Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dear Friends, we can all breathe a mighty sigh of relief - for the rest of the year anyway. FairFuel's achievement in torpedoing the 3p August duty rise is significant and stands as one of this country's most successful protest campaigns. For that I must thank all our tireless supporters, backers and hard-working team. Most of all, congratulations to Peter Caroll, the campaign organiser, who has burnt more midnight oil than Saudi Arabia. Peter and I have spent the last few months furiously lobbying at Westminster, writing to every single MP, meeting Treasury officials, Labour's Shadow Treasury team and, right up to the night before the announcement, Danny Alexander, who couldn't have been more attentive, interested or supportive. To be absolutely fair, this government did listen to our entreaties.

George Osborne has been accused of a hasty U turn on fuel duty, but in his defence I have to say he's done The Right Thing. Back in March when the August duty rise was slated in the Budget, the world economy was in enormously better shape than it is now. Since then the ceiling has collapsed and we're firmly in a double dip recession with markets rising and falling in a single afternoon and hedge funds and banks selling off assets like a fire sale. The Chancellor has reacted to the shifting sands of the euro zone crisis and protected UK businesses and families from unnecessary future costs. That's what Chancellors are supposed to do and while he may be smarting from the strident cat-calling from the opposition benches, he's undoubtedly helped the economy and stimulated consumer activity.

I can't help smiling when I see the queue of personalities, politicians and newspapers who are lining up to claim that this is their victory. Those of you who read these pages regularly will know that FairFuel is the real power behind these many thrones and we've been the absolute instrument in making this happen. Peter Caroll's vision and two years of desperately hard work has brought us where we are today and begun a vital debate on the future of fuel duty. For me though, our most important achievement is getting politicians and MPs to understand that we can't carry on bleeding our economy through transport tax and the whole fuel duty mechanism has to change. This campaign is a gilt-edged example of how responsible, intelligent campaigning can change things, that democracy does indeed work and that if you shout loudly (and politely) enough the government of this country will listen. This is something about which we should all feel very proud indeed.

Best regards

Quentin Willson

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[ posted by John Cathrew, 27.06.12 15:15 ]

Well done us.


[ posted by Terry Brinklow, 27.06.12 16:07 ]

thank all of you for galvanising us into collective action.
please continue the fight for a Fair Fuel.


[ posted by Jim King, 27.06.12 16:56 ]

Thanks and well done to the Fair Fuel team and all supporters. Its a step in the right direction it really is.

I welcome the news, indeed i do, though a 5 month delay, whist good, is still not ideal. We will have the same fight again in a few months, it should have been a cut, or at least a permanent freeze, until inflation works its due course and brings the duty to an acceptable level, this would take a while, (longer than the parliamentary term) but would be welcome.

I just cant see past "its 10p cheaper than the last government had planned" is no cut at all, yet the media are still asking how this cut will be paid for, It just does not make sense to me.


[ posted by Mike Porter, 27.06.12 17:21 ]

"I can't help smiling when I see the queue of personalities, politicians and newspapers who are lining up to claim that this is their victory."

I heard it reported its a Labour victory on the news last night, BBC Spotlight, which made me a bit angry as there the party who wanted to increase it in the first place.

Anyway, keep up the good work. the battle is not yet over as they have only delayed the increase.


[ posted by Jon Paris, 27.06.12 21:18 ]

Its fantastic news, that 3p will not on the price of petrol, but we must not give up either, so lets keep on trying to get petrol prices coming down even more, well done to everyone so far.


[ posted by Roger Neal, 27.06.12 21:51 ]

Very well done to the team at Fair Fuel UK. Also to all who supported this campaign. It's not over yet though! We must continue and succeed in a substantial reduction in both fuel duty and the VAT levied on it. We must not become complacent, indeed we must continue the campaign or the government will only bring this back again in the future.

Thanks to all at Fair Fuel UK for inspiring us!


[ posted by Alan Roper, 30.06.12 09:00 ]

The cost of fuel governs everybodies daily lives,and we are all dependent one way or another on this finite product whether we like it or not. However their are other ways we can offset these costs. Of lesser interest but of equal importants, users of oil products such as those used in all oil dependent equipment EG (engines & industrial equipment,) can save vast sums of money using technology that exists, that extends the usage and working life of prematurely disposed of products such as lubricating oils and Hydraulic oils etc. A motorist for example can run his car a distance of 100,000 miles on one oil change, with certain knowledge and confidence of knowing that his vehicles engine receives total protection from the oil in service, without wear or damage to working parts. In fact the condition of the engine remans as new if the right equipment is fitted to the vehicle or other oil dependent equipment from the start. Having used this equipment for the past ten years myself. I and colleagues have achieved the lowest running costs of anybody running motor vehicles, leaving money normally used for servicing available to purchase fuel.


[ posted by Martin Edge, 17.07.12 10:45 ]

Very well done guys.I was the one that started the Campaign up in Shropshire all those years ago and got the RHA on board thanks to Mike Farmer we all had the Heart but lots had no guts to do it despite they were going to lose their business and anyway .you Guys and all of uss need to Keep the pressure on .Why should we be SCAMMED by these people .Honest hard working people trying to earn a living and provide an Essential use to this country Hauliers are the BACKBONE to this country NOT THE GOVERMENT.If you got a TRUCK BROUGHT IT


[ posted by lee featonby, 17.07.12 12:31 ]

hi i dont know if it can help you but i give away free fuel to the public in the uk as seen in express and star under free petrol.
i have a great turn out on a weekly basis providing me a chance to collect signature's on a daily basis.
i can't state to the public that i am doing this on behalf of fair fuel uk with out your permishion.
my set up can be took all over the uk also helping charitys, providing custom for the fuel stations,collecting signatures for fair fuel uk.
this is what i started to help people in my area and could help all public and other companys .
if you would like more info please contact me thank you lee featonby


[ posted by Pudlog, 30.07.12 22:50 ]

Those in power, who set the rules have vested interests.To live people need work, rest and play. Technology properly applied would allow workers to get a share of the worlds limited resources. Applying taxes makes wasteful work. "It does not produce food but it does take from some who may have earned it." The numbers and space for people is reduced daily by population increase and development. Large companies have many countries dependent on their financial and trade power. We wasted north sea gas. I know, I nearly lost my job when I reduced a thousand quid a day gas bill to under seven hundred. They put the price per unit up. We do need to let our leaders know we can look further than the end of our noses. It would also help if news media took more interest in the wider issues. Sad that is not what people want to read about?


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