public. Greed is ruining this Nation and we are letting it happen. Even the Police are in their pockets. To Serve and Protect the Public is not to stop peaceful protestors of inequalities but it happens all the time, And why now is there an investigation in the UK from the EU? is it because UK might vote to leave? They don't want that to happen as they will miss their £53million a day from us


[ posted by Greg Durbauree, 15.05.13 11:01 ]

At last EU has woken up ,I have been banning on about this for a long time .Now are they going to put the fuel price down and how much is tit going to be.It should be less than a pound.
What about we been over charge for years .


[ posted by Malcolm Jay, 15.05.13 11:02 ]

If the tax on fuel was ever to be reduced, where would the government get the money to pay the spongers that come into this country, and the ones that are already here for the free handouts?


[ posted by I M Smith, 15.05.13 11:12 ]

I have said it before; 90 pence a litre at the pumps including all duty and taxes; it is achievable! Everyone, please keep reminding your MP at least every month. We have their attention so lets keep at them. Well done to everyone involved!


[ posted by Nic, 15.05.13 11:19 ]

So, what else is new! We have known this for years and years. These huge companies not only rig their prices and lie, sadly, they also run our governments. If we and our governments want to be free from this corruption and manipulation, they can: get the legal system to work and put them through!


[ posted by John Fryatt, 15.05.13 11:38 ]

All been said in previous comments really, but I do think that this whole thing is typical of the way large corporations screw the ordinary people to make vast amounts of money. You might also think the governments are either complicit in this, or gutless and won't do anything about it. I guess this way of working is inherent in a free-market approach, where you get what you can get and damn those on the receiving end. Maybe this system is now beginning to reveal some of it's inadequacies and inherent unfairness. Time for some action by the government(s) and not just weaseling out and deflecting questions.


[ posted by Frank Currie (Dumfries, Scotland), 15.05.13 12:00 ]


FUEL PRICES 11am ON 15th MAY 2013

ESSO 130.9p 136.9p ASDA 129.7p 134.7p
SHELL 130.9p 136.9p SAINSBURY 129.9p 134.9p
MORRISONS 131.9p 137.9p MORRISONS 129.9p 134.9p
TESCO 132.9p 137.9p TESCO 2 130.9p 135.9p
BP 132.9p 137.9p SHELL 131.9p 136.9p



[ posted by Jules Vear, 15.05.13 12:08 ]

In relation to Barry C Woods comment about how you always see petrol/diesel prices at £1.35.9 or £1.39.9, I have actually seen a different price. Asda, as many know, have their own fuelling stations. In Keighley, near where I live, their unleaded petrol is priced at £1.29.7!! Point 7? Where do they get point 7 from? It may not seem much, but that point 7 does make a bit of a difference. Plus I haven't seen a single petrol price below £1.30 for I don't know how long! Years probably. But the overriding thing with this is that it goes to show that petrol prices are being rigged, if the big petrol companies such as Shell and BP, who do not have the overheads that the supermarkets do, set their prices that high that the little man can barely afford to run his car to go and earn an honest day's wage, but the supermarkets can set theirs at a "reasonable" price. There is also the discrepancy between the supermarket forecourt prices, depending on which supermarket forecourt you go to AND in what area the petrol station is situated. I have found that the difference in prices between Bradford And Sheffield can differ by as much as 5 pence a litre! Why?


[ posted by Lee, 15.05.13 12:10 ]

It's a disgrace the way we have been ripped off for years. Not only am I being robbed at the pumps, I can barely afford to heat my home. As soon as they put another increase on, up goes my home heating oil.


[ posted by Frank Allman, 15.05.13 12:14 ]

Governments past and present have allowed this to carry on as any cut in price would result in reduction of fuel duty, they are just as much to blame.


[ posted by Ian Barker, 15.05.13 12:14 ]

I'm surprised that anyone is surprised. These buggers have been ripping the world off for years.
In 2011, the big 5 oil companies - BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil and Shell earned a combined profit of $375 million PER DAY. From 2001 to 2011 they made $1 trillion in profit between them.
All of this is available on the internet. Have a look at the Fortune Global 500 rankings - all of the above oil companies feature in the top 10.
It's not rocket science !!


