Friday, September 28, 2012

Out of a Petrol/Diesel fill up of £85.00

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[ posted by Paul Holt, 28.09.12 13:57 ]

Just look at that again
Actual cost of fuel is: 59p
Price at pump is: 139.99p
A quick percentage calculation shows the rate of tax is about 240% not 58%, why does no-one use this calculation when complaining about the amount of tax we pay.


[ posted by Ann Ferguson, 28.09.12 15:15 ]

Why do they have to put the taxes on the same thing everytime they decide to have a budget don't forget we used to have one budget a year until there was and emergency on brought in for whatever reason and they have kept it 2 every year now we are paying far too much tax in this Country and getting less and less out of it jobs depend on using your cars lorry's so on and if they thought about it this would be the best way to kick start ppl getting their jobs back and food going down hopefully.


[ posted by mark Ramshall-Smith, 28.09.12 15:33 ]

Greed, pure and simple. 50% tax rate on low earners. I hope the OFT are going to say what we have all been thinking, that the Great British Public are Being RIPPED OFF.


[ posted by Brian Baker, 28.09.12 16:20 ]

I've never considered it before but is it legal to have to pay tax (VAT) on a tax (Fuel surcharge?) Should the VAT element only be on the cost of the fuel net of tax?


[ posted by Nick, 28.09.12 17:39 ]

All this tax and still we squander fuel like there's no tomorrow! Despite improving engine efficiencies, our national consumption of oil products only ever rises; the consumption of countries such as China rises exponentially! Do reserves ever rise; can production follow demand ad-infinitum? It doesn't even take a GCSE in Maths to realise the impossibility of our expectations, yet still we demand the burning of fossil fuels as if it is our birthright.

By 2100 we will have returned to the Dark Ages. Our descendants may then wonder how we managed to squander such a wonderful, ancient resource in only a couple of centures. So why not lean burn? The surest way to do this is to tax the luxury at source, then we might actually think a little more about driving less, buying local goods, sharing transport or, dare I say it, looking at alternatives.


[ posted by Pete Ilett, 28.09.12 19:42 ]

This seems a real racket, current Brent Crude $11 per barrel with diese averaging £1.43 per litre. A couple of years ago there was uproar when Brent Crude exceeded $20 and refineries were being blockaded as pump prices were threatening to go through £1.20 per litre. How does this work?? AND where are the mass blockades???


[ posted by Steve Emmens, 28.09.12 20:51 ]

Half fuel tax get the economy moving again. Every thing moves by road.


[ posted by Jim King, 29.09.12 08:51 ]

Yes I agree, all receipts should be like this. I have been saying so for months. Though they should also say how much is fuel duty, How much Is VAT on the fuel itself, and how much is VAT on the Duty.


[ posted by Paul Evans, 29.09.12 09:50 ]

Instead of arguing about the tax on fuel we should be pushing for alternative energy sources to be allowed to be developed. I am aware of a man (Stanley Meyer) who developed an energy system which works on water and was as efficient as a petrol engine. When he tried to patent it he was threatened and told to keep it quiet subsequently a few months later he died in suspicious circumstances. There are other similar cases like his and it is believed that it is the oil companies who are preventing this alternative energy source from being developed and I'm not talking about electric cars as they still require the use of power derived from oil initially. Imagine if this energy source became widespread knowledge, the oil companies would collapse as there would be no need for their product but at the same time it would be a much more enviromentally friendly energy source we'd be using. Go to you tube and type in Water Powered Car and you will see a video from 1992 showing how it works, 20 years have passed since then and we still use a system developed over a century ago.


[ posted by reg webb, 29.09.12 11:06 ]

hi there .y are you all moaning .i was at the rally at houses of parliment. there was about 200 pepole i mean 200 out of millions .if all of you got of your backside and come and sopported us mabe thay would lisson to us .and yes 2 taxes on petrol is a joke .so come on give them your sopport


[ posted by Jim king, 29.09.12 11:37 ]

I would Reg, I would. But sadly the houses of parliament are in London, thats a long drive from cumbria. So i could not afford the fuel.


[ posted by Barry Wyatt, 01.10.12 16:22 ]

Very interesting that the total tax is calculated at 58%, I think that figure is wrong. I believe that there is another 20% Tax that many people may not be aware of and in a round about way we pay. All Companies including Petrol stations have to make a profit to stay in business, at the end of their financial year when they have made a profit the government will take Corporation Tax from them at a rate of 20%, some of the big players have a back door deal and pay less . So for the likes of the big fuel companies and even our well liked Banks and Estate agents they pay over their CT and this can run into billions of pounds. It would be a nice fiction if the CT that the government takes form these companies be paid back to Joe Public via their PAYE tax code. So my point to all this is: I can't see any government (Be it Red, Blue or Yellow) ever putting down the cost of fuel while they are getting paid by the public in the way of Tax or Vat on three fronts for Fuel. The comment Posted by Paul Evans above sounds really good a water powered engine, don't you think if that ever saw the light of day a Tax of £1 a litre would spring up from some government department nobody will have ever heard of!


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