Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This is my reaction to comments from Justine Greening (photo) and other Ministers over recent days that the Government may introduce legislation to force Oil companies to pass on falls in wholesale Oil prices at the pump: 

‘It’s a bit rich for Ministers to try and deflect the issue of pump prices to the Oil companies and retailers. It is the Government themselves that takes a staggering 81.5p per litre in fuel duty and VAT on every litre sold. Worse still, the Government is sticking to its plan to add another 3.6p of combined fuel duty and VAT on 1st August. This move borders on the desperate. FairFuelUK has proved with independent research from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) that it can actual cut duty and be no worse off. A cut of 2.5p per litre would create 175,000 new jobs, boost growth AND leave the Treasury no worse off due to the tax take on the economic growth. The solution to the fuel price crisis lies firmly inside the doors of Number 10 and Number 11 Downing Street’.

Quentin Willson

Please email your MP to scrap the 3p fuel duty planned in August

Please donate to help the fight for lower fuel prices and a better deal for drivers

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[ posted by Terry Brinklow, 30.05.12 14:20 ]

the government want to force the oil companies to pass on the drop in oil prices so we wont notice when THEY PUT The tax increase on.My MP is a liberal and thats the last time I`m voting for Him.As a retired person I`m being hit twice by this government.


[ posted by paul pilfold, 30.05.12 14:22 ]

we have had One of the UK's largest oil refinery's go into receivership in the last few weeks due to Not making profit, so if the government do get this new legislation across will that not make more petro chemical firms struggle and possibly also shut shop.
I really do think that the past and present governments are not at all interested in any thing other then there own 2nd homes and family.

what really gets my Goat is the standard reply you get when asking about the Fuel duty, we have saved you blaa blaa amount by NOT raising the Duty.

Keep up the good work FFUK and Mr Quentin Willson.

P.s is there a Pie Chart for the price of unleaded? similar to the break down you have which shows a lorry and the diesel price breakdown. as it would be good to be able to actually Show the lemmings that say its the petrol company's and forecourts that are robbing us, a clear picture where they can see who gets what.


[ posted by Jim King, 30.05.12 16:02 ]


Is this image freely available to use and attach to my next letter to my MP. Or is it a copyright image, where by I need permission to use it?

I look forward to your reply,
unless of course you were trained by Jamie Reed, he is a Jedi at ignoring letters.


[ posted by admin, 30.05.12 16:06 ]

Yep you can use as long as you say where you got it. Cheers and thanks for your support


[ posted by Jim King, 30.05.12 19:11 ]

Thanks just did,

Suggest everyone else do the same especially those who have had a "the real culprit is high oil prices" reply from their MP.

To add them I started my letter:

Let me show you the most crippling problem to Copeland's economy.

Then I inserted both the petrol and diesel tanker pics and underneath wrote in brackets "Images courtesy of"

then continued with my letter here

Its for effect with me, but should at least prevent the high oil prices argument for those of you with con/lib mp's.


[ posted by Dave De Boick, 31.05.12 14:07 ]

My MP is a true Tory Blue, been in position since year dot and despite sending several communications on this matter, I've had one response only, many months ago, giving usual platitudes, probably written by the secretary. The MPs just don't care about us plebs, knowing they're protected with their salaries and expenses. In this area, my MP isn't even concerned about whether I vote for him or not, 'cos he knows he'll be returned by those of his kind who CAN afford to pay the inflated prices for their gas guzzling cars. More power to your elbow & thanks.


[ posted by Alan Douthwaite, 03.06.12 08:57 ]

I think it is pretty clear that although we have an elected government, they are toothless and have to obey their (Pay !!)masters e.g. Petrol Company shareholders etc..
The only time they can be truthful is when they are in opposition and have fire in their bellies and no power but when elected they have to toe the line.
We do not have a parliament for the people, only for some !!
Dave De Boick is right, They don't give a damn


[ posted by Barbara Harvey, 06.06.12 11:42 ]

Like those who have posted before me, I to have received the 'we have already done so much for you......", they way they speak you'd think they were doing us a favour ripping us off with the petrol and diesel prices. In August it's going up again!

We have the highest tax on fuel in Europe, how do other countries manage to keep their prices at an acceptable level?

The MPs are only out to line their own pockets, what does David Cameron know about trying to live on a state pension? I would love to see him try and manage and juggle the bills and pay for petrol at the exhorbitant level.


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