[ posted by Graham Wild, 15.05.13 12:15 ]

Well Well - Surprise Surprise. I wonder how many of the 'inquisitors ' at the OFT will be worrying about their jobs now that the European Investigators have got involved.Their (OFT) 'efforts' at so called finding out about the 'cartel' and coming up with "There's no reason for an inquiry" was obviously influenced by the 'cartel' itself. Or couldn't our so called 'representatives' in Westminster see that.Talk about the blind leading the blind - or have they all got their snouts in the trough?

Keep the pressure on,sooner or later they will crack!


[ posted by antony sanson, 15.05.13 12:20 ]

Based on many of the comments I have read here, I think a common misconception on fuel pricing is understood by the public. Fuel retailers i.e. super markets and forecourt retailers pay a wholesale price for their fuel. It is this wholesale price that is alleged to have been rigged and not the retail forecourt price we pay at the pumps. So in reality the retail fuel supplier is also being ripped-off also. When large fuel company wholesale suppliers such as BP and Shell can post quarterly (3 month) profits in the multiple of billions, it is clearly them that are ripping us off. I appreciate approx. 65% of the cost of a litre of fuel is Tax, but bear in mind this is worked out on a percentage and not a set amount. For years the Oil companies have been reporting ridiculous annual profits running in to the tens of billions a year, regardless of how much the treasury takes as tax at the pumps. For years I have been saying we need to go after the people who set the wholesale price of oil and that is the major Oil supplying companies such as Shell and BP and the like.


[ posted by Rob Edwards, 15.05.13 12:22 ]

Isn't this exactly what the government want's, take our eye off the fuel duty ball, which accounts for two thirds of the cost at the pumps and jump on the bandwagon of blaming the producers!!


[ posted by Simon, 15.05.13 12:35 ]

While a government bases tax as a percentage of the market price, they will never be keen to intervene when prices are high. The higher the price the greater the income from taxation and VAT.

Simples!...we are all being fleeced!


[ posted by Rob Edwards, 15.05.13 13:12 ]

"The higher the price the higher the income" ... except of course the revenue is actually falling at the taxes finally have their detrimental effect.


[ posted by Fran Crisp, 15.05.13 13:13 ]

And another thing....a few months ago I noticed that the supermarkets suddenly put their prices up to around the same as the local garages (except for BP, which is always expensive). What was THAT all about?


[ posted by Pamela Stevenson, 15.05.13 13:16 ]

Right on Q....! Thank you, thank you for always being so succinct in your report and being so on top of the fuel problems. Most of us did not 'come down with the last shower of rain' and I imagine many had already guessed that there was something iffy about the fuel prices and are truly grateful that we have someone like you to lobby on behalf of us all.


[ posted by ron lynas, 15.05.13 13:20 ]

quentin wilson deserves the respect and support of every driver in britain the man has more foresight and common sense than any of our government ministers i just cannot understand why more drivers are not supporting this man


[ posted by Tim O'Connell, 15.05.13 13:26 ]

If you can remember the enrgy and gas price was increased at one time in line with the globle oil price to refect the cost of fuel. This was shown in the national papers. So its just one big rip off


[ posted by Andy, 15.05.13 13:34 ]

Ripped off, yes. However it's by our own government far more than the oil companies


[ posted by Rick Burgoyne, 15.05.13 13:36 ]

I have thought that this was the case for years, going way back before the millennium. It's pretty clear to me that a little bit of "behind closed doors" collaboration that would allow the fuel companies to manipulate the markets in all civilized countries would be massively to their benefit, and who would be able to prove it.
Given the recent Libor rates disgrace, it's pretty obvious to me that big business would be of the same ilk! In short, a bunch of corrupt thieving scumbags in sharp suits!!!


[ posted by Angela Monks, 15.05.13 13:37 ]

If this is true this is truly shocking!

