Monday, June 11, 2012

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[ posted by Keith Williams, 11.06.12 16:53 ]

Sent my MP a fair fuel letter and he replied via a lackey with a really condescending reply stating i should shop around for cheaper fuel. I then sent a second fair fuel letter with my own statement at the top stating that I did not want to be fobbed off with the same excuse as before. Imagine the choice words used as I read a cut and paste copy of the first letter he sent me via a lackey.
The majority of MPs do not care as this issue does not affect them directly and all that they are interested in is screwing the majority of the public while they live their life in a dream word. They should try working for a living and worrying where the next penny is coming from. I wish i could have come from a privileged back ground where mummy and daddy paid for everything and guided me to a career where i sit on my arse and act like a buffoon in the house of commons and then tell the country that we are all in this together.


[ posted by Jim King, 11.06.12 17:12 ]

Didn't really expect much else though i must say the 79.01% who are not satisfied with the MP response done better than me. After lots of letters I make up part of the 1.03% (which i am assuming are those of us who did not even get a response.)
I guess it shows just how little those MP's care about the people they are supposed to represent, Mine thinks this way "so what if some are mad, after all, they cant do anything about it, and its not like my job is on the line because its not an election year, even if it was, because Copeland is a "pin a red rose on a donkey" place, then I cant really lose anyway."

Many MP's stated, during the expenses scandal, that they did not do anything wrong, but the system is at fault. Of that I can agree, the system needs a major overhaul, and I mean the entire political "democratic" system. Like most of you (I imagine), I don't mind paying my way, and I don't mind fair taxation, especially when its used wisely, and in the public interest (even if that conflicts with my own interests, i can live with being democratically outvoted) but one thing is for sure. I am sick to death of being taken for a fool by these people and treated like something they just wiped of the sole of their shoe.


[ posted by Paul Tillman, 11.06.12 17:18 ]

Rubbish response...........

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, neither the Finance Bill 2011 and this year's Finance Bill 2012 can be amended. We attempted to stop this legislation but the Government were determined to push it through.

If, you have any additional queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Yours sincerely,

Rt. Hon. Ann Clwyd M.P.


[ posted by DEREK MILES, 11.06.12 17:57 ]



[ posted by Jon Bowers, 11.06.12 17:58 ]

My MP fed me a load of party line toeing BS the first time I sent a letter ,also via a lackey,sent another,and nothing,zilch, zip!!!! Thing that REALY gets my blood up is the party line crap! I was under the impression, and have always been under the impression I voted for my MP to REPRESENT me!! And people like me that voted!!! I was hoping against hope this time would be different... Dream on.... Nope, the attitude is 'I got your vote , so thank you and piss off!!!!' Gheyre all in it for what they can screw out of it for themselves !


[ posted by DEREK MILES, 11.06.12 18:00 ]



[ posted by James H Jones, 11.06.12 19:12 ]

What did we expect, realistically? It's called the Whip for good reason. Our parliamentary system is a sham because of it. Shame upon every single one of those MPs who secretly agreed with us, but didn't have the courage to speak out. Shame, too, that we'll never know just how many that was.


[ posted by Kevin Phinn, 11.06.12 20:38 ]

Typical Tory Bullshit answer, chucking big figures about on nice house of commons expensive paper, explaining how decisions are very difficult and assuring us that the government knows best what its doing with all OUR billions and we don't know what we are talking about....John Stevenson M.....t...did not get my vote last time and will not get it next time....!!!!!


[ posted by Virginia Haywood, 11.06.12 21:49 ]

As with others on your site my MP has repeatedly refused to listen to my concerns and reasoning, especially in respect to folk living in rural areas and where the few buses we have don't get us where we need to go so use of a vehicle at an affordable cost is imperative. The last letter I received from him was also toeing the party line and I was disgusted at his condescending and rude attitude towards me in his letter, as well as towards your campaign and your loyal campaigners and his dismissive attitude. Don't know how they expect to get elected when they treat their constituents in such a manner. I felt I was being told I had no right to sign up to your different dated campaign emails and was horrified that I should be made to feel I had no right to make my views known on this matter. Wouldn't get my vote, never ever. It's becoming more like a police state every day with this lot in charge.


[ posted by Mark, 11.06.12 22:25 ]

Seen some other posts with copies of the letters sent to other folks who sent letters to thier Mp's. Is it just me or are all these replies from Mp's, just a standard letter with no thought given. I might as well have voted for the monster raving loony party, politicians will promise the earth and say anything to get a vote. When they get in power it's like flicking a switch, all of a sudden the promises just fade away and we are left with the same type of government we had the previous time. I wonder why I bother to vote at all.


