Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The battle to see the August 3p fuel duty rise scrapped is entering a vital stage.  We learn today that after considerable lobbying by FFUK, the Labour MPs are backing the scrapping of the 3p Fuel Duty rise planned for August. And there are many more coalition MPs that have said they are close to making that choice too. Some have already declared this publicly at http://www.fairfueluk.com/scrap3pmps.html  

Thanks to all of you who have been emailing and writing to them.  As a result of all your efforts the ‘pressure’ is really beginning to work.  So much so, that the Daily Mail has reported that the Prime Minister himself is against the rise.  You can read the Daily Mail article here on our website blog. That’s where we need your help!  With days to go to our amendment to scrap the 3p being tabled we need to urge the Prime Minister to intervene.

It’s easy, please click on this link https://email.number10.gov.uk/Contact.aspx and simply fill out the fields and add your message. Make sure "Contact the Prime Minister's Office" is selected in the drop down menu, complete the boxes and add up to 1000 characters including spaces to you message to David Cameron. Once your submission is sent, you will receive a confirmation email from No 10 asking you to click on a link they supply to progress your message to the Prime Minister's office.  If you need help framing your words to No 10, here are some you could use. There are 981 characters here to adapt as you deem fit....

Dear Prime Minister, I write to respectfully ask you to intervene on the matter of the 3p fuel duty rise planned for 1st August.  Research has been produced which shows that the Treasury could cut fuel duty by 2.5 p per litre which would create over 175,000 new jobs and boost growth by 0.33% - all this, without costing the Treasury any revenue overall.  Given this, how can it make economic sense to raise fuel duty, particularly now that we have slipped back into recession? The full research details based on the Treasury's own economic model is downloadable at http://fairfueluk.com/cebr.html . I understand from recent comments in the media that you understand just how vital affordable fuel is to get the pressure off people like myself.  I am a supporter of the FairFuelUK campaign.  They have helped me in finding this means of emailing you, but please accept that this is a personal communication from me and my choice to send it to you. Please intervene to stop this rise

So please, click on the link now and urge the Prime Minister to scrap that rise......

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