Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Email the Chancellor about Cutting Fuel Duty for the sake of the UK Economy


Dear FairFuelUK Supporter,


With only days to go the March 20 Budget, we need your help.
Over recent weeks, you’ve helped us by emailing your member of Parliament on a number of occasions. Now, we need you to help us by emailing the Chancellor and his team of Ministers directly. With near record prices and a planned rise in Fuel Duty scheduled for later this year, it’s vital we do everything we can to get our message through. We have heard that the Treasury say they do not get many emails on this issue. Can you believe that? Well, here is your chance to show your views to them.
Please send the text at the foot of this page as an email NOW to this address: ministers@hmtreasury.gsi.gov.uk. Please add your name and address to the message to show the Treasury that you are a genuine source of the email. They will take no notice unless your contact details are included.
We appreciate the support now given by a large and growing number of MPs from nearly every Party represented at Westminster. However, particular thanks are due to Robert Halfon MP, Tessa Munt MP and Martin Vickers MP for their help in facilitating our very successful ‘drop in’ event last Monday.

Thanks for your fabulous support yet again.
Very Kind Regards - The FairFuelUK Team




Lynne Beaumont


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Here is the email to send to Mr Osborne & the Treasury or you can click here and this text is put into your own email application. If this does not work please copy the text below and paste it into your email. The Treasury email address to send it to is ministers@hmtreasury.gsi.gov.uk

To: Rt Hon George Osborne MP and the Treasury Ministers
Dear Mr Osborne,
Fuel Duty

I am a supporter of the national FairFuelUK campaign (www.fairfueluk.com). However, please be assured that this is an email sent by me from my own email account.
I wish to express my great concern at the current level of Fuel Duty in the UK and on your plans to increase it with effect from September this year. I do understand that the Government has deferred or cancelled a series of planned increases in Fuel Duty since it took office. However, I ask you and your team to appreciate the arguments put forward by FairFuelUK on this vital issue. Central to these arguments, is the concept that cutting Fuel Duty will act as a stimulus to UK Growth AND that this will be self funding to a degree due to the extra tax take on the economic growth stimulated from the cut.
The combined Fuel Duty and VAT on a litre of fuel is now in excess of £0.80. The resulting high cost of petrol and diesel is a matter of great hardship and social injustice. FairFuelUK and RAC Foundation research shows that this tax burden is hitting the poorest, the hardest. Full details of all our research and survey information can be found on www.fairfueluk.com

The strength of feeling can be judged by the growing number of signatures on the EDM tabled by Robert Halfon MP http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2012-13/1097
I urge you to take decisive action in your Budget to make a substantial cut to Fuel Duty to help families, businesses and to help secure the economic growth that both the Government and the country so badly need,

Kind regards,


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