Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reacting to news that September's Fuel Duty Rise is Cancelled FairFuelUK spokesman Quentin Willson said:

This is welcome news for families and businesses across the UK as far as it goes. It is a sign that the Government is listening, but there will be widespread disappointment that the cancellation of this duty rise gives them no immediate relief from climbing fuel prices. Cancelling a rise that really shouldn't happen is not enough. The Government needs to cut duty substantially to get the economic growth we all need.

The good news is that our Campaign has helped prevent 13 pence of Fuel Duty Rises in the last 2 years. That's £6.5 Billion of tax we have not paid. The Cancelled Tax rise planned for this September means £1 Billion of Duty savings and don't forget there's VAT on top. The FTA  a major backer of FairFuelUK has worked out that this cancellation will save over £200m to commercial vehicles.  What would have happened to inflation and prices if this Fuel Duty increase had been implemented?

We will continue to fight for Fuel Duty Cuts. We know the Government accepts our arguments for growth as a result of a Fuel Duty Cut, but they seem nervous to make this happen. We will continue on your behalves to make them be bolder and to take the sensible decisions.

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[ posted by Terry Brinklow, 20.03.13 15:45 ]

Please keep up the fight.WE ALL need you to carry on the fight.


[ posted by russell carter, 20.03.13 19:50 ]

Quentin,yes this is good news,however like you say its not enough,its what we all expected though a token gesture to pacify the motoring public for a while,what was needed was a duty cut,as we all know it wont happen so back to square one in the meantime more people and business going to the wall,the government wont and never will listen.What is needed is direct action,you and the rha don't condone it we know,however it might bring the matter to the forefront of everyones agenda.


[ posted by Neil Jones, 20.03.13 20:09 ]

Great newsthat the Fuel Duty Rise didnt go ahead. But it would have been a nicer if the chancellor had cut the Fuel Duty


[ posted by Andrew Fairbairn, 20.03.13 20:44 ]

Went to put fuel into my car tonight and used the pay at the pump service. Maximum spend at the pump was 60quid. That doesn't even fill my car!! It's a joke!! Plus I only filled up on the previous Friday, and all I've done is gone to collect my daughter and take her home again on the Sunday. Spending this amount on fuel I can't afford to do much with her.


[ posted by kevin Foord, 21.03.13 14:10 ]

What would have happened if the right horrible gentleman had not cancelled the duty rise , sweet FA . The goverment and the fuel companies have got us dangling on a string and that is where they will keep us , cancelling the duty rise only allows the fuel companies to raise there prices further giving them even greater profits and the goverment will seem to look good by having not raised the duty , but will still benifit from the extra VAT anyway . Conclusion , everyones a winner , except the consumer , as usual . Status Quo .


[ posted by dave monks, 21.03.13 19:12 ]

thanks to all the team i agree we NEED a tax cut. being a pensioner with a wife who can barely walk my car is essential, without it we would be isolated,and unable to get out of the house. keep up the good work.


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