I am a pensioner and on a low income and already have to limit my journeys because Petrol is so expensive, some may say scrap your car and get the Bus but I need help as I cannot walk far and don't qualify for help with transport costs! I find it absolutely appalling that these companies and their cronies can cheat and steal us all out of billions of pounds without batting an eyelid.

Thank you for this investigation you are to be applauded for having the guts to do something about it, but I don't suppose any of us will get our money back even if it is proven and technically its fraud!
Keep up the good work.


[ posted by Jenny, 15.05.13 13:45 ]

In a recent discussion with my local garage, after my remark that diesel had gone down 4ppl, the proprietor informed me that our island prices should be no more than 2ppl more than independent retailers on the mainland, this being the cost to the oil supplier of getting the goods to the island. In reality, he was paying up to 9ppl! He had been on the phone continually for some days over this situation and had read the riot act to them, resulting in the price drop to him, to allow him to lower the price to his customers.

And wasn't it curious that the suppliers of fuel to islands put wholesale prices up 5p just before our 5p fuel duty derogation came in?


[ posted by Dave From The Sticks, 15.05.13 14:02 ]

When Proven & the companies are heavily fined, perhaps (pie in the sky) just perhaps the money could reduce our road fund licences so we all benefit instead of it going to the Treasury.


[ posted by peter newling, 15.05.13 14:12 ]

regarding fuel fixing its always the same. remember when they stopped selling it by the gallon, well ever since it changed to litres well straight away they're at it. and its always been the same from back then.


[ posted by Mark Ramshall-Smith, 15.05.13 14:15 ]

To be honest I am not surprised in the least at this news. We all knew it that the prices remained high even though we were buying less fuel and the price of a barrel of crude had dropped. It's the old saying, Money Talks. The oil companies had the money and they could do whatever they liked. The recent inquiries have been a farce, who was leading them? Surely they must answer some questions as to what they were doing. I am no expert, but it stinks to high heven. This proves it now. I wait for the drop in fuel prices, but you will forgive me If I don't hold my breath.


[ posted by Peter Stern, 15.05.13 14:28 ]

Firstly, thanks to the FairFuel UK team. With regard to regional pricing, in Fleet, Hampshire, the fuel prices at the three petrol stations are identical and the lowest in the area, being on a par with supermarket prices. Last year I read an article in which the author indicated that we should not complain about the price differential between diesel and petrol as we were getting the same calorific value per pound! With regard to the higher price of diesel, it was recently reported that due to the increased demand, oil companies were having to import refined diesel which had caused an increase in price overall.


[ posted by Jeffrey Richardson, 15.05.13 14:57 ]

We all know the prices have been rigged at forecourt level (eg. no competition between local supermarkets) so its only logical that it starts at the top. But even if malpractice was proved and fines of squillions were imposed on the companies, we'd only end up paying for them at the pumps. No government has had the courage to tackle the problem and a bit of cosmetic stuff such as displaying prices from neighbouring forecourts will acheive nothing (can they not see that the neighbouring forecourt on a motorway petrol station will be the one on the opposite carriageway?)


[ posted by Ruth, 15.05.13 14:57 ]

Not surprised.I remember doing a piece on cartels nearly fifty years ago focusing on the oil companies.Lots of questions were raised then.Its time we all realized such regulatory organisations like the FSA, (now replaced) and the OFT is box ticking.They are run by civil servants who are overrun by these multi-national companies.Do look at the word 'business'.In the middle is the word 'sin'.Open to interpretation.


[ posted by John, 15.05.13 14:58 ]

I read some time ago that gas prices were linked to oil prices so should we be thinking that any household dependant on gas for heating are also being ripped off?


[ posted by Mark Kurland, 15.05.13 15:03 ]

Am I right in assuming that our government new nothing about the Fuel Price Fixing,I thought they ran the country for the people and on that basis would pay strict attention to this kind of conduct,having said that they didn't with the bankers


[ posted by Andy Hardwick, 15.05.13 15:04 ]

I visit Lithuania alot and notice that they pay less for diesel than petrol. That's how it started off over here until the Government realised that you get more mpg with diesel hence the price going over more than petrol,less to fill up...therefore less revenue to HMC. Diesel is less expensive to produce than petrol because it doesn't have to be refined as why the high price? Well it's money the government would lose if they dropped diesel prices below petrol. If Lithuania can do it why can't we?


