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Quentin Willson of FairFuelUK said, ‘We are now staring into an economic abyss. There is huge frustration in households and businesses across the country that our politicians cannot see that economic growth will remain a distant dream when most families are spending the greater part of their disposable income just to fill up the family car. Hundreds of thousands of businesses that rely on vans and trucks are seeing high fuel costs destroy their margins. They cannot invest for jobs and growth. In April 2011, two years ago, the Chancellor took the bold decision to cut fuel duty by 1p. In his words, he said it was to put ‘fuel in the tank of the British economy’. This major loss of the top AAA rating means he needs to cut it again - but this time by a significant amount’.

Peter Carroll of FairFuelUK said, ‘Survey after survey, poll after poll, research paper after research paper clearly shows that the Number One financial worry that is holding back spending and growth is the price of petrol & diesel. A substantial cut in Fuel Duty is one of the quickest and easiest ways that the Chancellor can inject money into people’s pockets and lift the pressure on businesses. It’s no longer a case of ‘We can’t afford to cut Fuel Duty’. Now it’s a case of ‘We can’t afford Not to cut Fuel Duty’

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[ posted by john ward, 23.02.13 10:31 ]

if uk stops all the over seas aid and stops given money to other countrys that does not concern the uk it could reduce the fuel tax


[ posted by mick, 23.02.13 10:48 ]

Drop fuel prices to a £1 a litre even for a couple of months would prove the point that fuel prices drive every thing from tourism to job creation.


[ posted by Joe, 23.02.13 10:55 ]

2 years people have been shouting this from the rooftops, 2 years later we're still looking at record highs for fuel. Our calls are falling on deaf ears. All I am hearing is the Chancellor spouting on about how fuel is 10p a litre cheaper than it would have been under the previous government which I find infuriating, is this his best argument? This government is clearly completely out of touch with their electorate and quite simply not willing to listen. They won't be happy until they have run the country into the ground. All the reports say austerity isn't working, the BOE governor says their economic plans are short sighted and failing, even damaging. It's time this toffee nosed little idiot was removed from office and replaced by someone competent.


[ posted by Andrew Bartlett, 23.02.13 11:20 ]

Osbourne is the lethal injection to our economy. He can't blame the last government for this. They've been in power for 3 years, and its all gone worse. I just passed a Cardiff garage charging 161p Diesel and 158p Unleaded. It has to stop, or more jobs are going to go.


[ posted by Tina Jaray, 23.02.13 12:16 ]

I live in the depths of the country, I HAVE to have a car as a) there is virtually no public transport and b) even when there is the occasional bus, I would have to walk nearly a mile to get to it, which would mean walking back with all the bags from my supermarket shopping - at the age of 70 this is not a pleasure!


[ posted by Duncan Tipler, 23.02.13 12:22 ]

We knew the downgrading of our credit rating was coming....!!!! This government has completely broken this once great nation with its 'Tax,tax,tax.' policies. Mr Osborne needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Millions of families are suffering due to the wealthy bankers greed - we know that...!!!! We understand that we have to pay back the deficit the Country has. However just to cut back public spending and not stimulate growth has to be fundamentally wrong. I cut back on my spending to help with rising costs in my home - but I also go out and earn more money to help pay those costs to equalise my financial situation. The best way to stimulate growth is for people to spend into the economy, whether it be personal or business. However with crippling taxes and no substancial policy on growth we are just aimlessly chugging along. By reducing fuel costs - which no matter how you look at it are the base of our economy's expense - the spending power of the Uk population grows freeing up money to be spent back into the economy hence having an effect on growth. It's high time this Chancellor took the bull by the horns and did something. His actions and handling of the economy is at best incompentent and at worse negligent. It is no solution to blame the last Government. This Government has been in power for nearly Three years and their policy of 'Tax, tax, tax,' is not working. CUT FUEL TAXES NOW AND LET OUR ECONOMY GROW....!!!!!


