Wednesday, February 20, 2013
In robust independent market research across a representative sample of 2000 people commissioned by FairFuelUK nearly 40% preferred a cut in fuel duty compared to just 14% wanting the re-introduction of a 10p income tax rate.

See the Sun's coverage of FairFuelUK's commissioned ComRes research.

This bears out the same response given by over 20,000 supporters of FairFuelUK in another on-line poll, the detailed findings of which will be published shortly.

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[ posted by Patricia Sharp, 20.02.13 10:43 ]

We need Fuel to come down in price, it is a disgrace what we are paying for it !!!


[ posted by Alan Sharp, 20.02.13 10:48 ]

I would like to see a reduction in the price of fuel, it is too expensive by far, makes it very difficult to even get to work.


[ posted by Steve Rose, 20.02.13 13:52 ]

As much as I'd love to think the voters can bring about a reduction in fuel duty, my head tells me otherwise. Politicians forget that they're voted in to run the country on our behalf, but that we should be consulted on, and LISTENED to, on matters of such huge importance! Sadly, true democracy, the democracy that enables the people to actually have a say, doesn't exist in this country. If it did, George Osborne would listen to the voters and act accordingly!


[ posted by dougie meechan, 20.02.13 17:28 ]

Fuel needs to be reduced in price before more people lose there jobs.


[ posted by Dennis Morrison, 20.02.13 19:03 ]

Rip off British Goverment, does not matter who is in Goverment they take the easy route and tax the motorist to hell.


[ posted by Adrian hook, 20.02.13 19:35 ]

When will those ****** realise that The high fuel costs are causing most of the countries problems.the less we pay for fuel the more we spend elsewhere,god is it that difficult to work out?.they are supposed to be intelligent people but all i see are stubborn idiots .


[ posted by walter weir, 20.02.13 20:53 ]

the price of fuel is increasing al the thingss you buy from shops


[ posted by Ian Swales, 21.02.13 15:59 ]

To earn my wages I put fuel in tank,this allows me to work and pay my tax and N.I to H.M Govt,I then pay my grossly overpriced utility bills,I buy food to feed my family,I pay insurance,I pay my mortgage to house my family,I can no longer pay into the pension the Govt.want me to have although I have paid into the system for over 30 yrs so far.I put more fuel in car tank and the whole thing starts again.I use fuel to allow me to work to support the many companies, I, at the moment buy from,the things I buy are not extravagant they increasingly become lower quality because I pay more for the fuel and utilities I use to enable me to go to work to keep going round in this cycle.Would the govt.prefer me not to work,perhaps they would look after me and my family allowing me to become a drain on the system ?Oh sorry I wouldnt get anything would I because I once worked to put fuel in my car tank to go to work to earn money to pay my bills etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc............................................


[ posted by fred page, 21.02.13 16:41 ]

As a London 'Black Cab' driver, any increase of only 1p per litre costs me around £75 per year. So you might be surprised to hear me say that the lower duty campaign is the wrong way to go. Why do I say this?
First;y, Fuel duty and VAT at least go to the common good. I know, it's not very efficient but at least a portion of it goes to the NHS, schools etc. and whilst we are complaining to the government, the oil companies have got their hands in our back pockets. This week diesel hase risen by over 5p/6p per litre. Yet there has been no increase in duty and oil prices have fallen to 115 $/barrel, so what's their excuse?
They say the wholesale price has risen and they make no profit on retailing! What utter nonsense. They ARE the wholesaler AND the retailer and can manipulate these figures any way that suits them. It's blatant profiteering by them in cohorts with the banks and speculators, period. There is a way of hitting back, an absolute boycott of one company. Say so example BP or Texaco, or Shell etc. it doesn't matter which on we simply stop buying one brand until they reduce the price by 15p/litre. Imagine how their franchises would react to that. No fuel sales, no shop sales etc. It CAN be done by implementing the power of the consumer. We could even do the same to the power companies and the water barons. Let's put the b******* out of busines.


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