Friday, February 22, 2013

FairFuelUK has reacted to news that petrol & diesel prices are likely to reach new record highs within days by urging the Chancellor to take decisive action in his March Budget and cut Fuel Duty.

Spokesman Quentin Willson said, 'Fuel prices are out of control and are now the biggest financial issue faced by UK consumers. Proof that the UK road fuel market is truly dysfunctional was confirmed in shock news today the fuel sales are at their lowest for 23 years. In January consumers bought 100 million litres less than they did in December 2012 costing the Treasury £60 million a month in lost revenue. Yet despite this slump in petrol and diesel sales, pump prices have risen 6p in the last 30 days. Regional price variations can now be as much as 20p a litre with some rural drivers paying £1.59 for a litre of diesel. We are urging the Chancellor to decisively cut Fuel Duty’.


Peter Carroll of FairFuelUK added, ‘Fuel Duty is the most ‘toxic’ of taxes. It hurts the poorest the hardest and is holding back growth. Drivers and businesses are paying an eyewatering 80p per litre in combined VAT and Fuel Duty. All our research shows that cutting Fuel Duty will give the Chancellor the thing he needs most

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[ posted by Terry Brinklow, 22.02.13 15:46 ]

The fact that the price has gone up surely means there is more tax going to the government without putting any more on it in the Budget which he is threateng to do.!


[ posted by Darren Miller, 22.02.13 15:51 ]

Last time there was a major fuel price crisis, the hauliers staged massive slow convoys, some barricaded petrol stations and there were strikes to prevent fuel leaving the suppliers. Why is this not happening now? The UK survives on its road haulage so within only a few days of properly staged action, George Osbourne would have to address the situation. We could all stop buying fuel just for one day to hurt this government into taking action, people power really can make a difference. Also, I have noticed the pumps at some stations, the charges on the display are being rounded off to 1p or 2p? Is this legal? Several times I have tried to fill up rounding off to say £20.00 but the display always flicks round another few pence.


[ posted by Eileen Cooper, 22.02.13 16:04 ]

I have cut the amount of fuel I buy, usually £30.00 worth today only £20.00 at £1.38 per litre. if it keeps going up, the car will have to go.
As a pensioner every penny counts. Something has to be done. Is the price at source higher then it was last year or are the fuel organisations making a huge profit at our expense.


[ posted by Philip George, 22.02.13 17:21 ]

Here we go again? I am a driving instructor and spend about £6,000 per year on fuel. Back in 2006, I used to spend about £3,000. Lesson prices are only £23 per hour. Yet the price of a lesson doesn't rise, and if we did put it up too much, then we wouldn't get many learners? The problem is; I cannot have a mortgage, run a car, pay tax, AND HAVE A PENSION, something has to go? I pay a lot less Income Tax now, so the chancellor loses out there, and I hope the Government is going to make provision for my Pension when I retire, after all, I have worked all my life? I also cannot downsize my car anymore, I drive a small car now, so the next stage down is a bicycle!


[ posted by Richard Smith, 22.02.13 17:35 ]

The man must be a muppet not to realise, that if he puts fuel up (Texaco is now £1.46.9p) any more, he risks the country grinding to a halt, does it matter if he doesn't take so much tax, I suggest he buys the next tank full for his executive limo, then he would realise that his pound wont go very far. He obviously does not own a car. If the Goverment stopped sending funds to countries which dont need it, nor want it, teh they would have enough to fill the coffers and not take it from us poor motorists.


[ posted by steve knight, 22.02.13 17:50 ]

£1.55.9p on the motorway today . i cannot regulate how much fuel i use each week as i have to travel to different sites to do my job,repairing construction euipment etc. the price of fuel is making it very hard to earn money . nearly £200 in fuel in my van last week and about £150 this .


[ posted by michael sparrow, 22.02.13 21:30 ]

well i dont bother putting much in now as i just use it when i need to and i will not tolerate using public transport as i would rather walk or stay in house and not spend any money now as i cant afford to heat the house as my wife and kids ave been sat with quilts round us as dont get much for ure money these days


[ posted by russell carter, 22.02.13 22:59 ]

in response to darren millers question,the reason we are not seeing the road hauliers taking blockade action,is because the traffic comissioners deemed it not proper and correct,it would bring the transport industry into di repute,any buisness or haulier seen taking part risked losing there repute and there fore there operators license,in other words we had to just bend over and take it and carry on smiling at the same time thank you guvnr,why if i may ask do we rely on lorry drivers to take action,when we can all do our bit,i wont spell it out but use your own common sense hope it clears it up,the next big hike will come it has to,and when it does more will be on the dole,the ministers wont listen,they need your tax money.


[ posted by colin_uk99, 23.02.13 12:05 ]

if he put the petrol down 10 p ebvery body would buy more petrol hence more tax paid its not rocket since just comon sence


[ posted by Andrew, 25.02.13 07:37 ]

Just want to remind everyone that a lot of the blame for these high fuel prices, high energy costs and crumbling infrastructure, including the soon to be shut down coal and gas plants, that will ensure we start suffering long term black outs, while paying even more, is the fault of the leftist green loonies. The ones sitting behind the desk at the guardian and these airy fairy politicians wanting to win the latest eco-award or be seen as the latest EU eco-warrior.

Truth is we are paying for this destruction and mess and it's only going to get worse. If you get the chance please write to your MP it does make a difference if a lot of people write. When you write make sure it is to their London address not their constituency because if you write to their London address they have to pass on your concerns to the relevant minister.

When you write don't go off on a rant say you are concerned about whatever it is, state some newspaper articles or facts and figures from a reputable organisation and then finish by asking what action they are going to take to ensure something is done?

Find your MP below by using your postcode at website writetothem dot com

Their address should be:

Your MP
House of Commons


[ posted by Doug Lnangdon, 26.02.13 11:39 ]

Have sent off the email to my local MP. I live in a rural constituency and feel strongly that we suffer a disadvatage when compared to those who live in urban areas.

We have three petrol stations in the nearest town, their prices are genearlly identical although one independent has recently been under cutting by 2p a litre but this now appeares to have stopped.

On a recent visit to Coventry l visited ASDA and paid 7p a litre less than the price in Pershore!!!

I have suggested to my MP that Garages who serve people in rural communities should pay less tax on their sales and should be required to display the reduction that they receive, so that the general public can ensure the reduction is passed on at the pumps.


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