[ posted by R Smith, 23.02.13 12:35 ]

You have as much chance of getting shot of the Chancellor as snow falling on the Equator, none what so ever, Its about time he was made to pay for the fuel that he uses in his Executive Limo, that would give him a shock, obviously does not own a car, Hasn't got a clue about how the rest of the residents of the Uk live their lives, lives in Cloud Cuckooo Land.


[ posted by Linda Reddin, 23.02.13 16:02 ]

Look what the price of fuel will do to the price of food alone. We already have British people relying on Food Banks to feed their families. It is an utter disgrace and the Chancellor and the rest of the Government should hang their heads in shame.


[ posted by TERENCE HATCHWELL, 23.02.13 17:10 ]

George Osbourne needs to go to Specsavers because he can't see what's going on in the real world.


[ posted by m scovell, 24.02.13 12:16 ]

you up the taxes on everything thinking you're cutting the're NOT....all you are doing with this tax is preventing us from having a life,making prices go up in shops,public transport cost more & driving poorer people off the'll stop us all working soon as taxes will far out weigh the wages for all the work that puts money in your pocket.A one day strike of ALL workers in this country might just make you realise what an asset the people of this country are (we can live in hope)....we are no longer great,we are just Britain.


[ posted by Ken, 24.02.13 12:53 ]

Following retirement in 2008 I knew that being on a limited income it would be tougher financially to manage my outgoings. My main concern was heating, food and fuel for my car. As I live on the edge of Bodmin Moor with no public transport (nearest bus stop is over 2 miles away from my home) the price of fuel has become increasingly a matter of great concern. Living in a small rural community I now find myself more and more isolated due to the considerable increase in fuel duty and rising insurance costs. I wish I could do without a car but unfortunately our sub-post office closed and there are no shops in the village, consequently, having ones own transport is a necessity and definitely not something I could be without. I can't just nip down the road to the local supermarket (it happens to be 10 miles away) therefore the lowering of fuel duty would be a lifeline to myself and others in a similar position. Good luck with the campaign, I have supported it from the beginning and thought that we were getting somewhere and that common sense might at last prevail. Now I am not so sure.


[ posted by Richard Burgess, 24.02.13 13:47 ]

The Road Haulage industry is in freefall we need some fuel duty rebates NOW before our haulage industry is completely disfunctional why can`t this goverment see this, EVERYTHING is moved by road... [without our wheels you get no meals].... I know the country`s finances are in a mess credit ratings ect ect ect but we need help here and now it seems that making a profit in road haulage is a dirty word, with euro 6 ratings being a more expensive engine and coming in next year where is that extra money going to come from to renew our trucks ??? WE need help now before shelf`s start to become empty and then it will be to late, please can this goverment take note of this, food shortages can start riots and that is not what we want. A fuel duty rebate will help but we need it NOW as fuel prices are on the rise again, thanks to the Fair Fuel Lobby you are doing a great job KEEP IT UP and keep the pressure on the goverment to make the right choices on fuel duty.


[ posted by Kevin Green, 24.02.13 15:58 ]

Osbourne has never cut fuel duty, he has only ever postponed previously announced rises - that is not a cut.


[ posted by sean grant, 26.02.13 12:20 ]

what is the point of lowering the fuel duty when the fuel/oil company's still put up the price we gain NOTHING !!!!!
ok the petrol/oil company's and who ever else is in the food chain need paying but come on i got kicked from a media site cause i disagreed with a fuel speculator while doing he's job well he was earning millions off pounds every year buying and selling fuel. he stated he needed the price to be up so he can earn more thus pushing the prices up !!!!!
Ofcom stated they didn't see a problem with this Really !!! i wonder who got that bung !!!

so what's the point having a go at the government to drop fuel duty or even postponing it (even thou they deserve it ) when we should be protesting against the government to put an end to the profiteering from the fuel/oil company's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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