[ posted by Bob Swift, 15.05.13 15:12 ]

I have a holiday home in Teignmouth Devon and every week end for many many years i would see there up to 8 huge oil tankers sitting at anchor about 6 miles off Torbay, i used to ride round them on my boat and wave to the crew, they were mostly Fillipino and were changed quite regularly every 3 months. Then they were flown home and a new crew flown in, they even had their own taxi boats running daily to Brixham. i lost count of the number of years those boats sat there without moving waiting for fuel prices to go up so they could make a killing on the market, every now and then i still see the odd tanker sitting out there for a few weeks or even months waiting to get a price rise in the cargo its carrying.


[ posted by Vera Taylor, 15.05.13 15:24 ]

Can anyone suggest why the fuel prices charged at Motorway Services are even higher than the normal pumps "rip off"
Does 'captive purchaser' come to mind? It must be easier to deliver there than any other service station in the country.


[ posted by Derek Imrie, 15.05.13 15:28 ]

It would make a big change if this government did something favourable for the general public especially the motorist. They keep stating that under the last government, the fuel costs would be much higher. Always the same excuse. Why is it that many countries in Europe have cheaper petrol and most of them, the diesel is cheaper than petrol unlike here in the UK. How come the USA have such cheap fuel? Isn't it about time as well that road tax is put to correct use and was used to repair pot-holes etc. At the moment the roads are in a disgraceful state with no sign of that changing in the future. Foreign visitors must cringe when they see our roads and that includes Motorways. Suspension repairers must be making a killing these days.


[ posted by Maurice Durward, 15.05.13 15:54 ]

I just wonder how much the Stock Markets are to blame in part for the ever increasing price rises by keeping oil tankers out at sea, or moored up, to create an oil shortage therefore increasing prices of crude before they off load while the price is high. They can manipulate the market with oil in the same way they do with other comodities.
I think this aspect should also be included in any investigation that the Government carries out, better still the EU should do it.


[ posted by Susan Love, 15.05.13 15:57 ]

Hi guys, theres no point us mumping and moaning if we are not prepared to do something about this. We have got to stand our ground over this one, it wont cost us anything to make sure our voices are heard but, if do nothing it will cost us early. Thanks for reading this and support the cause.


[ posted by George Sanderson, 15.05.13 16:12 ]

We have been ripped off ever since the change from selling fuel in gallons to selling in litres. It is just over 4.5 litres in a gallon!


[ posted by Virginia Wiltshire, 15.05.13 16:21 ]

How I wish our elected MPs worked for us and not against us. If they did our taxes would be spent more wisely and fuel rip-offs would not be allowed to happen. The damage done by Gordon Brown to just about everything should have been corrected by now. But anxiety increases as the Coalition Government allows heating to become unaffordable, likewise basic things like tea and butter. As I get old I am more likely to need the NHS but I am not confident that hospitals and a 'home' will be right for me. Where does the money go in nursing homes? One I know costs £167 a day, but only between £3 and £4 is spent on food for aged people who can't eat much anyway. A 'home' is unaffordable, like fuel for vehicles and heating. Will anything get any better?

Also, I am surprised that so many Telegraph readers write such appalling English. They can't all be dyslexic.


[ posted by Brian Goodall, 15.05.13 16:44 ]

After reading all the comments made I seriously wonder if we can trust the OFT and the FSA? In view of their responses to enquiries made on our behalf I have grave doubts about their impartiality and openness.


[ posted by rachel howard, 15.05.13 16:55 ]

It is not in the governments interest to investigate I am sorry to say,(they already know about it) they are "all in it together" as the saying goes,


[ posted by findlay stewart, 15.05.13 16:57 ]

a few years ago Brent crude was trading at $100 a barrel and petrol was selling for around 99p per day the crude price is roughly $104 a barrel and petrol is selling for £1.30 per litre.the excuse for the difference in price is that it is to dom with the exchange rate between the dollar and the pound.if this is the case,then petrol should be retailing at 89p per litre.this is also taking into account Vat @20%.the head honchoes of theses companies should be jailed for fraud on a massive scale.


