Thursday, September 6, 2012
Peter Carroll our founder of FairFuelUK gets to write the Daily Express Commentary Sept 6th 2012


The Sun

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[ posted by Mal Dunn, 06.09.12 15:27 ]

The other thing that I have noticed is that diesel is dearer than petrol, is this because of the additives that go into the new diesel or is this the companies being greedy as well. I was of the understanding that diesel costs less to refine than petrol. It wasn't so long ago that diesel was cheaper than petrol. It seemed that the turn around came about when diesel cars became more refined and more popular. Someone somewhere made a killing on that one and very quietly as well.


[ posted by MICHAEL PITT, 07.09.12 12:07 ]

As someone "living in the sticks", I am especially hard hit by the fuel price, and agree that somewhere a crafty bonanza is accruing to everyone but the consumer.


[ posted by Jakes de Kock, 07.09.12 16:36 ]

Along with the nation’s business fleets, we welcome the news regarding the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) report into fuel prices.

It’s interesting to note, however, that this review will not cover any aspect of fuel tax which in real terms makes up over 60 percent of the final price of fuel, compared to which the retailer margin is minimal. Through fuel cards, our customers have access to wholesale fuel prices and yet fuel still accounts for up to 30 percent of a fleet’s total operating cost. With pump prices continuing to rise, the transport sector will surely crumble if support is not provided.

Campaigners, such as FairFuelUK, have worked tirelessly to lobby to reduce fuel duty and, while all support in reducing the overall price of fuel is welcome, perhaps this review is really distracting us from the bigger issue of how the Government should be helping the transport sector through reduced taxation.

The results of the OFT report are due in January, conveniently after Mr Osborne has introduced his 3p per litre fuel tax rise. In my opinion, the OFT review is too little, too late and not focusing on ‘the bigger picture’.


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