Monday, February 11, 2013
So, wiser heads than mine have told us that we don't need an investigation into the petrol, diesel and oil markets, and that everything in the garden is lovely. Consumers, They Say, are not having their metaphorical legs lifted. Odd then that the price of Brent Crude has gone from $109 in December 2012, to $118 a barrel today. That's an $11 hike when oil inventories are plentiful and demand in Europe and the US is at an historical low. Those certainly aren't the economics of supply and demand that I was taught at school.

And as for the much complained about regional differences in pump prices across the UK, that's also supposed to be working in all our interests. Well, according to, the average price of unleaded is now £1.35 a litre with the highest price at £1.46.9. The average price of diesel in the UK is £1.42 with as much as £1.57 being charged in some rural areas. A regional difference of 12p on every litre of unleaded and 15p on diesel sounds like a whopping amount to me. That works out at an extra £18 every time I fill up with diesel. I don't believe that if you compared two identical baskets of groceries from Asda and Tesco that the difference would ever be the percentage equivalent of £18. But what do I know…..?


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[ posted by Malcolm Vining, 11.02.13 16:09 ]

In my opion the OFT report was a load of bunkum, did the oil companies get to them in some way.
Why should oil cost more in one part of the country to another. Around my area if you take a 22 mile radius from my house Diesel will cost you between £1.37 a litre and £1.42, if you include the motorway services they charge £1.57, WHY.
All that every goverment seem to do is hit the motorist, not all of can use public transport assuming there is any and assuming their timings roughly coincide with when needed (not that often i gather).
We need at least a 5p cut in duty and a fair overall price everywhere now to help the economy and individuals.
It's time the oil companies and the goverment learnt that we don't all have bottomless pockets and they do not need astronomical profits all of the time.


[ posted by A.Marsh, 12.02.13 13:33 ]

The scandal of diesel costing more. This highlights that the consideration isn't the oil markets but an outrageous attempt to fleece the motorist, after all they can take advantage of more mpg for diesel which psychologically works on the mind to ease the higher price. A lot of problems started when price per gallon was changed to price per litre, after all 15p per litre has a much better sound than 70.5p per gallon. An examination is needed into personal gains for the modern politician via the lobbying circuit, stronger controls are needed to stop the serving of big business interests at the expense of the electorate.


[ posted by M Ling, 14.02.13 15:17 ]

This just goes to prove that this government of ours manipulated the OFT findings, after all it is not in there interest to see the price of fuel drop. Why is it that oil tankers sit off the coast at Southwold waiting for the price of oil to go up before they come into port and unload.
The BIG problem is we can't do a thing about the way this government is controlling our lives, we know that the leaders of the political parties and MP's are shielded from there actions as (a) they are wealthy, and (b) they claim there costs back on expenses.
So, what can be done, having a general election will not improve our lot as the Labour Party are just as bad as the Conservatives. Bringing back the fuel blockade would do the trick but as we know the government has outlawed that, so, try and stand up for you right and get things done will just find you being locked up by magistrates that are told what do do by the Crown Prosecution Service.


[ posted by Jim King, 20.02.13 17:55 ]

There is a simple reason why demand for oil in the us and uk has falllen, yet the price has risen. You see the price of crude has not risen so much as the purchasing power of the US dolllar has fallen (due to inflation). Inflation is the reason here too. Governments like to hide behind fudged figures (CPI) if it gets too high then just change how its calculated to keep the masses dumb to it. Thing is they forget the masses all have eyes and notice inflation every time we visit a pump, or indeed visit a shop for a loaf of bread.


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