[ posted by KEN GYTE, 15.05.13 17:23 ]



[ posted by Bernard Heatley, 15.05.13 18:36 ]

Isn't privatisation about exploiting the vulnerable !!!!.


[ posted by brian hereward, 15.05.13 19:00 ]

Just to add a further thought to petrol price, the whole system goes back to when we had to buy by the litre and decimalisation if we still bought by the gallon and the good old lsd the petrol companies and the government would not dare to increase the cost of a gallon by such large amounts. ie 1 to 2pence litre is about 11 to 22d per gallon and 10p would be 110d nearly 50 shillings so much for Europe.


[ posted by Jez R, 15.05.13 19:58 ]

I heard this on the BBC news this morning, when they said there is an investigation into "IF" the prices are being rigged

and found myself shouting at the TV.....

"Yes of course the prices are being held antifically high" and "Yes we are bing ripped off"

But will this be yet another case of no case to answer as it was a few months ago and case of colusion....

I guess this very much depends on who has a hand in whos pocket at the time


[ posted by Alan Smith, 15.05.13 20:44 ]

I very much doubt the integrity of the OFT. I wasn't in the least surprised at the decision reached regarding unfair practices within the fuel industry, after all if they had had the courage to instigate a full review of the oil industry it would probably have resulted in some sort of reform resulting in a large cost to the government in fuel tax and VAT receipts, the sort of "turkey's voting for Christmas" scenario. We all know that each government that gains power treats all motorists as cash cow's, and we have always born the brunt of this attitude. I have suspected for a long time that as a motorist I have been the victim of some extremely questionable practices, both by politicians and oil companies but we must remember that motorists in this country form the largest single voting lobby, so come on drivers, spread the word and get every motorist you know involved, no politician whoever he or she may be can ignore approximately twenty five million votes !


[ posted by Edward Barclay, 15.05.13 20:50 ]

If it werent for the likes of FAIR FUEL we would be on the road to about £10 by now,
We all need to keep backing them to the hilt.
Eddie barclay


[ posted by john charlton, 15.05.13 22:22 ]

I think they have been fixing prices for years .... why have not the pump prices gone down in recent weeks ?? what concerns me is that if they are found guilty and fined its joe public that will end up footing the bill just like the banks ... do what Iceland did .. jail them all.


[ posted by Norman Cooper, 15.05.13 23:28 ]

At Sainsburys store in Solihull petrol and diesel are 4p a litre dearer than in my home City, a mere 12 miles away, how can this be with the same company?


[ posted by lee, 16.05.13 10:07 ]

This comes of no suprise. Us working Britons are ripped of at every corner. Where is our government to support us...

I live in south east Kent where diesel is an average of £1.42, I find it hard to swallow when I travel approx. 50miles away & the price of diesel is excatly £0.10p cheaper with the same suppliers. there should be a price match through out the country.


[ posted by elwyn griffiths, 16.05.13 12:20 ]

Fully agree with all comments. Lets try some possitive action. While petitons and pressure groups nagging government they (Government) expect it. Why not try something that will hurt the oil companies? Everyone in the country simply does not buy fuel or anything for that matter on 1 day of the year. I beleieve it is that simple if we all keep our pounds in our pockets we are making a very simple protest that we do not like what is going on.


[ posted by dev, 16.05.13 14:29 ]

As you say its not only the oil companies who are price fixing. The fact is oil is not running out and anyone familiar with what abiotic oil represents will know what im talking about. IF NOT do some research - Russians laugh at the west on this since outmoded outdated theory and I use the term theory very loosely here since it cant be proven whereas aboitic theory stands up to scrutiny.

