Friday, February 1, 2013

Robert Halfon MPFairFuelUK Backs MP's Motion for OFT Fuel Investigation BUT the central and main campaign aim is to get a significant cut in Fuel Duty Taxation in order to stimulate economic growth

FairFuelUK is supporting a Parliamentary Early Day Motion tabled yesterday by Robert Halfon MP which urges the Office of Fair Trading to reconsider Wednesday's shock decision not to hold an full scale inquiry into the UK petrol and diesel markets. The Parliamentary motion notes that the OFT has ignored evidence of market abuse and that over the last ten years the margins for refining, wholesaling and retailing of petrol and diesel have increased by 14 % and 41% respectively.

Quentin Willson, FairFuelUK campaigner, says, ‘Robert Halfon is absolutely right to question the Government on the OFT's decision which shocked the nation. We have whistle-blower evidence that speculators and commodity houses are pushing up the price of oil and it is common knowledge that the UK road fuel market is anything but transparent. Consumers are confused and angry and want to know why oil and fuel prices keep rising when demand is falling.’

Peter Carroll, founder of FairFuelUK said, ‘There’s an old saying

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[ posted by Nat, 01.02.13 08:57 ]

The OFT's decision is not right. A full inquiry needs to be done as there is no smoke without fire


[ posted by Tony Asbridge, 01.02.13 09:21 ]

A full inquiry is really needed


[ posted by David Britten, 01.02.13 09:38 ]

The OFT should be renamed "The Office of Fraudulent Trading", since it seems to be in business to sustain it rather than combat it. But of course, it's a government office and will do as the government tells it to.


[ posted by Graham Davies, 01.02.13 09:59 ]

The only real way to stop this abuse is to stop buying fuel. This is, of course, impossible, we all need to travel to work, and haulage companies need to stay in business. I find myself wondering how long we would need to cut travel to an absolute minimum to hurt these people?

Personally, I do very little private mileage, but within my job I do approx 1,000 a week. I could never get my company to stop or reduce that mileage, but I can reduce my own personal mileage even further, thereby reducing the amount of fuel I buy. Multiplying this up to a national scale, would this be enough to make these people see sense?


[ posted by HAYDEN PERRY, 01.02.13 10:00 ]

Not only do we want justice on the price of fuel, but we want the decision to reduce it and to reduce it with immediate effect and not in 3 months time when the paperwork has been pushed around, Members of parliament are demanding a 32% pay rise taking them to around £82k and within their extortionate earnings they are able to reclaim fuel expenses therefore avoiding the horror of having to pay for the essential commodity, as already said Justice needs to be seen for Justice to be done! and their are none so corrupt as those who allow it to happen, please keep up the fight and the good work! we cannot be pushed on our backs to have our bellies rubbed.


[ posted by Roger gagen, 01.02.13 10:37 ]

The government should realise that there are over 30 million fuel users (with votes) in the UK, they will have eventually to answer to them.


[ posted by John Page, 01.02.13 11:30 ]

A full Judicial or otherwise enquiry is required. I firmly believe that someone is pulling somebody's strings here. As Robert Halfon says, the issues he raised were completely ignored and these issues are at the heart of this scandal. There is no other word suitable for the fuel prices or the non action of the OFT! The whole idea of the futures market is inherently wrong and everyone pays the price of speculation and artificially raised prices so that a few can make a huge profit for doing nothing!

Keep up the fight, something has got to give at some point!


[ posted by rob bath, 01.02.13 21:57 ]

tell me... just how VAT and TAX is on every litre of petrol OR diesel? is it nearly equal to the price of the product ?
regular unleaded petrol 1 litre around my town is 132.9 - so.. the actual cost of the petrol around 45p.. so the rest is just TAX and VAT?!

brings a new meaning to " HIGHWAY ROBBERY! "


[ posted by Sue, 03.02.13 06:44 ]

Something definitely needs to be done. I live in a rural area and a car is an absolute necessity due to the lack of public transport. I went to my usual petrol station last week and the price of petrol had increased by 4p per litre since my last visit 10 days before. What is the reason for this? The increase to the tax was scapped but we are still paying 4p more per litre.


[ posted by Jimmy, 13.02.13 08:40 ]

This just proves what people want to ignore. The government does not run the country, industry does. And with the OFT in their pocket it would seem.


[ posted by nik, 13.02.13 11:14 ]

I would love to know why when the report was being written our local morrisons kept the price of fuel down to around £1.32 a litre, but since the report has been released and garages have not been blamed for the price hikes my local morrisons has stuck its price up by 4 pence a litre in 2 weeks. This has added another £60 a month to my fuel bill. It is getting to the point it is not worth my while working...


[ posted by Alan Stonelake, 14.02.13 14:07 ]

Why don't the government put the 10pence back on the rich that they took off them.
They won't do that because the look after the rich, and the rest of us can eat bread.


[ posted by paul march, 10.03.13 20:35 ]

Why don't we the public bring the country to a standstill cost about ! £15 my theory Is get as many drivers together in every town go to a service station put the minimum amount in the tank go pay for it come out drive to the back of the queue and do the same again till you have no money left. If everyone does this towns traffic will come to a stand still then hitting the chancellor in the pocket on taxes in sales in stores shops etc . Once or twice a month I think he will get the message


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