Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Following the Department of Energy and Climate Change announcement that nearly half a billion fewer litres of petrol and diesel were sold between April and June than during the same period last year, FairFuelUK reiterates its call that the Government should recognise that by sensibly controlling fuel duty, it should be a growth stimulus not a Treasury cash cow. It is reported that the reduced sales at the pumps has cost the Treasury £1.3 billion in lost fuel duty.

Quentin Willson, national spokesman for FairFuelUK said, 'When we see a fall in fuel sales in a single quarter of an unprecedented 10% this tells us two very alarming things: Firstly, petrol and diesel has become unaffordable for a very significant amount of UK consumers, and secondly if those people aren't driving they're reducing their spending activity by a broadly similar percentage. This historic 10% fall in fuel sales is a telling indicator that high fuel costs are reducing the disposable income of millions of families and businesses across the country.'


Howard Cox from FairFuelUK says, 'We have repeatedly shown that a reduction in fuel duty would result in the creation of thousands of jobs and such a reduction would not result in any fiscal loss to the Government, while GDP would receive a boost too. Today's reported loss of revenue from reduced fuel consumption shows that the incredibly high prices at the pumps are self-defeating in terms of tax revenue for the treasury. With 60% of these high prices going in tax, the Government can really make a difference by getting the UK economy motoring, simply by cutting the duty now! The French have done it, so why can't we?'.


FairFuelUK is calling for real transparency in the pricing of petrol and diesel with its support for Robert Halfon MP's bill to show the complete Tax breakdown on all till receipts at the forecourts. 15,000 FairFuelUK supporters have added their backing to his Bill in just a few days.

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[ posted by Jim, 03.10.12 16:52 ]

I wonder what further knock on costs have also occurred. Im talking about the many people who have been laid off like truck drivers and those who found it so expensive to get to work, they were forced to quit their jobs. Not only is it revenue in fuel duty the government did not steal, but also they could no longer conviscate in terms of Income tax, national insurance, road tax (on off the road trucks), lost VAT on other goods.

Also all the above people not only no longer pay into the treasury, they also take out of it in the form of benefits. They can play the environmental card all they like, but the reality is that they are hindering investment in different fuel technology.

I am really wondering now if rather than trying to repair the country from its economic woe's, they are hell bent on destroying it. - If that is really their aim, then I must congratulate them as they are doing a sterling job of it.


[ posted by Lally Stu, 04.10.12 17:03 ]

O dear, o dear!!! To think that there are silly s-ds in goverment who get paid a lot of money to come up with stupid ideas!!!! Anyone with an ounce of common sense would know that putting the price of fuel up would deter us "Plebs" from buying it. Totally agree with Jim re "Knock on" effect and his comments in general.


[ posted by Nick, 05.10.12 13:34 ]

What better proof that higher fuel prices deter consumption! One small victory for the environmentalists. Could it also be proof that politicians really do have the principles that we so readily accuse them of not having?
Do people really have a right to drive trucks? Personally I think we should remove a good proportion of these dangerous and highly-polluting vehicles that clog up our roads. I would prefer more freight to go by train, or may be not go at all - after all, why should we buy yoghurt from Greece, when it can be made locally?
Lower fuel prices = more vehicles on the road = more pollution, quicker oil depletion, greater jams...
Greater jams = even more pollution, less business efficiency and higher prices...
Higher prices mean we've gained nothing but poorer health and greater frustration.
Why are people so self-centred and limited in their thinking?


[ posted by jim king, 06.10.12 17:06 ]

Nick - what do trains run on? they run on fuel. Granted some use electric (which is produced from coal and gas at the moment) so unless we have more investment in nuclear power then they wont run for much longer. Also would be interesting to see the train track that runs to to the loading bay of every supermarket, every shop, every business. We buy yoghurt from abroad because there are too many restrictions and taxes to make it viable to make here.

so the real method you need to follow is

Lower fuel prices = Greater economic growth = investments = new fuels and transport options = greater producivity = greater growth = goverment debt reduction = lower taxes = greater investment = even greater growth = new fuel option = cheap green transport = lower prices = still even greater growth = more productive employment = less benefits = even less government debt = lower taxes = even greater still investment = more produce = more jobs.


[ posted by Drew Walker, 11.10.12 19:57 ]

The economy is "ticking over" and reduced employmeny, income tax ad other tax receipts are forcing the government to reduce spending on essential public services, the NHS, care for disabled and critically ill people.
Trouble is, this government will try and blame the weather or the EU or the previous government as usual.
Race to the bottom economics whilst we work out, how to stop buying imported stuff from China.
Gas and Electricity prices are also set to rise as are, water and other utility bills along with food and cotton.

Triple dip recession anyone?


[ posted by simon liddle, 22.10.12 20:28 ]

I am all for the reduction in prices at the pump as i have an average family and spending £180 per week on diesel which aquates to over £700 per month, not so long ago this was a mortgage payment now its a 2 car bill for fuel.To pay this out every month i have to earn 20% above this in order to pay at the pumps and guess what, the 20% tax has already paid and i have not even mentioned the National insurance contributions.
After a holiday in the states not so long ago a gentlemen politeley mentioned that they would not put up with what we pay in the UK and do you know what he is right because he pointed out that we do not stand up for ourselves, we pay what ever we are told to and lets face it we all moan about it but we pay it.We should get together and not pay it because that is the only way the fuel will be reduced, unless the the majority of the nation sticks together the battle will always be lost.
Look back at the Government and decide, whenever a party wants to be elected, the earth is promised but never delivered. We are constantly paying for for another parties disruption to the nation and accountability is zero.
The Banks and Labour have contributed to a society of mistakes and pay back but what i would like to know is when us" Joe Public" will be appreciated for continously bankrolling the mess left behind. When will the Government not only say thankyou but give us something in return. As a small business i am unable to charge 60% profit as my business will have gone down the pan and washed up for good unlike the profit at the pumps. If i did would it be high way robbery, greed or just the norm or is it the standards and charges set by a heirachy of already rich MPs.
The long and short of all this is, we all need to dictate where and what we pay not imbosiles that cant even debate like adults.More of us need to join forces and stop being ripped off.
Where do we stand legally on changing this unwanted extortion?


[ posted by Horst Schwan, 28.11.12 21:05 ]

Dear Sir or Madam, Due to the high cost of fuel my wife and I are no longer able to enjoy our weekly trip to a garden centre,thus the garden centre looses out on the sale of two hot drinks and a bite to eat as well as the potential sale of plants etc.Also due to the location where we live,and since we have retired from working,it has been our pleasure to drive to the Lake district every other weekend.Unfortunately this is another Pleasure we have had to give up due to the high cost of driving.Again traders in the lake district are loosing out on our trade.I of course realise that the trade my wife and I generate is of little consequence but if you will consider how many more people are the same as we,then collectively the impact on the economy will be enormous.I am also puzzled as to why the price of diesel is more expensive than petrol in the UK when in 99% of european countries the cost of diesel is less than unleaded petrol.
yours sincerely
H. Schwan


[ posted by Malcolm Keast, 05.12.12 20:31 ]

Thank-you Quentin and your team you have all done a fantastic job-I only wish the government had the sense to
realise that by putting up fuel they are making people poorer especially those who have to travel several miles to and from work every day! and all shop prices go up, but there again that's what con-dems want!
Very kind regards to you and your team and hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.
kindest regards ta all--Malcolm


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