The same applies to the so called recession. We the populace bailed out the banks - why?
A simple fact is that money represents value, therefore value is in essence money. The banks dont create value but in fact those who work do create the value in this and every other country.
IE - We the masses actually create money yet we have to pay the central banks interest on loans to economically float our convoluted system of esoteric design.
Fractional reserve banking is another grave mistake - which predictably will lead to ever increasing debt forever.
It was a broken system before it started!

So why did we bail out the banks when we create value=money?

They didnt need bailing out - they lost money in the sub-prime and should have been suitable underwritten to cover risk.
If they were not then they were operating illegally and should have been allowed to dissolve.
Government should print their own money.

We live in a retarded system - I dont expect any headway on the fuel pricing front but any drop in price would be welcome.


[ posted by mark prosser, 17.05.13 02:23 ]

Hi look its like this as long as there are llobbyist which camwrong and his gold digging lot were suposed to bring a end too lobbying,as long as there are those on the let us say the helpfull side of the trough,we will never be a free society after all as long as some one fills there pockets,and gives them jobs after there reingh in high positions in goverment they tend to get jobs in large companys as directors ect, goverments dont give a toss about the working class they are to busy makeing new rules. Dont do as i do,do as i say.WHO IS IN CHARGE? THE PUBLIC or the goverment as they keep erodeing away are rights do we really want them as they only bow down to big buissness they dont care, they want our votes and to destroy the welfare system, and as for fuel house or car TAX TAX and more tax save for pensions then tax to keep you working untill you drop


[ posted by ken bruce, 17.05.13 19:25 ]

Its no surprise as a retired Police Officer I believe if guilty they should be arrested and go to prison. Just like the bankers its all down to greed the more you get the more you want never mind the poor suffering motorist who is lining their pockets for them. Disgusting all of them no Shame at all. I hope they find out its true and they fine them millions. ken


[ posted by Jeff, 18.05.13 06:57 ]

£2 for quarter of a tank, Dubai!!


[ posted by Andy, 18.05.13 21:26 ]

It is not just the oil companies, it is the shipping companies too. You just look out to sea on the Torquay coast line and more often than not you will see tankers sitting there for days waiting for supply onland to drop and for prices to go up before they offload.


[ posted by Mr M, 21.05.13 19:41 ]

This is disgusting!!!! Always those highly respected business men that are to blame for the biggest scams!!!!just shows how untrustworthy those criminals are!! The government should nationalise all oil company's, they have proven they cannot be trusted to operate in trust worthy fashion, furthermore how the hell can a few company's reep the rewards from what come out the ground at sea?? The oil should be refined and sold through nationalised outlets!!! I also suggest that had the oil price not gone ridicules the recession would have been nowhere near as bad as it has been!!! Ironic that the a lot of the recession bother started as fuel rose to silly levels!!!


[ posted by Peter Mayhew, 20.07.13 18:17 ]

Can we agree that we must stop pussyfooting about with this 'problem'. We should all e-mail our own MP's and tell them that we will no longer vote for them at the next election and that we will positively campaign for our families, friends and work colleagues to do the same. The only thing that the government is concerned with is staying in power and collecting a big fat salary for doing very little. Lets face it, who in their right minds would even concider the size of payrise that has been suggested for them when the country and it's inhabitants are in dire straights and who got us here, the bankers and the speculators like the fuel cartels. The paying public is always the first to suffer and those in power, that never have to struggle, do not have a clue what it must be like trying to survive as prices edge ever higher.
Just think about it, we can afford HS 2 at a cost of billions but we cannot repair the roads, we'll shut down parts of hospitals rather that make them run right and we will fine hopitals millions for failing to meet A & E targets which cannot cope because they are having to contend with patients from the hospitals that are being shut down. And so it goes on for many services. Is this madness or what.
Starting with fuel prices we should do as I suggest and make the MP's work for us and not for themselves and make them listen to us when we put our points forward. Mine just follows the government line mostly every time so what good is that to me and the rest of his constituents. Once we have them trained to listen to us then we can start to have a say on how we want the country to be run.
If we do not do something now then we may as well give up and return to serfdom as the rich and powerful would seem to prefer


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