[ posted by Alan Sweenie, 12.06.12 00:21 ]

It appears, from the response that I received from my MP, that those in Her Majesty's Opposition are paying lip service to their constituents & the voting public. The content attempted to lay the blame firmly at the door of the present Government but did not indicate any opposition to the current level of tax, only the way in which it is imposed. The way in which the letter is worded suggests that those "representing" us believe we are easily confused by political rhetoric hence they do not commit themselves to a clear answer or a clear alternative to the present "system".
To add insult to injury, the person who printed the letter couldn't even ensure their printer was feeding the paper in correctly. As a professional, people frequently judge you by the quality & content of any communication - on this occasion my MP has failed to impress & is unlikely to receive my vote again.


[ posted by s holroyd, 12.06.12 07:51 ]

never got a reply from my e mail, but not surprised. i am a pensioner and live ten miles from any facililities including doctors, there is no public transport.


[ posted by Steve Whitehouse, 12.06.12 09:33 ]

My MP Chris Graying, sent me this response...

Dear Mr Whitehouse

Thank you for your message. As a government minister, I cannot sign up to any external campaigns, I'm afraid. I will, though, make sure that your views are known to my colleagues at the Treasury.

Best wishes

Chris Grayling


[ posted by John, 12.06.12 13:54 ]

Have sent a few letters and emails as of yet I'm to recieve a reply. Guess our MP feels his seat is safe so doesn't need to act.


[ posted by Mick Chapman, 12.06.12 14:53 ]

Sent my MP two letters and received two back, both very similar stating that all these problems were due to the last Labour government and the Tories are the only party capable of getting us out of this mess, didn't even mention the fuel prices, so just towing the party line and not really interested in us, and he wants to keep his seat and expenses by not upsetting the party..


[ posted by Jane Barratt, 12.06.12 14:54 ]

Got a standard reply to email, didn't expect much else, sent another email in response and haven't had a reply probably because they haven't put a standard response together in answer the set of questions I asked.


[ posted by Amanda Whitfield, 12.06.12 15:57 ]

Dan Rogerson MP N.Cornwall towing Lib Dem line. Did I not realise that if fuel duty not raised then there would have to be savings made
elsewhere! We are in a rural constituency where the impact will affect everyone and he states he is 'regularly cntacted by constituents on the matter'
and describes 'real action' taken by the Coalition Government 'to help households with the cost of motoring since May 2010'. I nwill write to him again as this is completely unacceptable to me. Obviously never voting for Lib Dems again. We voted him in to represent us not tow the party line.


[ posted by Graham Wilson, 12.06.12 17:27 ]

Reply from my MP stated that it was ' simply indefensible for petrol prices to increase instantly when wholesale prices rise, but then for it to take weeks to decrease again when prices fall. The big Companies must be forced to act fairly to ensure motorists are not ripped off in this way". By that I assumed he meant that the Government didn't like any competition. The issue of the 3p duty rise in August which I had written to him about was not mentioned at all.


[ posted by Jim King, 12.06.12 18:25 ]

Graham, I applaud your efforts in writhing to your MP. May i suggest you insert the tanker pics found below in an earlier post in your next letter, showing that it is the tax on fuel, and not the cost of fuel that is causing the problem.

Also state very clearly (in bold or something) The real issue here is not the price of oil or fuel, it is the overly high double taxation forced by the government.


[ posted by Anthony Foster, 12.06.12 21:03 ]

My MP (Conservative, Barnstaple, Devon) has not even bothered to reply either to my email or the letter I sent him.!!!


[ posted by Bev Rolfe, 13.06.12 10:42 ]

Have emailed my MP twice (Damien Collins)and written once, and not even had a reply! So much for fair representation by one's MP.


[ posted by raymond s, 14.06.12 14:39 ]

just got a letter back from my M.P. (DOUGLAS CARSWELL) GOT ALL THE GUFF ABOUT COUNTRYS DEFECIT to think off but no direct answer to the letter asking if he will be against the August tax increase... so!!!sent him an e mail stating that i would be taking it as a big NO then...


[ posted by Geoff Young, 14.06.12 16:32 ]

Can,t see my MP Andy Burnam on the list of supporters,I had a letter fro him but it was the sit on the fence type.


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