Sunday, March 10, 2013

Last Monday, we held a ‘drop in’ lobby day at Westminster. As I hope you’ll understand, things are very hectic on the FairFuelUK front as we run up to the Budget on March 20th

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[ posted by Tomasz Czeczennikow, 11.03.13 08:10 ]

the fuel prices are to high. we pay to much tax


[ posted by Chris, 11.03.13 09:17 ]

Is it really a coincidence that fuel prices have risen just before the Budget? Were there to be a reduction in fuel duty, then the fuel companies can lower the displayed pump price, but still benefit from the underlying increase already imposed. In other words, although the motorist will think they are enjoying a reduced price, the real benefit of the reduction will actually be trousered by the fuel companies. It would be interesting to study the trend in pump prices just before previous budgets. The link between pump price and cost of providing the fuel is tenuous to say the least, and not just because of taxation.


[ posted by david knowles, 11.03.13 10:26 ]

I think Quentin should be a top MP unlike most members of the government,he is in touch with the public .
fuel duty is crippling the country ,fuel is a necessity and it is being over taxed .
cutting duty is a simple business decision. if MPs cant understand the running of a business HOW are they capable of running the country ???


[ posted by Dick Smith, 11.03.13 10:38 ]

I expect my local MP Martin Horwood walked on by, not daring to venture into the drop in, where he would have learnt something new, he still cant understand why the fuel is so high, as he is just not interested, I have writen to him,but as per Lib Dens, cant even have the manners to reply.


[ posted by Rob Edwards, 12.03.13 19:47 ]

Dear Sir,
I'm sure this will be seen as very simplistic but successive governments have done little over the years to stimulate growth. People need more of their well earned money to spend, not extra credit and more debt. Less tax is the only answer, in particular the one tax that effects all individuals and industry alike. We have the cheapest fuel in Europe until our Government adds the tax. Scrap the fuel duty altogether and watch how the cheapest fuel prices in Europe create growth. 95% of everything we buy through a till is delivered by road. Lower delivery costs would mean lower prices for every commodity, lower costs for Manufacturers and Suppliers resulting in lower prices through the till for everyone, not just car owners!! Foreign trucks would fill up their huge tanks over here instead of in Europe, there would be a huge boost to tourism. The government would of course see an increase in revenue from VAT across the board. How do Supermarkets stimulate growth in sales? by reducing prices, the government should do the same.
R. Edwards


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