Wednesday, September 5, 2012

FairFuelUK welcomes news today that the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) will be gathering information on the pricing of petrol and diesel in the UK. The fuel price lobby group has made intensive representations to the highest levels of Government over recent months on this matter. Tens of thousands of FairFuelUK supporters across the country have joined calls that the OFT examine a whole range of issues, including:

  • whether reductions in the price of crude oil are being reflected quickly enough at the pump
  • independent fuel retailers have fair market competition
  • remote and rural areas have fair fuel pricing
  • why petrol prices have risen by 38% in five years and diesel prices by 43%


Quentin Willson, of FairFuelUK, says,'There is a widespread feeling that when Oil goes up, pump prices rocket immediately

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[ posted by Keith Martin, 05.09.12 15:01 ]

When the wholesale price goes up the suppliers immediately put their prices up despite the fact that they have storage tanks and fuel stations full up with material purchased at the old (lower) prices.
When the wholesale price goes down the suppliers state that they can't put prices down because they still have lots of stock at the old (higher) prices and they must get rid of this before they can lower prices.
This is such a simple 'con' that I am surprised it hasn't seen and stopped long ago.
Either prices should go up/down immediately the price changes or at a fixed length of time after the price change to stop this daylight robbery.


[ posted by Jakes de Kock, 05.09.12 17:57 ]

It’s interesting to note that this review will not cover any aspect of fuel tax which in real terms makes up over 60 percent of the final price of fuel, compared to which the retailer margin is minimal. Through fuel cards, our customers have access to wholesale fuel prices and yet fuel still accounts for up to 30 percent of a fleet’s total operating cost. With pump prices continuing to rise, the transport sector will surely crumble if support is not provided.

Campaigners, such as FairFuelUK, have worked tirelessly to lobby to reduce fuel duty and, while all support in reducing the overall price of fuel is welcome, perhaps this review is really distracting us from the bigger issue of how the Government should be helping the transport sector through reduced taxation.

The results of the OFT report are due in January, conveniently after Mr Osborne has introduced his 3p per litre fuel tax rise. In my opinion, the OFT review is too little, too late and not focusing on ‘the bigger picture’.


[ posted by Jay B, 05.09.12 19:57 ]

Jake - This isn't just a Transport Industry issue, this is a national issue and everyone should be helped by reduced taxation.


[ posted by William Baker, 05.09.12 19:58 ]

Having just listened to a spokesperson from the OFT i am beginning to wonder if i am not losing the plot,Quentin Wilson stated in his blog that the way the price of fuel was manipulated was down to speculators and fund managers i did not hear one mention of this from the spokesperson all i heard was the same old excuses being wheeled out regarding why fuel prices go up or down,over the last few years whenever a spokesperson comes on the air and gives their latest excuse so as to justify the latest increase in fuel i wonder when the electorate of this country is going to wake up and actually vote for some party or somebody that will act in Parliament according to the will of the people that elected them and give us what we actually want,all the latest talk from the OFT will lead nowhere just more rhetoric from another Quango the only thing these people understand is losing their jobs which we not only vote them into and pay them handsomely but which unless they do our bidding we can also vote them out of.


[ posted by Motorist, 05.09.12 20:35 ]

The OFT do not have the power to do anything about this. It starts with price fixing by OPEC, then the fuel speculators that manipulate the market, this is a worldwide problem that the OFT can't sort. Then the main culprits, the UK government which they won't touch. There is NO real alternative to petrol/diesel. Electric cars are expensive and useless. Fuel cells maybe a good alternative in the future, but the government will just tax that to the same level eventually. Or introduce road tolls, they'll get their cash somehow, where else will they get the lost revenue? We're screwed regardless, the government don't give a flying f@~# about you, me or anyone else. But that's not true actually, they'll happily give our hard earned money to some undeserving scum bag who won't get a job, or immigrants that come here for a free lunch, or some third world country to pay for the leaders Mercedes (sorry the staving little children).

The last time I heard a government spokesperson comment on fuel prices they blamed the 'greedy oil companies', that are making all the money. The oil companies surely are, but they get the stuff out of some of the most dangerous, most inhospitable places on earth, refine it, and transport it around the county for about 40% of the cost of a litre. The retailer takes 3.5% and the government the rest. I'm sorry who's greedy?

Why does the government waste billions of pounds on things that benefit other countries and let the British people suffer. Why do we elect these morons. It's a dictatorship and the sooner the people of this country wake up and realise the better. We have fought bigger bullies than CaMORON.

"All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope."

Winston Churchill


[ posted by Michael Mcveigh, 05.09.12 20:46 ]

I have travelled around europe and Diesel is much cheaper than petrol understandbly because there is less processing with it so why on earth is it more expensive here sounds like a racket to me


[ posted by Andy M in Aberdeen, 05.09.12 22:20 ]

Well perhaps I am being cynical thinking that if the oil "mandarins" or perhaps "Godfathers" are shown to be operating a price fixing cartel, then the massive financial fines would be unexpected bonus to our hardup government.....Just a thought !


[ posted by Craig Golby, 05.09.12 23:07 ]

I think a review is long overdue, and welcome this news.

However !!! It should include all aspects and make up of the cost of a litre or fuel, and that has to include the taxation.

I am also a realist, it takes a certain amount of tenners to run the country, so if they dont get it from here, then either Car Tax or Income Tax will end up going up to balance the books!!!

Screwed if you do, screwed if you dont.


[ posted by Clare Coffey, 07.09.12 12:10 ]

Let's hope the OFT also looks into the biofuels scandal that is pushing up UK petrol and diesel prices. An ActionAid and Friends of the Earth report shows that, by 2020, UK motorists could be paying an extra £2 billion for fuel directly as a result of UK (and EU) biofuel policy.

Biofuels policies are also a key factor pushing up the price of our food. And this is all being done in the name of the environment, and yet EU biofuel targets could have the effect of ADDING another 29 million cars to Europe's roads.


[ posted by MEL, 25.09.12 13:12 ]

Does the government think ordinary people have the same money as themselves? they should come down to earth and try to live on the same money to understand just what its like to live on and below the poverty line. They give the EU millions of pounds of taxpayers money but we still pay the highest price in the world for fuel of any kind and fob us off with excuses. This now has just become a habit to pay for the scatter brained ideas they introduce and in a lot of cases do not work. As far as vehicles are concerned, I do not see the fairness in using my car as little as possible, 'thinking green' and also using restricted milage that I do not fullfill, why should I pay the same taxes as some one with a far larger executive type cars who travell thousands of miles a week? BRING DOWN THE PRICE OF FUEL TO COME INTO LINE WITH THE EU , SCRAP THE ROAD TAX, ADD ROAD TAX TO THE FAIRER PRICED FUEL, SO MOTORIST PAY THE ROAD TAX AS AND WHEN THEY USE THE ROAD. THIS WILL ALSO MAKE PEOPLE MORE AWARE OF GREENHOUSE GASSES.


[ posted by Stuart, 28.09.12 13:11 ]

Would someone like to explain to me why we appear to pay 20% VAT on the Excise Duty as well? Why are we paying tax on a tax?

VAT is defined: 'VAT is a tax only on the value added to a product, material, or service, from an accounting point of view, by this stage of its manufacture or distribution. The manufacturer remits to the government the difference between these two amounts, and retains the rest for themselves to offset the taxes they had previously paid on the inputs.'

As the Excise Duty is not a product, material or service, VAT should not be applied to this component. The Excise duty certainly isn't kept by the manufacturer either.

Maybe this is another point to pursue and remedy in Parliament?


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