Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We react with delight that the Labour Party has today joined in the call for all MPs to unite and to see the August 3p fuel duty hike scrapped. 

The FairFuelUK campaign has been working with politicians of all Parties over recent months to build cross Party support on this issue.

  • ‘Hiking fuel duty by 3p per litre on 1st August makes no sense either politically or economically. Hitting families and hard pressed businesses with this rise when we are back in recession will be a toxic issue for voters. Dozens of coalition MPs know in their hearts and their heads that this rise is ill advised and unnecessary. We have proved in our CEBR Report that the Treasury could cut fuel duty and be no worse off

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[ posted by resident, Isle of Luing, 26.06.12 09:00 ]

I live on an Island off the Argyll coast, getting fuel involves a 36 mile round trip, a ferry fare of £8.50 for car and driver. we always have to pay a premium of £8.50 1 gallon of fuel before we can start to fill our tank.


[ posted by Fay Hammond, 26.06.12 10:22 ]

We mortgaged our home in 2008 to buy a convenience store. We employ from our community and we support our community with charity events etc. This project has cost me a nervous breakdown and my husband a stroke. We are only in our forties. Through our business, we can see just how much the fuel costs have affected the public and their spending. Every ingredient for every consumable for instance has to travel by road so by the time we buy it in our shops, we are basically just paying tax. Our business is currently unprofitable. If this continues, we could lose the staff, the business and our home. We then become another burden. This situation can only have been introduced by a team who dont have to struggle financially every day and has no worries about the fortunes they sit on as under this government, they have nothing to fear. I predict in 20yrs, we will have no support, no pension and will stack shelves for Tesco as they will be the only employer left. 3p per litre is just the beginning. How can we be heard?


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