Sunday, March 24, 2013

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[ posted by Tony Venables, 24.03.13 11:48 ]

Yes a 3p saving but at the first chance they get the fuel companies will gladly add that onto a litre claiming that the price of a barrel has gone up or some sort of excuse.I really do feel we are fighting a losing battle with this one the goverment hold off with fuel duty but the greedy fuel companies will add it later when will it end?


[ posted by Richard Avis, 24.03.13 12:03 ]

I believe Tony Venables has a valid point,if only we could get every driver in the nation to use the cheapest supplier the other oil companies would hopefully sell at the same or even lower price.


[ posted by steve clarke, 24.03.13 12:04 ]

I have just got back from a stay in Florida. Over there when the price of a barrel of oil goes down the petrol stations drop the price immediatley . Why not in the uk


[ posted by sean coyne, 24.03.13 12:16 ]

well done everyone, lets put pressure on the fuel companys and see at least a ten pence reduction with a promise for further reductions and savings for those who use fuel.


[ posted by R.E.Tanner, 24.03.13 12:23 ]

The trouble is he has given nothing it is one big Con anyone can say petrol would be £10 a Gallon if it were not for us adding to the cost with more tax but they have been raking it in by the over inflated price via the 20% Vat that's without the other Tax that's being charged and it don't take a dummy to know that when they want our vote next time they will knock off a couple of coppers but that don't help us a pal of mine collapsed and was hospitalised and as been off work for 5 weeks with a hole in his lung he saved over a thousand pounds in fuel by not working the way this lot is cutting wages it wont be viable to go to work for these people by the time you pay child care as well and don't say use public transport that's about as much use as a chocolate teapot where we live.
We cant claim Expenses like they can no wonder working class people are going to the food banks more and more.


[ posted by Mal Dunn, 24.03.13 12:23 ]

I think Tony Venables could be right. The Government has held off on the 3p rise. But it won't be long before the greedy fuel companies jack up the prices, with the excuse that crude is getting dearer. I think that Fair Fuel UK should now press for an independant inquiry into the price speculators at the fuel companies. Not the OFT or any Government linked body but a completely independant source.
Fuel is still far too expensive and there is no need for it to be so. It is crippling our economy. Another question is why is diesel dearer in UK than Europe?


[ posted by Chris Mills, 24.03.13 12:44 ]

@Richard Avis

If everyone used the one supplier, then the rules of supply and demand will mean that that supplier would raise their prices. The fuel companies tend to operate as a cartel anyway in that most filling stations in the same area charge the same.

Now I'm not saying the fuel companies are innocent in all of this, far from it. However

If fuel tax was scrapped we would be paying much much less (less than 50p/litre). That in itself says one thing. The only way to get a decent cut in fuel costs at the pump is a reduction in fuel duty.


[ posted by I WHITAKER, 24.03.13 13:09 ]

Thanks Quentin, we are the majority of the public and need to usite to send a clear message on issues like these that the govt is there to help and serve us. But we must go further and reduce fuel taxes.


[ posted by Ken, 24.03.13 17:02 ]

A brilliant result for the Fair Fuel campaign and your hard work Quentin. After firing off my objections to the impending rises in duty to my MP I received a letter from him which said how hard he had lobbied for the scrapping of the 3p levy and how he intended to make Cornwall a special case for reducing the cost of fuel further because of the rural nature and poor public transport facilities in the Duchy as has already been brought in on Jersey and the Isles of Scilly. If we all stick together we can bring about change. Keep up the good work.


[ posted by Martin Rosen, 24.03.13 17:04 ]

It is all very well the Government not increasing the tax on fuel, but is it 'saving' us money? Because something has not increased in price does not put any more money in our pockets. Petrol is not any cheaper than it was the day before it was due to go up.

The campaign should now focus on a cut in the existing tax rate for petrol.


[ posted by HOWIE, 24.03.13 19:58 ]

A local fuel supplier is selling bio/cheaper/ reclaimed diesel at he says at least 10p a litre cheaper than Morrisons,it was 9p last week.Filling my tank saves me about £5 or so,providing we are in the area it,s not a bad deal,and performance and economy is not affected,although when reversing into my garage,it smells like a "Chippy".....He also sells, for households/farmers at £1.00 a litre,from the same pump,its exactly the same as the stuff I,ve bought from him at £1.32 a litre.....Its amazing how many households? and farmers? use him,coming from all points with 5/10 gall containers,for thier oil central heating???? or tractors???? Not....Can we really blame them?.......£1000/£500 fine,and vehicles seized..Not for me.....!


[ posted by William Baker, 25.03.13 11:27 ]

I Have to agree with both Tony Venables and Mal Dunn fuel will go down for a little while then some new excuse will be made to jack up the price it always does,in all my years i have never seen prices retreat they only go one way up.


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