Tuesday, June 12, 2012
With 3 full-time staff and considerable costs to fund in the next phase of the campaign, we are now seeking help from our supporters. Thousands have asked us how they can help with the campaign and at the same time spread awareness across the UK.
We have set up 3 ways for you to contribute and help the campaign go forward and be even more effective:

One-off or regular monthly contribution
Buy and display FFUK stickers
Purchase FFUK branded products

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The merchandise (as shown here) in our shop includes high quality (money back guarantee) products in many colours, all helping to spread the campaign message. All income after postage and production goes to funding the FairFuelUK Campaign. The campaign to make the Government recognise that high petrol and diesel prices are crippling the UK, families, jobs, businesses and our communities. Buying these products will help make our job easier.

Here is a small selection of branded products from our shop:

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by Mick Chapman, 12.06.12 14:45 ]

Wrote to my MP twice Mark Simmons and got two letters back almost the same, blaming the Labour Government for all the problems and stating how good the Tories were at getting us out of this mess. Obviously towing the Tory line to protect his job and expenses. Not happy at all.


[ posted by S Abbott, 12.06.12 15:20 ]

I wrote to Graham Stringer(MP) who said how much he was concerned about high fuel taxes , yet he never added his name to the list of MPs who aligned themselves to lowering taxes on fuel.

I then pointed this out to him by e mail some time later .......no reply was the response ........No surprise there then.....

Seems to me that once in the House of Parliament on Mega bucks and Expenses ,why bother about the proletariat......
after all ,they only do the paying whilst the MP's can forget about those that put them there.

Nemesis does not have a short memory ... come the next election..


[ posted by Graham Mackenzie, 12.06.12 18:23 ]

Charles Kennedy not on list,very disappointed with him and his "thow away our lib dem policies as soon as we get a sniff of governing" party.
My wife and I have e mailed him from FF.UK.COM LINK but he is maintaining radio silence. That's 4 votes he has lost from our household,will never vote Lib dem again as they cannot be trusted. He must know how essential a car is in the Highlands so cannot understand why he does not back this campaign.


[ posted by John Hackett, 13.06.12 07:18 ]

I E-Mailed Peter Luff Con MP he returned my E-mail and quite honestly I could have written his comments myself. Basically not interested .He's now. Minister for Defence Equpment and looking to go further so will not rattle the cage. A poor response from a Rural MP whose constituents rely on motor transport, I think they should be named and shamed in their local press so local people are made aware of their views.


[ posted by David Winkley, 13.06.12 14:23 ]

Got a reply from my MP Ivan Lewis, neither accepting or rejecting my complaint. Instead he enclosed a letter from Chloe Smith at the treasury making me grateful for what the coalition government have done to date in minimising the fuel duty increases. These people do not understand and whats more don't care. As long as we the tax payer funds there wages and expenses, the ego trips will continue. None of them ever had a proper job. Keep up the campaign, but i fear your wasting your time. We should be prempting the next big tax on drivers. How to fill the governments coffers when fuel use starts to decline. Now there's one to think about.


[ posted by Jim King, 13.06.12 18:50 ]

All I see above are more complaints, they are of course all justified and real complaints, but we really do need to fix this problem. Everyone seems to notice that their MP really does not care one little bit about the thoughts of the very people they are there to represent.

this system must change. The best way to change this is for the people to have the purse strings. it really is the only way. There is not one of them cares about you, the people who vote them into office. They are voted in then all promises can go out of the window, until 4 and a half years later, when they have to make more empty promises to be re-elected to the cushy number.

I dont really care what they do in westminster, they can discuss and debate all they like, but when we the people control the cash supply, then they may actually care about representing us.


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